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Rules and Regulations

This document and information is here to provide general guidelines of policy and penalties for FiveShards tournaments. This is an evolving document and serves as a guide for both judges and players. The head judge of a tournament has the final say in any ruling as well as the appropriate punishment. The list here is not exhaustive, but lists the most common player infractions.

Illegal Deck

It is the player’s responsibility to register a legal deck. The FiveShards team will provide some courtesy deck-checking prior to the tournament and will attempt to help players have legal decks, but it is ultimately up to the players. An illegal deck can result from multiple infractions.

A. Illegal Cards: If a player is using cards—or a combination of cards—that are banned for a tournament, they will get an immediate game loss. The player will then make their deck legal by replacing the offending card(s) with basic shard resources of their choosing. If the deck check happens in between rounds, then the player will get a game loss for game one of the next round and follow the proper procedure to make their deck legal. This includes in between Swiss rounds and the Top 8 where we will do a mandatory deck check.

B. Incorrect Cards: If a player has played a card that is not in their registered list, they will receive a game loss for that game.

C. Missing Cards: If a player registers a deck that has fewer than 60 cards in the main deck and/or fewer than 15 cards (but above 0) in the reserves, then this is an infraction. The offending player will receive an immediate game loss for either their current game or, in between rounds, their next game.The player must rectify the error by adding basic shards to their deck list until they have 60 and removing any now illegal cards that remain in their deck. If in a match, the player may no longer use the unregistered cards and must remove them from their deck during the reserves phase of deck construction.

D. Incorrect or missing sockets: If a player fails to register their gems or is using the incorrect gems during the 1st game of a match, they will receive a game loss. The player, after receiving the game loss can update their gems to the correct ones for future matches. Naturally, the gems a player uses during round 2 and round 3 of a match do not need to correspond to their original list.

E. Wrong Champion:  If a player starts the game with the wrong champion, the players can restart a match once the player informs his opponent that it is the wrong champion and understand why the match is restarting. This option is only available until the end of the first turn of the offending player and, afterwards, becomes a match loss. However, if you have the same champion as you have registered, you CANNOT restart the game.  If your opponent asks for a deck check and you are found to be using unlisted cards, it will result in the normal penalty of a game loss.

Exploitative Behavior

If players take actions that intentionally exploit bugs in the client, or take actions that we have already outlined as exploitative, the player will receive a game loss. The penalty escalates to a match loss beyond the first infraction.

If the bug is within the client, the infraction can be escalated to a forfeiture of prizes or bans of various length depending on the nature of the infraction.

Bugged Games and Disconnects

It is the player’s responsibility to maintain a connection to the game client and to make sure the game is not stalled on them for a reconnect. If a player disconnects and does not reconnect to the game client before the timer expires, they lose that game. Generally, we cannot discern between intentional and unintentional disconnects and have to treat them equally while guarding against exploitative behavior. If, however, there is documentation (e.g. streamed video) that the player did everything possible to reconnect and the client refused, then a judge may waive this penalty and restart the game.

Multiple Entries/Multiaccounts

In all FiveShards tournaments, each player is only allowed to play one account. If we discover a player on multiple accounts, both accounts will be disqualified in the ongoing tournament and repeated infractions may result in being unable to participate in future events.


Players must start their round within 10 minutes of the round starting. Players arriving later than 10 minutes will receive a match loss. Players that fail to show up to a match will be dropped from the tournament unless they contact a tournament judge prior to the beginning of the next round.

Slow Playing

If in a best-of-three match via the client, slow play does not matter. However, if two players cannot use the client, then we offer the following procedure: Since we are not watching all the games in person, it is difficult for us to determine slow play. However, if you are streaming and your opponent seems to be intentionally playing slow, call a judge over to your stream and we will observe the match. The escalation of penalties for slow play is: warning, time reduction for the offending player’s clock, game loss, match loss.

Player Conduct

Players should conduct themselves in a professional manner as the tournament series is a standard bearer for HexTCG competitive play and we stream many of the matches on our main channel. Poor behavior towards your opponent, tournament organizers, or judges can result in penalties. Minor infractions will lead to warnings with subsequent violations leading to game and match losses; major infractions can result in game and/or match losses and will escalate to tournament bans.  Major infractions include, but are not limited to, abuse, harassment, threats, or language that includes slurs against individuals’ race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other affiliation. Infraction severity and penalty will ultimately be up to the head judge.


Active Player Penalties

Nostragamos – Inelligible for prizes and participation in events organized outside of the client – Effective until March 25th, 2017

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