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The June FiveShards Weekly Wrapup

We’ve now wrapped up our sixth month of the FiveShards Weekly Series. I’d like to note that the Weekly Series was originally a three-month project that succeeded then was approved for three more months which concluded with this June. However, not to worry: we are going for three more months starting in July!

At the end of May, I concluded with, “Blood-Sapphire spiders, Sapphire-Wild troops, Diamond-Wild troops, and Blood-Wild Kagulichu shenanigans are where to be right now.” After this, I discussed my fondness for the Uzzu necrotic deck. The big question is, like it has done every single month during this series thus far, has the meta shifted again? The answer is a resounding, “yes!” I already know the meta for July’s series is going to be different from June’s based on the constructed gauntlet data, so I am curious if we can see a second shift in the next four weeks or is the current shift the one we have for this month.

We do not have the decklists from the NA weeklies, but hope to get those back on HexMeta soon. For now, we can see how the top 8 of the EU weeklies show the shifts in the meta.

Week 1

The first week after the May series continued to see Wild as the dominant shard as it showed up in five decks across the top 8. Iamhero ran the early, popular mono-Wild deck, while we also see UzzucannonRuby-Wild ramp, and Kagulichu all fight for the spot. Zebuli inches into the top 8 with Boris Blastforge, but the showing does not seem initially noteworthy. The other top-8 deck is Xantosch’s mono-Blood. The Dreaming Fox deck which we saw previously makes the top 4 and Azurecannon insists upon itself by taking down the EU weekly.

Public decklists from this week on HexMeta

Week 2

Here things shake up a bit, though we do still see four Wild-based decks make the top 8. Kagulichu makes the customary appearance in the top 8 while Skaro makes Diamond-Wild Fuzzuko work. Two Sapphire-Wild decks make it into the top 4, one an interesting Winter Moon while Spookyboogy’s, the Dragonborn, Boris Blastforge accompanies it. Future takes Uzzu necrotic to a top-8 finish and two Morgan McBombus decks show up for a top-8 and 2nd-place finish. This cheap deck, while very popular in gauntlet, has struggled more in the single-elimination format. Surprisingly, taking it all down, is a mono-Ruby Lionel Flynn deck that Pablo crushes his competition with.

Public decklists from this week on HexMeta

Week 3

Week three looks similar to week two, but there’s still a bit more shifting. Uzzu necrotic takes both a 1st-place finish and a top-8 finish (Future seems to love this deck), with a McBombus coming in second. Spookyboogy’s Kagulichu and Starstorm’s Diamond-Wild Fuzzuko break into the top 4. The remainder of the top reveals a Dreaming Fox Warrender style, Homunculus makes it far enough with Uzzu-Cannon, and a Pablo-inspired mono-Ruby ran by Yorodon.

Public decklists from this week on HexMeta


The finale had a bit of a low attendance week as only 26 of the 36 slots (we had a few ties to break) showed up. Across the top 18 in both finales, our meta looks like:
Ruby-Sapphire McBombus 5
Uzzu necrotic 4
Sapphire-Wild Boris 3
Diamond-Wild troops 3
Blood-Wild Kagulichu 3
Blood-Sapphire 2
Azurecannon 2
Uzzucannon 1
Sapphire-Wild control 1
Blood-Ruby aggro 1
Mono-Ruby aggro 1

My initial suspicion that Uzzu necrotic would be a deck to watch is shared by at least four other players for this tournament; however, the cost of the deck is prohibitive and may prevent some players from adopting it. Sapphire-Wild Boris is certainly catching on at this point as it ties for 3rd place in the representation. McBombus catches the eye of five players to be our most-played deck, but we are not quite seeing any deck dominate yet. Instead, this is a meta in transition that should prove to a more solid form in about four weeks.

Europe’s Top 4:

1st – Ruby-Sapphire McBombus (Lornail)
2nd – Azurecannon (StarStorm)
3rd – Diamond-Wild troops (Banks) (Slayla)
4th – Azurecannon (CinqueTerre)

North America’s Top 4:

1st – Diamond-Wild troops (Banks) (Babybananadaoc)
2nd – Sapphire-Wild Boris (thegreenlaw)
3rd – Ruby-Sapphire McBombus (zawo)
4th – Sapphire-Wild Boris (CoastCity)

100% of the Azurecanons made the top 4, 66% of the Sapphire-Wild Boris’ made the top 4 as did Diamond-Wild troops. 40% of McBombus decks made it through as well, though they made it in some of the best spots. Despite the finale’s results, I think we are seeing a strong shift into a McBombus and Boris meta. Those two dwarves are causing trouble for the other decks. According to, the meta for the past seven days (6/21/2016-6/27/2016) has gauntlet dominated by these decks:

HexMeta meta

Naturally, Uzzu is certainly in contention and the other Wild offshoots (Blood, Diamond, and Winter Moon) are all right there, but it is certainly an Underworld-dominated meta in the top 5.

You can find all the submitted decklists here.


I think Sapphire-Wild is the deck to beat right now. Yes, your deck must have a decent matchup against McBombus and Necrotic, but Sapphire-Wild is what many strong players are throwing at the gauntlet and competitive events right now. There are contenders in the meta, but this deck has taken the meta by force. No one is surprised that Rune-ear Hierophant is performing strongly in the meta, but very few people expected a scrappy dwarf by the name of Boris to be the one strapping rockets to the shin’hare and boosting it into your opponent’s face. As I covered on the podcast with JadiimJedi a few weeks ago, this appears to be a Dragonborn invention that we must now contend with, battle against, and ultimately defeat. Or you could just play the deck. I suppose that is an option too. It is just a less epic sounding story.

Until next month, this is the state of our meta.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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