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Wild Cup Top 4 Deck Lists

You can view the top 4 bracket on Battlefy here.

Cornerstone 2



10 X Diamond Shard
10 X Blood Shard
4 X Shard of Retribution
4 X Living Totem
4 X Xentoth’s Inquisitor(Brutality)
4 X Vampire King
4 X Angel of Dawn
2 X Monsuun
4 X Hopeheart Unicorn
4 X Solitary Exile
4 X Extinction
4 X Soul Marble
2 X Pact of Pain


4 X Cerebral Domination
3 X Meek
4 X Curse of Oblivion
4 X Blinding Light


Bertram Cragraven

4x Buccaneer
4x Cerulean Mirror Knight
4x Reese the Crustcrawler
4x Storm Cloud
4x Eldritch Dreamer (Major Sapphire of Mind)
3x Menacing Gralk
4x Countermagic
4x Mastery of Time
4x Peek
2x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
19x Saphire Shard
4x Crackling Vortex


4x Ancestor’s Chosen
4x Time Ripple
2x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
2x Splinter of Azathoth
1x Menacing Gralk
2x Subterranean Spy


Poca, the Conflagrater

24x Ruby Shard
3x Fissuresmith
4x Scraptech Brawler
4x Reginald Lancashire
3x Lord Alex
3x Jags the Blademaster
4x Royal Falconer
2x Rampaging Tarrasque
2x Zakiir
4x Burn
4x Boulder Toss
3x Gore Feast


4x Emberspire Witch
4x Ruby Lance
2x Crown of the Primals
4x Heroic Outlaw (Ferocity, Destruction)
1x Zakiir



We Play Games


Running Deer

4x Howling Brave
4x Chlorophylia
4x Eye of creation
4x Scraptech Brawler
2x Feral Domination
4x Wrathwood Mastermoss
3x Jadiim
3x Battle Beetle – Major Wild Orb Of Empowerment
2x Zakiir
4x Arborean Rootfather – Minor Ruby of Ferocity/Major Ruby of Destruction
1x Eternal Guardian
4x Shard of Savagery
9x Ruby shard
12x Wild shard


4x Heat Wave
2x Gobbleglade Witch
1x Argus
2x Filk Ape
3x Crackling bolt
3x Constantina



4x Extinction
3x Murder
1x Pact of Pain
1x Uruunaz
3x Vampire King
4x Angel of Dawn
4x Living Totem
2x Solitary Exile
2x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
3x Hopeheart Unicorn
1x Meek
3x Royal Den Mother
1x Tiaanost
1x xentoth’s inquisitor (Blood Orb of Brutality)
2x soul marble
10x Diamond Shard
10x Blood Shard
1x Shards of Fate
4x Shard of Retribution


2x Pact of Pain
1x Murder
4x Frost Wizard
3x Inquisition
2x Withering Touch
1x meek
2x Cerebral Domination


Bertram Cragraven

4x Storm Cloud
4x Reese
3x gralk
4x eldritch dreamer (MIND)
4x buccaneer
4x mirror knight
4x countermagic
4x mastery of time
3x peek
2x verdict
20x sapphire shard
4x vortex


4x splinter of Azathoth
4x thunderbird
2x cerulean mentalist
2x storm collossus
3x time ripple



Apple Pie


Bertram Cragraven

4x Charge Bot
3x War Machinist
2x Crackling Bolt
2x Hex Geode
4x Gearsmith
4x Reactor Bot
4x Electroid
4x Construction Plans: Hornet Bot
2x Construction Plans: War Hulk
3x Pterobot
4x Construction Foreman
2x Tectonic Mega Hulk
2x Burn

8x Saphire Shards
9x Ruby Shards
3x Shard of Innovation


2x Subterenean Spy
2x Time Ripple
1x Volcannon
1x Shatter Shield
1x Crackling Bolt
1x Fissuresmith
2x Burn
2x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1x Construction Plans: War Hulk
2x Replicator’s Gambit


Bertram Cragraven

4x CounterMagic
3x Eurig
4x Buccaneer
4x Peek
4x Mastery of Time
2x Replicators Gambit
2x Cerulean Mirror Knight
2x Ingenious Engineer
2x Menacing Gralk
3x Crackling Wit
2x Verdict of the ancient Kings
4x Reese
2x Arcane Shield

19x Saphire Shards
3x Crackling Vortex


2x Time Ripple
3x Sapper’s Charge
2x Subterranean Spy
2x Snare Trapper
2x Phoenix Guard Messenger
2x Fish Hand
2x Time Wave



3x Life Syphon
4x Extinction
3x Zentoth Inquisitor (-x/0 gem)
4x Terrible Transfer
4x Darkspire Priestess
1x Surge Mechanisem
4x Murder
3x Crackling Rot
4x Darkspire Punisher
4x Killblade of the Milky eye
1x Packt of Pain
2x Darkspire Tyrant

23x Blood Shard


3x Withering Touch
4x Omen of Oblivion
4x Relentless Corruption
2x Brood Missionary
2x Chaos Key






9X ruby shards
10X diamond shards
2X shards of fate
4X shard of conquest
4X angel of dawn
4X droo
4X heatwave
4X soulmarble
4X living totem
3X burn
4X solitary exile
2X zakiir
4X crackling bolt
2X repel


4X cerebral domination
2X meek
1X repel
2X crown of the primals
2X tiaanost
4X frost wizard


Betram Cragraven

x4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
x4 Storm Cloud
x4 Buccaneer
x4 Eldritch Dreamer (Dreamer)
x4 Reese the Crustcrawler
x3 Menacing Gralk

x4 Peek
x4 Countermagic
x4 Mastery of Time
x2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings

x19 Sapphire Shard
x4 Crackling Vortex


x4 The Ancestors’ Chosen
x2 Time Ripple
x2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
x3 Splinter of Azathoth
x3 Sapper’s Charge
x1 Menacing Gralk


Bunoshi the Ruthless

2X minion of yakuzan
1X withering touch
4X darkspire priestess
4X darkspire punisher
2X inquisition
4X giant corpse fly
3X murder
3X monsuun
3X vampire king
4X extinction
1X xentoth’s inquisitor (major blood orb of brutality)
3X wakizashi
2X darkspire tyrant


3X terrible transfert
2X chaos key
2X dishonorable death
2X war bot dropship
3X writhing touch
2X inquisition
1X minion of yakuzan

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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