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The FiveShards Season 2 Diamond Cup sponsored by The Collective

We are pleased to be able to share details of the FiveShards Season 2 Diamond Cup sponsored by The Collective!

On August 8th-9th, many shard-devotees will compete for a chance to take home the coveted Diamond Cup presented by the Collective; this is the third tournament in Season 2 of the FiveShards Shard Cup Series (Note: we still would like to get one new sponsor for this season, if you are interested, contact us at!).

The Diamond Cup is Set 3 constructed only—that is, only cards from Set 3, including champions, can be used to construct decks. Basic shards are allowed, of course.

Register here at the Battlefy page. Confirmation begins at 8:00am PDT (You must pre-register and provide a deck list) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PDT. To confirm, you must log in to Battlefy, go to the tournament, and push the confirmation button. If you do not confirm your registration prior to the tournament beginning, the tournament will drop you and we cannot re-add you to the tournament.

The top 8 will begin promptly at 10:00am PDT on Sunday, August 9th.


1st: 48 Set 3 Packs
2nd: 32 Set 3 Packs
3rd-4th: 16 Set 3 Packs
5th-8th: 10 Set 3 Packs
9th: 8 Set 3 Packs
10th-16th: 6 Set 3 Packs
17th-32nd:  3 Set 3 Packs

Random Door Prizes:

Set 3 Primal Pack
Set 3 Primal Pack
Set 3 Primal Pack

We will be drawing the door prizes at the conclusion of round 2.

Specific Rules

1. We will stream the tournament from We will cast all pairings, coverage, and rulings on this channel. Players should have it open/accessible to hear updated news. If you are casting the game, we highly recommend you use a card blocker and/or broadcast delay to enable us to do feature match coverage.

2. Reserves and Decklists: We allow a 15-card reserve. Consequently, we require decklists of all participants. Decklists must include the Champion, 60+ card main deck, 0 or 15 card reserve (must be exactly zero or fifteen), and any gems used in the initial deck configuration. All participants must submit their decklists to us using this form (link) by 8:00am PDT (WorldClock) on the morning of the tournament, August 8th. Do not post screenshots. Submissions must be entered in text. We will post the full set of decklists after the final round completes and also highlight the top 8 decklists. You may change gems during reserves/sideboarding, but not in-between matches.

Template for Decklist


4x Card1
4x Card2
4x Card3
2x Card4 (Prime Ruby of Destruction)
So forth

4x More cards
4x More cards

3. Confirmation: Confirmation begins at 8:00am PDT (WorldClock) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PDT (WorldClock). To confirm your participation, just log into Battlefy at any point within an hour prior to the start of the tournament (8:00-9:00am PDT) and click the “Confirm” Button. If you do not confirm your registration prior to the tournament beginning, the tournament will automatically drop you; we cannot add dropped players once the tournament starts.

4. Matches: Matches will occur in the best 2 of 3 matches through the client. Each match will be determined by the player that wins two games out of three. The match ends when one player wins two games. The client will decide the turn order in the first game using a coin flip. The loser of the previous game will determine if they play or draw in game. Once the tournament begins, any bugs will be treated as is and we will not be restarting matches except if a player can prove the game state has stalled and restarting the client does not resolve. Additionally, if a player does not get back to their game within the 5-minute window they have to reconnect, the game will award them a loss and we will not restart a match.

4B. If a player starts the game with the wrong champion, the players can restart a match once the player informs his opponent that it is the wrong champion and understand why the match is restarting. However, if you have the same champion as you have registered, you CANNOT restart the game.  If your opponent asks for a deck check and you are found to be using unlisted cards, it will result in the normal penalty of a game loss.

5. Reserves: The client handles this. If you used the wrong deck for reserves, we will not restart a match. Starting the match with the proper deck contents is the player’s responsibility, even if your reserves are empty.

6. End-of-time Procedure: For most cases, time will occur through the client. If a person runs out of time, they lose the match no matter if they have won a previous game in the match. In rare cases, we may have to restart a match. In those cases, people will follow the end of time procedures as follows:  When time is over, the current turn will finish and the players will play five more turns (combined, not each.) If neither player has won two games at this point and neither player has more wins, then the match is a draw. If, after 5 turns, the match is 1-0, then the player with one win wins the match.

