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FiveShards Weekly Series Finale

Welcome to the official rules for the final tournament for the FiveShards Weekly Series! Congratulations to those who have made it.


Starting in September 2016, instead of points, players will earn currency from the FSWS series. The currency, the FiveShards ticket, can only be used to enter into the Finale tournament at the end of the month you earned them. The tickets you have will be wiped every quarter after the March, June, September, and December tournaments. You earn tickets in game at the following rate:

1st-2nd –7 tickets
3rd-4th – 5 tickets
5th-8th – 3 tickets
9th-16th – 1 tickets

To enter the tournament, you must earn at least 5 tickets. You can play in either or both FSWS and earn coins for the finale. The number of tickets you have earned will be in your stash, in the client. The tickets will not be tradeable.

The finale will remain single elimination, but instead of running two tournaments, we will now have a single tournament for all qualified participants. Given that we are collapsing the tournaments, the prize distribution will change as well to reflect this:

As with any live tournament, decklists will be automatically ported to and be available with 24 hours of the tournament completing. We will also keep an eye on attendance and may adjust the tickets based on how many people are qualifying and playing in the finale.


Monthly Tournament

1st – 12500 Platinum
2nd – 7500 Platinum
3rd-4th – 5000 Platinum
5th-8th – 2500 Platinum


Tournament Rules

1. We will stream the tournament from We will cast all pairings, coverage, and rulings on this channel. Players should have it open/accessible to hear updated news. If you are casting the game, we highly recommend you use a card blocker and/or broadcast delay to enable us to do feature match coverage.


2. Feature Match Policy: If you are playing in the FiveShards Weekly Series and are streaming, we take that as consent that you are willing to allow us to use your stream as a feature match on the main channel ( If, however, you would not like us to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will not host your stream. If you would like, you can use our official card blocker here:


3. Infractions and Penalties: Players are responsible for knowing all violations in this document and are subject to it during the tournament.



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