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To the Limit: Let it go

Hello everyone! My name is Garuda and welcome to my first installment of “To the Limit” which will focus on the Limited aspect of Hex TCG.

With the gauntlet released a couple of months ago, I thought it would be a great opportunity to go in and give insight on the sealed aspect of the game so we can get ready for this month’s VIP event and get those valuable VIP AA cards! Without further ado, let’s start our gauntlet. Here’s an actual pool I opened in-game:

Right off the bat, we can already identify Gront’s Gift, Bloodpit Reaver, Starsphere and Thunderfield Elder as playable rares.

This will dictate our deck, right…? Wrong. Even with bomb rares or legendaries, we must always go in deeper than the allure of the card and see if our deck allows us to optimize the value and maximize our win potential.

But for now, let’s just say that we are going with Blood Sapphire to play these sweet cards. We could have something that looks like this:

B/S Gront’s Spiders

Champion: Zorzym or Patriarch Ozin

Troops (18)

1x Hatchery Priest                        2x Nazhk Webguard
2x Runeweb Infiltrator
2x Relic of Nulzann (Minor Sapphire of Flight)
1x Thunderfield Elder
1x Gemsoul Feeder
3x Vilefang Eremite
1x Lightning Brave
1x Giant Spiderspawn
1x Shadowblade Assassin
1x Arachnomancer
1x Oculus of Azathoth
1x Bloodpit Reaver

Actions  (6)

1x Taint
1x Entangling Webs
1x Abominate
1x Sudden Awakening
1x Suffocate
1x Gront’s Gift (Major Sapphire of Subterfuge)

Resources (17)

8x Blood Shard
8x Sapphire Shard
1x Starsphere

What’s very appealing with this deck is that it has incredible synergy if the draws are perfect. Turn 1 Hatchery Priest into a turn 2 Runeweb Infiltrator can start causing our opponent to get filled up fast on spiders. The three copies of  Vilefang Eremite are a win con and a mill factor if combined with Ozin. Furthermore, any spiders or troops that are dealt with or sacrificed with Abominate can be brought back with Gront’s Gift and mill for four with the potential of spawning more spiders and triggering our troops on board. It’s basically a mill combo deck.

The problem with this deck is that it requires too many pieces of the puzzle to be in play and relies on RNG spider eggs to combo correctly. The deck is very fragile versus the current R/W and R/D aggro decks and lacks proper removal. Not having any Rot Cast, Vampiric Kiss, Parriphagy or Throwback hurt our chance of victory a lot. We are also a bit slow on spider creation even if we are running Zorzym. An Incubation Webs or an Eggblight Afflictor here would be ideal. We want to be control-mill and go for spiders in the long run, which our deck does not enable.

Thus, we must shake off the allure of the four-rare deck, and see if we can go beyond and reach for a deck that can be both constant in draws and playing threats. Let’s go back to our pool of cards above and click the image. You will see that some cards are highlighted in green and some in yellow. Green cards are my High-Pick Favored and yellow cards are my Complimentary / Situational  cards.

Let’s explore common archetypes.

S/W Coyotle

Pros: Thunderfield Elder, Winderspeaker, Lightning Brave, Dreamsmoke Mystic are very nice cards to have. We can potentially ramp with Lithe Lyricist and our Wrathwood Larch. Good draw potential with our Sacred Seekers. Lots of coyotles.

Cons: Weak early game which makes us weak against aggro. Costly late game since most cards are cost four or more. Very few and late removal that can put us in a situation where we lose two cards for each one of our opponent’s against a quick action removal. A lot of double threshold cards which stresses our deck in even further.

Verdict: PASS. The deck does not have enough early game threats and is too top heavy. The lack of hard removal is also very bad to be able to deal with late game threats.

D/R Aggro

Pros: A lot of early game playable cards. Good removal and tricks. Could potentially bring in Gront’s Gift with Shardcall. Swiftstrike is readily available on our troops.

Cons: Failing to draw something meaningful in the first 3 turns will make this deck crumble. Big body troops negates this deck completely unless we have the proper removal or escape.

Verdict: PASS. This deck can win with the proper curve and removal especially with Bryson to control our opponent’s board, but the draws needed are a little too tight. We also have weak bodies and no real bomb threats. It’s not missing much though.

R/W Ramp

Our preferred deck.

R/W  Playing with Wrathwood

Champion: Cressidia

Troops (16)

1x Ashwood Soloist
1x Deadeye Ripper
1x Lithe Lyricist
1x Deathmask’s Assailant
1x Relic of Nulzann (Minor Ruby of Flames)
1x Merry Minstrels
2x Snarling Ambusher
1x Boomsmith
2x Rotroot Enchanter
1x Tempestuous Bladedancer
1x Smashodon
3x Wrathwood Larch

Actions  (6)

1x Stirring Oration
1x Fiery Indignation
1x Lunge
1x Staggering Blast
2x Predatory Prey

Artifacts/Constants (1)

1x Playing with Fire

Resources (17)

8x Wild Shard
8x Ruby Shard
1x Starsphere

Now let’s examine this deck more closely.
22% of the cards in this deck synergize with Playing with Fire and help trigger Fiery Indignation and Stirring Oration. We have three Wrathwood Larch to help us out of a shard screw and can be used as threats. Ashwood Soloist, Lithe Lyricist and Cressidia’s Champion power helps us ramp up to our late game as soon as turn three. We have very good removal for early or late game which helps our deck very well. The shift cards we have can help our big guys do some damage efficiently.

The only faults I can see is that this deck could use a bit more of an early presence or, for that matter, any bomb card.

Sometimes, we need to learn to let go of the charm of the rare/legendary cards that can seem to be a trap and go for a deck which has the most potential to achieve victory. Overall, I believe that this deck is the most optimal deck we can build right now in term of aggressiveness, board presence, and removal.

I am very confident going into a sealed gauntlet with this deck, because it is equipped to face most threats.

I am Garuda and I hope to see you in Limited soon.

Passionate, loud and long time prolific competitive player, Garuda focuses primarily on limited. He's been working for over 11 years in the video game industry and has a passion for B rated movies. Member of Clan Blackblade.

3 Comments on To the Limit: Let it go

  1. Awesome analysis. Do it on daily basis! I received from this article a lot of information about the game and even new player like me can understand language 🙂

    • Thx! it would be quite expensive to do it on a daily basis lol. gauntlet is about 12$. @_@ im glad you enjoyed it. I will try to go even more deeper next time!

  2. I love the explanation for each deck but what I would really like to see and would cement your suggestion of the r/w is a post mortem of your gauntlet.

    What decks did you see, did you win, if not why not and what could have been improved.

    Also welcome to site and looking forward to new articles from you! I’m usually just a lurker. 🙂

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