7. Slow Play: If in a best-of-three match via the client, slow play does not matter. However, if two players cannot use the client, then we offer the following procedure: Since we are not watching all the games in person, it is difficult for us to determine slow play. However, if you are streaming and your opponent seems to be intentionally playing slow, call a judge over to your stream and we will observe the match. The escalation of penalties for slow play is: warning, time reduction for the offending player’s clock, game loss, match loss.

8. Bugged Game Policy: Once the tournament begins, any bugs will be treated as is and we will not be restarting matches except if a player can prove the game state has stalled and restarting the client does not resolve. Additionally, if a player does not get back to their game within the 5-minute window they have to reconnect, the game will award them a loss and we will not restart a match. However, if it is clear that a player is using a bugged interaction in an exploitative manner to win matches, we will disqualify that player and they will be banned from future FiveShards tournaments.

9. The administrators of the tournament are also the judges for the event. For the Diamond Cup, the head judge is Zubrin and we will have a few judges on hand that will exist as the first point of contact. We will have a procedures and penalties document up prior to the tournament.

10. Deck Checks: If a player suspects that an opponent is playing with cards that are not in their original configuration for game one, or if they are playing with cards that are not in their decklist or reserves, the player can immediately ask for a deck check. A tournament judge will then cross-check the suspected cards with the submitted decklist. If the player is found in violation, they automatically lose the game. If a player is found to make the mistake a third time, we will escalate the penalty to a match loss. Players may request two deck checks throughout the tournament and checks resulting in penalties will not count against the player’s total number of checks.

11. Any player caught cheating or attempting to cheat will be dealt with at the discretion of tournament organizers, including but not limited to disqualification, banning from future events, and withholding prizes.

12. Feature Match Policy: If you are playing in the Diamond Cup and are streaming, we take that as consent that you are willing to allow us to use your stream as a feature match on the main channel ( If, however, you would not like us to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will not host your stream. If you would like, you can use our official card blocker here:


13. To drop from the tournament, you will submit a request to us via this form. You need to use your safeword (entered with deck registration) to properly drop from the tournamentNew Rule for Season 2: If a player decides to end the tournament early, but does not fill out the drop form to remove themselves from the pool (or does not individually remove themselves from the tournament via battlefy) they will lose 1 Shard Cup point. Please drop from the tournament so we do not have any dead games.

14. The play order for the first game in each match of the top 8 is determined by seeding.

15. Player Conduct: Players should conduct themselves in a professional manner as the tournament series is a standard bearer for HexTCG competitive play and we stream many of the matches on our main channel. Poor behavior towards your opponent, tournament organizers, or judges can result in penalties. Minor infractions will lead to warnings with subsequent violations leading to game and match losses; major infractions can result in game and/or match losses and will escalate to tournament bans.  Major infractions include, but are not limited to, abuse, harassment, threats, or language that includes slurs against individuals’ race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or other affiliation. Infraction severity and penalty will ultimately be up to the head judge.

Banned and Restricted List

Since the client can play best of three matches, we will treat card interactions “as is” and play through what bugs may exist.


Fifth Book of D’harsis – The current bug that reveals the order of the deck is exploitable enough to be degenerative and we are banning it unless it is patched prior to the tournament starting.


There are several cards that are bugged or are not working properly in certain interactions. In the past, we have listed them in a warnings section. However, for this and future tournaments, FiveShards generally assumes that you have tested the cards, read the forum bug reports, and know that there are bugs. Generally, we encourage players to play as the card intends and, if a card would normally do fatal damage, but does not do so due to a bug, we think that players should honor the intent of the cards. That said, we are not enforcing this as we are allowing the client to be the ultimate arbiter of any given match. A judge cannot and will not give you the win in a situation where you should have won but a card bug prevented it from happening. Continue play as normal, or politely point it out to your opponent, giving them the option to concede. 

The only time a judge will intervene in a match is when a game cannot proceed despite players restarting their clients. Players must provide proof of a stalled game state.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the sponsor for this tournament?

