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Top 8 Deck Lists for the Blood Cup!

After 215 registered, and 151 played, we have the top Eight performing decks from the Blood Cup!

The top 8 is over and Xantosch is our winner!





11 Sapphire Shards
10 Diamond Shards
4 Shard of Purpose
4 Living Totem
4 Soul Marble
4 Solitary Exile
4 Angel of Dawn
3 Hopeheart Unicorn
4 Time Ripple
4 Buccaneer
4 Countermagic
4 Verdict of the Ancient Kings


4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Chronic Madness
3 Agent of M.O.L.E
4 Drowned Shrine of Ulthar


Wyatt the Sapper

24 Sapphire Shard
4 The Ancestors’ Chosen
4 Buccaneer
2 Archmage Wrenlocke
4 Menacing Gralk
2 Prophet of Lodegan
4 Peek
4 Time Ripple
4 Oracle Song
4 Countermagic
4 Yesterday


4 Sapper’s Charge
2 Chaos Key
3 Flock of Seagulls
1 Replicators Gambit
2 Arcane Shield
3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings


Warmaster Fuzzuko

9 Sapphir—É Shard
10 Wild Shard
4 Shard of Instinct
4 Howling Brave
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Moon`ariu Sensei
3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
4 Buccaneer
2 Cerulean Mentalist
3 Countermagic
4 Crash of Beasts
3 Eldrich Dreamer (Mind)
4 Wrathwood Master Moss
2 Menacing Gralk


4 Turbulence
4 Nature Reigns
4 Chaos Key
3 Survival of the Fittest


Zared Venomscorn

4x Darkspire Priestess
4x Darkspire Punisher
4x Giant Corpse Fly
3x Vampire King
4x Darkspire Tyrant
3x Withering Touch
3x Inquisition
4x Murder
4x Extinction
3x Necessary Sacrifice
24x Blood Shard


3x Curse of Oblivion
1x Life Siphon
3x Chaos Key
4x Xentoth’s Inquisitor [Prime Blood Orb of Brutality]
3x Terrible Transfer
1x Uruunaz



1x Argus, Herald of Doom
3x Darkspire Priestess
3x Darkspire Punisher
3x Hopeheart Unicorn
4x Paladin of the Necropolis
3x Royal Den Mother
4x Vampire King
2x Darkspire Tyrant
2x Inquisition
3x Crackling Rot
3x Murder
1x Pact of Pain
3x Extinction
1x Dishonorable Death
13x Blood Shard
8x Diamond Shard
4x Shard of Retribution


2x Curse of Oblivion
2x Withering Touch
2x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar
1x Pact of Pain
1x Solitary Exile
1x Extinction
2x Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Mainset : Brutality)
2x Immortal Decree
1x Tiaanost
1x Uruunaz


Zared Venomscorn

20x Blood shards
4x Crackling vortex
4x Xentoth’s inquisitor (4x Major blood or of brutality)
4x Giant corpse fly
3x Darkspire tyrant
4x Darkspire punisher
4x Darkspire priestess
3x Monsuun, shogun of winda’jin
3x Gortezuma, high cleric
4x Extinction
3x Inqusition
2x Murder
2x Kog’tepetl’s thirst


4x Life siphon
2x Murder
4x Droo’s Colossal Walker
4x Chaos Key
1x Kismet’s reverie


Poca, the Conflagarater

9 Sapphire Shard
11 Ruby Shard
4 Shard of Innovation
1 Crackling Vortex
4 Buccaneer
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Cerulean Mentalist
2 Legionnaire of Gawaine
3 Lord Alexander
4 Royal Falconer
1 Ruby Pyromancer
3 Storm Cloud
4 Crackling Bolt
3 Gore Feast of Kog’tepetl
3 Verdict of the Ancient Kings


3 Burn
3 Counter Magic
4 Heat Wave
1 Legionnaire of Gawaine
3 Time Ripple
1 Verdict of the Ancient Kings


Poca, the Conflagarater

4x Darkspire Priestess
2x Gortezuma, High Cleric
3x Darkspire Punisher
3x Giant Corpse Fly
2x Jags the Blademaster
3x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
2x Scraptech Brawler
4x Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Major ruby gem of destruction)
1x Darkspire Tyrant
2x Burn
2x Withering Touch
2x Heat Wave
2x Boulder Toss
2x Crackling Rot
3x Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl
10x Blood Shard
9x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Hatred


2x Burn
2x Emberspire Witch
2x Inquisition
1x Crackling Rot
2x Imp Hoodlums
1x Necessary Sacrifice
2x Wakizashi Ambusher
2x Dishonorable Death
1x Fury of the Mountain God (Minor ruby of ferocity, Major blood rb of cruelty)

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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  1. who won? what are the placements?

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