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You Say You Want Airvolution…

Some people just dive in for the spoiler. For those free birds, here you go:


Best looking card in the game, I mean this thing is seriously fly. I’m not just saying that because it happens to be the vanity card I won by preying upon the competition at the HEXTCGPro Invitational back in 2014 either. Well I guess I’m mostly saying that, but I can squawk about how amazing HEX art has gotten all day long no matter which card you pull out of Primal Dawn so it certainly isn’t a stretch.

Besides me being over the moon with how this card has turned out in terms of art, it offers quite a bit when you look down at the text box too. First off one of your troops learns to fly, which has been a fine ability and worth part of a card in limited before. Beyond learning to fly, you also get a pump equivalent to Air Superiority on top. One of the big problems with Air Superiority in limited was always that it might not affect any of your troops, so ensuring that one can always fly away from the opposing ground troops actually helps fix that problem nicely. At worst you have a basic speed Sapphire Aura to get your tentacle worshipers flying, so the floor and the ceiling of this card all line up to indicate that this is probably going to do just fine in limited and possibly be a high pick if a Diamond flight archetype emerges like we saw in triple Shards of Fate.

When it comes to Constructed, well you can try to fly this past your opponent but unless we see some serious Phantom or other flight troop generators it likely isn’t going to be seeing a ton of play. Cards like Protectorate Defender have always wanted to fly like an eagle and draw those sweet cards, but interactions that rely upon needing both the troop and Airvolution while packing other flight troops is going to be a pretty inconsistent interaction. Still, that’s not gonna stop someone like me from trying since I know where my soul is.

I believe I can fly.


2 Comments on You Say You Want Airvolution…

  1. Nice card indeed – should look even better AA, as I’m guessing there’s more to the scene.

    In PvE could pair well with Living Totem equipment to give all troops Flight for the turn.

  2. @Vorsa indeed it would be great combo with Living Totem!

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