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The February FiveShards Weekly Series Wrap-Up

This last Sunday saw the conclusion to the second month-long FiveShards Weekly Series for both NA and EU participants. Eight weeks after we started in January, we now have been able to award $2,000 in platinum over the last two months in addition to booster packs.

If you are unfamiliar with the FiveShards Weekly Series, you can go here to get more information. Importantly, it is a free-to-enter weekly tournament that gives out platinum and boosters as prizes. Anyone can play and you can really test your ability to go up against some of the best players in the game. New players who are just now checking out Hex should certainly join up to get some time playing competitive Hex PVP!

Since we are wrapping up another month, it is time to do another meta wrapup. Our final month of the three-month pilot series begins this weekend, so consider partaking as some of Hex’s top competitors duke it out for the 100k.

Week 1

In January, we wrapped up the series with a dominance of mono-Blood and Diamond/Wild. This is the meta players are going into for the first week of January.

For NA, we see TheHoarder bring Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon to win the first week’s tournament. Also doing well are two Diamond/Wild decks piloted by Kindmime and Vazrael, while STRAYA rounds out the top 4 with a Nin Blood/Sapphire build.

EU follows a different path with a Diamond/Wild victory by IcevsFire. Thanatose brings the only mono-Blood deck in either top 4, Cyriius brings Blood/Diamond, and djinni makes the top 4 with a Cressida Ruby/Wild.

Overall, Week 1 is vastly different from Week 4 of February: only one mono-Blood deck in the eight decks we can evaluate and three Diamond/Wild.

Public decklists from this week on hexmeta.

Week 2

In the North American series, Dameneon and Enyma went into finals with a Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon deck versus a mono-Blood deck with Dameneon coming out on top. SpookyBoogy offers the traditional Rutherford Banks Diamond/Wild while Eziek provides the second Blood-Sapphire deck over the last two weeks for their top 4 finishes.

In the EU meta, we see Ruby/Sapphire emerging as a contender to take down the tournament by Tinhead while a Blood/Diamond Banks earns Zawo a second place finish. Bloodvale and deadjedy earn 3rd and 4th place spots with Diamond/Wild and mono-Blood. In 5th-8th, 3 Diamond/Wild decks appear and Rakelts finishes up the bracked with Sapphire/Wild; however, this Sapphire/Wild pilots Polonius instead of the traditional Winter Moon.

Public decklists from this week on hexmeta.

Week 3

Week 3 marks high turnout in both series and a full top-8 decklist for each event. In NA, we see two Wyatts show up in the top 8 with Katkilla’s Diamond/Sapphire variant taking down the tournament and PhenomYSR taking a top 8 spot. Beyond two Diamond/Wild decks and a mono-Blood in the top 8, we also see our second Cressida of the month, this time piloted by Bmon, Raklets with a Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon, and a Diamond/Ruby One Eye Open finishes the NA top 8 with Matadoor securing that spot.

The EU weekly becomes marked by Ruby! Havoc takes down the tournament with Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon winning over Gbailey’s Ruby/Wild Cressida, but we see two mono-Ruby decks by Rootfather and smalllegs where Rootfather takes a top 4 spot and smalllegs goes to the top 8. Limpit scores a top 8 finish with a Diamond/Blood/Ruby Dimmid build and Xantu makes the top 4 with Ruby/Wild Cressida. The two remaining decks are Blood/Diamond.

Public decklists from this week on hexmeta.


Going into the finale for February, the meta is far from settled. What started out as a meta dominated by Diamond/Wild and mono-Blood quickly sees a shift to Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon control with several rogue and classic builds coming out to appear in the rankings. 32 players across two brackets competed to take down the finale in the Europe and North American last Sunday. You can find the list of players and the brackets for the Europe and North America in their respective links. The public decklist of each participant is available on this spreadsheet.

Our meta breakdown in the finale:

Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon control: 9
Diamond/Wild: 5
Mono-Ruby aggro: 3
Ruby/Sapphire burn: 3
Ruby/Wild ramp: 2
Diamond/Sapphire: 2
Mono-Ruby Benvolio burn: 2
Mono-Blood: 2
Mono-Wild: 1
Ruby/Wild aggro: 1
Ruby/Sapphire Azurecannon: 1
Diamond/Ruby aggro: 1
Blood/Sapphire: 1

Last month’s finale meta had seven archetypes and four those were only represented by one deck. This month’s meta contains 13 archetypes with four of those represented by one deck. Despite the previous dominance of Diamond/Wild, the game quickly shifted to beating Sapphire/Wild.

Europe’s Top 4:

1st – Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon (HAVOC)
2nd – Diamond/Wild Banks (djinni)
3rd – Mono-Blood (Thanatose)
4th – Mono-Ruby burn (Rootfather)

North America’s Top 4:

1st – Diamond/Wild Banks (SpookyBoogy)
2nd – Ruby/Sapphire burn (CaptRalfio)
3rd –  Sapphire/Wild Winter Moon (dameneon)
4th – Ruby/Wild aggro (Angsar)

This weekend will mark the first in the March series. Sapphire/Wild is still a contender for winning tournaments as HAVOC has shown a few times now. However, aggro is becoming more dominant in the meta and trying to strike a balance of beating control and beating aggro is a difficult task for any would-be winner.


Final Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who has made this series fantastic. February’s turnout was larger than January’s overall, so the tournament series is your go-to weekly stop to play some serious competitive constructed. So, as usual, there are some specific people who really made everything happen. First, I want to give a special shout-out to the casting team that did the live stream of the tournament on Sunday. covering 16 games with 32 players gave them some ample material to work with and Pentachills, Hacky, Tecnophi, and Mokog stepped up to the plate to give you coverage of this event. Second, thanks to Hex Entertainment for making the events happen and Chark for giving us the opportunity to run them. Without their help, they would not happen.

See you again in March!

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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