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Wild Cup Deck List Data Breakdown

Here’s a quick breakdown of the types of decks that competed in the Wild Cup Unified Team Constructed tournament, sponsored by the Dragonborn guild. 

The data needs to be considered within the unique format of the Wild Cup, that being Unified Team Constructed where teams of 3 players build and bring 3 different decks with no more than 4 copies of a non-shard card between them. Thirty-one teams took part in the Wild Cup, and some clear trends have emerged. 

Mono-Sapphire decks made it in to ~71% of the teams selection, with an additional ~26% of the teams fielding a Ruby-Sapphire deck. 3 teams in the Top 4 were running similar Mono-Sapphire decks. The next closest was Mono-Blood with ~42% in teams.

Top 10 Deck Type:Deck Count:
3Ruby, Wild11
4Blood, Diamond9
5Ruby, Sapphire8
6Diamond, Ruby6
7Blood, Wild4
9Blood, Ruby3
10Diamond, Sapphire3


Buccaneer and Cerulean Mirror Knight key cards in the decks share first place spot as the most played card of the tournament. However, the card tally gently descends due to the Unified Team Constructed format making it difficult to draw clear conclusions. It does show the key cards in Sapphire, Blood, and Diamond decks with no real surprises in the top 20.


Top 20 Cards:Deck Count:
2Cerulean Mirror Knight25
6Crackling Vortex23
7Mastery of Time23
8Reese the Crustcrawler22
9Storm Cloud22
10Solitary Exile21
11Angel of Dawn20
12Eldritch Dreamer20
13Menacing Gralk20
15Living Totem19
16Soul Marble19
17Verdict of the Ancient Kings18
18Vampire King17
20Time Ripple15


Bertram is the choice champion at ~65% of the teams to combo with the 8th most popular card: Reese the Crustcrawler. In 2nd place Dimmid with a strong showing in about half of the teams.

Top 5 Champions:Deck Count:
1Bertram Cragraven20
3Running Deer12
4Wyatt the Sapper10
5Zared Venomscorn8

Mono-Sapphire with Bertram Cragraven looks like the deck to beat in the meta as the top 64 players in the Shard Series will be competing next month in the Shard Cup on May 9th.

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