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Tuesday(?) Brewsday!

Today’s Brew superstar: Cassia Goldenlight!


Hey there and welcome back for another edition of Brewsday Tuesday!


This week I’m bringing a Cassia Goldenlight list to ‘illuminate’ some options in the current meta for you. With Lazgar’s Vengance out of the way going wide is a little more plausible than in the past. Illuminate is a powerful keyword when it comes to going wide, and incredibly versatile on it’s own. It let’s us build up an army of candlekin, or make an existing army even bigger. Thankfully illuminate is on several powerful cards as additional value, so we can play big threats and still make the board glow with candles.  I’m talking about cards like Scion of Lyvaanth and Flamelick. A small body to gum up the board that makes all of our non resources a threat is great and being able to deal 3 damage to an annoying blocker or to the face while making a threat or pumping all of our candles is so versatile. This strategy makes a card like martyr so much more than a removal aciton. More often than not we find ourselves using it to pump our own side of the board.

The other thing the meta currently calls for is a way to survive a Dark Heart of Nulzaan that hits the board. Our ability to provide fodder for it while swinging through is a great way to attack that. Lyvaanth all on its own can provide fodder turn after turn for it. Primordial Sabertooth is another excellent way of removing some of the bigger, scarier troops our opponents can play. Most oof the time Sabretooth is a removal action meaning we’re hardly ever going to play it as a troop. Since we’ll be talking about the reserves more in the videos below lets just jump into the list now.

Brewsday: Goldenlight Special
Champion: Cassia Goldenlight
Troops (14)

2x Wise Magistrate
3x Scion of Lyvaanth
4x Commander P.R.O.M.P.T.
3x Lyvaanth
2x Primordial Sabretooth


Actions  (22)

4x Guidance
4x Light the Votives
3x Martyr
4x Wax Dawn
4x Flamelick
2x Runic Avalanche
1x Candlelight

Constants (2)

2x Decree of Banishing

Resources (23)

7x Diamond Shard
5x Ruby Shard
2x Ruby Ice
4x Well of Conquest
3x Shard of Conquest
2x Diamond Ice

Reserves (15)

2x Blinding Ire
2x Totem Trap
2x Ruby’s Favor
3x Scouring Light
2x Mindpyre
3x Silent Sentinel
1x Clash of Steel








Let’s talk about the reserves real quick now that you’ve seen them. Blinding Ire and Silent Sentinel are for the onslaught of Kagulichu and Takahiro I’m expecting to run into. Even more so after the dominant performance put up by Kagulichu from this past weeks Bash. I want to be able to remove things cheaply from the board and get value by shutting off at least one deathcry trigger with Sentinel.

Ruby’s Favor is  a versatile option to help push through a little extra damage or provide an additional answer to Dark Heart of Nuulzan. Scouring Light is there to shore up the Papa Goot match ups where we have no other answer to constants except to race them. More often than not resolving one Scouring Light is good enough to pull a win out of that match up. Mindpyre helps us in the control match and Clash of Steel is there for any deck that can go wider than us. Its important to know when you are the beat-down and when your opponent is in that role, realizing this will help tremendously in your reserves choices and play style  in games two and three.


Vs Mcbombus

Fateweave is such a great mechanic and makes a lot of hands more playable. This is a prime example of taking a chance on fateweve over a mulligan. Always take a second to ask yourself if you remove the worst card in hand would you keep this 6 on a mull, if so just keep it to begin with. Game one showcased some of the versatility of our cards I was talking about earlier. A couple buff candles can carry you a long way.

Game 2 – I think I incorrectly tried to take over the beatdown role when I think a little more patience puts us over the top vs the Mcbombus player. They only receive a temporary boost and our candles aare permanently larger and could have swung the pendulum our way over a couple extra turns.

Game 3 – Scion of lyvaanth took over the game early. Mcbombus probably took the largest hit from the banning of Lazgar’s Vengence and because of that could not answer a few large candlekin.


Vs Plagueroot the Hollow

While resource efficiency is an undervalued ability sometimes you need to talk yourself through the multiple lines and make the best choice after going through all the options and not just taking what seems like a good play right now. Part of growing as a player will be your ability to think turns ahead and not just in the moment. Swinging with the Wise Magistrate was a mistake. It was keeping their board in check and limiting the plays they could make every turn while still forcing them to clog the board. Wise Magistrate needs to be valued a little more and that mistake could have been costly. Luckily our reputation as the RNG kid lives on.This match continues to show that when your removal spells make threats or buff existing ones you can just run over your opponent.


Vs Haraza the Incinerator


This game shows just how good Dark Heart is in the current meta. It also shows how our list can power through it. This is a tough matchup and you really want to hold your removal for Dark Hearts and Animus. Those are the two socketed cards I feel can dictate the direction of the game. This game teaches us about the importance of sequencing. If guidance doesn’t interfere resource wise with your line of play you should cast it first and see if a better line does not show up. Lyvaanth provided us the fodder and threat we needed to power through the Dark Heart.

Game 2 I think in part due to the mulligan we were just not as aggressive as we needed to be. The swiftstrike double damage troops proved to be to much for us.

For all the marbles and a 3-0 brewsday record our deck proved to be able to power through dark heart again and light his life total on fire with a handful of candles and they’re commanders.


Hope you hand a good time watching these videos this week. I think this list is very playable in the current meta and if I was to go back and make any changes it would probably be a  Lumagoth in place of a Runic Avalanche. Next week I’ll be back with an exciting brewer and close friend Fatahlia who is a brewmaster extraordinaire and my usual co-host for our brewsday arcanum vault stream.


Until next time you can find me at every week for the arcanum vault with a new brew. Thanks for stopping by and keep brewing!

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