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Shard Cup Sponsorship

We have a long-term interest in making the Shard Cup the most competitive, largest community-organized tournament and we are only able to do that if we are able to offer tournaments with no entry fees and generous prize pools. After some brainstorming—and a few community members approaching us—we have decided to allow individuals and organizations to partner up with FiveShards by helping to sponsor cups.

Potential Sponsors

We are looking to find individuals, groups, playtest teams, guilds, organizations, websites, podcasts, or corporations that are interested in getting their brand out there to the Hex community while also helping to grow the community by encouraging tournaments.


The biggest benefit to a sponsor is the advertising that comes with sponsoring an event. We will make sure all advertisement of the Cup you sponsor includes your name, typically something along the lines of “The Sapphire Cup presented by You.” Additionally, in all of our blog posts, podcasts, and live coverage of the event (we fully stream the event and have upwards of 200 people actively watching) we will continue to mention the name of the sponsor in association with the event. If you have a banner or logo for us to display, we will make sure all official overlays and screens include that logo.

For businesses, this is a captive audience you can show your support to. For guilds, websites, and playtest groups, this is a way for you to get more recognition for your group and recruit more members. If you are actively recruiting, our casters and writers will make sure to link to your recruitment sites/forums as appropriate.


For Season 2 of the Cup series, the cost to sponsor a normal cup event is roughly $500. We are asking for 150 latest set packs, 100 second oldest set packs, and about $60 in random door prizes (three to four new set primal packs depending on their market value). Naturally, if you want to add additional prizes in-game or outside we are happy to add them to the prize pool (a larger prize pool can always help boost your guild or name within the community).

If you play Hex, you can send prizes to the FiveShards account. If not, then you can give us the money directly and we will procure the items for you.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Cup event, please email us at We will start accepting applications 5/25/2015.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add prizes in addition to or in place of the normal sponsor package?

You can certainly add additional prizes; however, we do want to make sure that we maintain the base package to enable players to achieve Hex-based prizes in addition to whatever else you are interested in giving out.

Can I have a team/guild member help do coverage and represent our brand?

We are interested in working with sponsors in enabling them to add their own voice to the coverage if they are interested in doing so. If you have someone from your group that is experienced in Hex strategy and is wanting to help shoutcast the event and represent your group, we are willing to work with you to make that happen.

If I (or my group) sponsors an event, can I still play in it?

Of course! The sponsorship is there to provide a prize pool for the players; we provide the organization and the team to make the event happen. Since you will not be directly involved in running the tournament, you are eligible to participate in the tournament.

Can we do something unique for our sponsorship?

The format of the tournaments are mostly set in advance, so we are less likely to radically change a tournament structure for an event. However, we are open to discuss any novel ideas you have that you would like to organize through the event. Contact us and we can work it out.

Can I sponsor the ultimate event, the Fate Cup?

We currently have a sponsor for the Fate Cup for Season 2. Fate Cups, by their special significance, require more in terms of sponsorship as we want to make the events truly special for the people who make it to the final event. As such, we do not have a price set for this event and will likely negotiate it season by season.


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