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Wild Cup Top 8 Decklist as Sponsored by Matt Miller!

Bryson Maplewood

3 Exiled Bard
2 Princess Victoria
1 His Majesty, King Gabriel
2 Her Majesty, Queen Grace
4 Royal Den Mother
2 Lord Alexander, the Couragous
4 Royal Falconer
1 Ruby Pyromancer
2 Jags the Bladmaster
2 Prince Talysen
4 Highlands Blackbelt
4 Crackling Bolt
4 Burn
2 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
10 Diamond Shard
9 Ruby Shard
4 Shard of Conquest

3 Frost Wizard
1 Soul Marble
4 Spearcliff Cloud Knight
2 Heat Wave
1 Martyr
1 Pyresoul Summoner
1 Houdmaster of Ardevaas
2 Solitary Exile


9x Wild Shard
10x Blood Shard
4x Shard of Ancients
3x Hop’hiro, Samurai
4x Moon’aru Sensei
4x Ritualist of the Spring Litter
1x Uzume, Grand Concubunny
3x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
4x Wakizashi Ambusher
1x Bucktooth Roshi
2x Emperor’s Lacky
2x Extinction
2x Necessary Sacrifice
4x Chlorophyllia
4x Runts of the Litter
3x Oberon’s Eulogy

2x Chaos Key
2x Extinction
4x Minion of Yazukan
4x Murder
1x Gront’s Gift
1x Scorn of Oberon
x Wild Shard (Deck infraction)

Zared Venomscorm

18 Blood Shard
4 Zin’Xith Silk
2 Starsphere
4 Exarch of the Egg
4 Phenteo the Brood Priest
3 Vilefang Eremite
4 Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Brutality)
3 Xarlox the Brood Lord
2 Rot Caster
3 Rot Cast
4 Murder
3 Extinction
3 Terrible Transfer
2 Rise Again
1 Fifth Book Of D’harsis

1 Vilefang Eremite
3 Excruciator
1 Rot Caster
2 Zombie Plague
4 Inquisition
1 Rot Cast
1 Extinction
2 Fifth Book of D’harsis

Poca, The Conflagrater

10 Ruby Shard
6 Sapphire Shard
4 Shards of Fate
4 Shard of Innovation
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Highlands Black Belt
2 Field Tactician
4 Buccaneer
3 Cerulean Mentalist
1 Jags the Blademaster
1 Lord Alexander, the Courageous
4 Royal Falconer
4 Burn
3 Arcane Focus
4 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
2 Crackling Bolt

4 Scorch
3 Heat Wave
1 Verdict of Ancient Kings
2 Legionnaire of Gawaine
2 Countermagic
3 Heroic Outlaw

Poca, the Conflagrater

11x Ruby Shard
9x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Innovation
4x Cerulean Mirror Knight
3x Lord Benjamin, the Wise
4x Crackling Bolt
4x Buccaneer
2x Lord Alexander, the Courageous
4x Cerulean Mentalist
2x Jags the Blademaster
2x Gore Feast of Kog’Tepel
4x Royal Falconer
3x Legionnaire of Gawaine
4x Time Ripple

4x Heroic Outlaw
4x Heat Wave
1x Gore Feast of Kog’Tepeli
1x Stormcall
1x Lord Alexander, the Courageous

Sir Giles Rowan

9x diamond shard
10x ruby shard
4x shard of Conquest
2x Meek
2x Jags the blademaster
4x Protectorate Defender (Prime Ruby of Destruction)
4x highlands blackbelt
4x valiant escort
3x houdmaster
3x pyresoul summonner
4x royal falconer
2x gore feast of kog’tepetl
2x lord alexander the courageous
1x repel
2x soul of battle
2x boulder toss
2x reginald lancashire

1x meek
2x drowned shrine of Ulther
2x pride’s fall
2x martyr
4x spearcliff cloudknight
2x total meltdown
1x hero of adamanth
1x repel

Poca, The Conflagrater

4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Royal Falconer
4 Buccaneer
4 Highlands Magus
4 Burn
4 Time Ripple
3 Cerulean Mentalist
3 Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
3 Crackling Bolt
2 Lord Benjamin, the Wise
1 Lord Alexander, the Courageous
9 Ruby Shard
8 Sapphire Shard
4 Shard of Innovation
3 Crackling Vortex

4 Highlands Blackbelt
3 Countermagic
3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2 Army of the Arcane Cinder
2 Heat Wave
1 Royal Cutblood

Rutherford Banks

4x Ruby Pyromancer
4x Elite Pyromancer
2x Jags the Blademaster
3x Princess Victoria
2x Alwyn
2x Legionnaire of Gawaine
4x Heroic Outlaw [Major Ruby of Destruction + Lifedrain]
3x Crackling Bolt
3x Heat Wave
3x Repel
4x Blessing the Fallen
2x Secret Laboratory
4x Starsphere
8x Diamond Shard
8x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Conquest

1x Crackling Bolt
1x Heat Wave
3x Pride’s Fall
1x Repel
4x Solitary Exile
3x Frost Wizard
2x Legionnaire of Gawaine

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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