The Collective, a competitive team of players that have won a few major tournaments and includes nononsense, saeijou, pentachills, zubrin, gprime, coachfliperon, janome, shinshire, piecetinker, deckofmanythings, grimtrigger/fuji, kroan, and revolution.

You can sponsor Cups? How do I get in on that action?

As of May 24th, we will be accepting new sponsors for Season 2 of the Cup Tournament Series. We ask sponsors for roughly $560 in prize support to get their name attached to the largest tournament series in Hex. We will promote a particular guild, recruitment drive, link to some other function, or even a product if we can mutually agree on sponsorship. If you are interested, email us at We currently have one cup left to sponsor: the Sapphire Cup.

I would rather help you all run the event than play, is there any chance you are looking for a few extra hands to help run things?

Absolutely. We would like for people to play if they would prefer doing that, but we also realize that even with the four of us last time, it would be easier to run things with a couple extra hands on deck. Primarily, at this point, we are interested in getting people to help us run judging. We think there will be fewer decisions this time around, but we want to make sure those casting the matches are not also embroiled in judging decisions. We may also be willing to enlist a few additional people to help shoutcast matches, but space for that is limited at the moment. If you want to help judge or have other ways you are interested in contributing, please do email us at We will have a formal call for judges up within the next week.

I am displeased with a decision Zubrin has made; how can I make him listen to me and care?

We are always interested in hearing feedback and you should direct comments to We do try to improve our tournaments and invite constructive criticism; however, if your goal is to make Zubrin care, that is a Sisyphean task.


Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

11 Comments on The FiveShards Season 2 Diamond Cup sponsored by The Collective

  1. hey guys just saying i cant register my set 3 champ needed for the diamond tounry

  2. I didnt plan on playing the book but I would like to say that i dont think that its that big of a deal at all (especially with set 3 only). Is it confirmed to be a bug btw ?

  3. Metronomy you don’t think being able to sit there and write down the entire order of your opponents deck while potentially setting it up so that he draws only shards etc for the next 3 turns? So the opponent is flooded/you know everything he will be drawing.

  4. dont get me is too powerful…but on the other hand its also very slow…im just saying its not the most broken thing there is

  5. There are a lot of Periwinkle copy-bugs. Most, if not all, are negative for the player playing Periwinkle, so it might be a good idea to add something about that in the rules so you don’t get a lot of judge calls for Periwinkle bugs.

  6. If my opponent has 10 life and uses Pride’s Fall on my Walking Calamity, under the current bug with Walking Calamity my opponent wouldn’t die. Would that fall under section 8, aka exploiting a bug to win matches?
    I understand the new warning section, but if a bug is clearly being exploited to win a match I’m confused why a judge can’t step in. Isn’t that the point of judges?
    I would love to play red/green tomorrow, but if someone cheats to beat me, that will completely ruin my day. Some interactions I understand you can’t step in and fix, but one as clear cut as that should warrant a judge stepping in. Its sad that this is being allowed.
    All in all though I really appreciate what you guys do with this tournament series, its awesome.
    Thanks for your time guys.

    • The decision here is to streamline the judging and, ultimately, most of the judging will be done by the client in the longrun. We are going to treat the hex product as is and play with it just as you would in a draft, gauntlet, or any other tournament in the hex client.

      The Calamity issue is a known bug that makes calamity a worse card to play. As such, given that the fault is with calamity, we do not consider a card that is exploitative. I understand that you are arguing that people killing calamity and avoiding fatal are exploiting, but that is not how we are interpreting the current bug. TO rule it the opposite side would require more judge intervention, proof from the players, and would slow down the tournament as a whole – something we are trying to avoid by relying on the client.

      Play calamity at your own risk; we encourage players to play by the intent of the card, but we are trying to minimize our own intervention into the conduct of matches.

  7. Thank you for the response. The speed and clarity of it is greatly appreciated.
    I really appreciate what you guys do for the community. Have a great night. Can’t wait for the event tomorrow!

    • Thanks Sakra. I expect that you ultimately do not agree with the decision, but thank you for the conversation, understanding, and positive response. I hope the tournament treats you well tomorrow.

  8. just so you know, the link from the hextcg mainpages friday update links to , not this page – the old one is from last diamond cup

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