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Spoiler Warning!

Moqui with Equipment

There it is! In all it’s Orcish glory! The Fiveshards spoiler card for the upcoming PvE Campaign Release!

While this card and its equipment speak for themselves, let’s take a look at what a few of the Fiveshards writers have to say about it…

DeckofManyThings – “This card would be great if it was pure Ruby threshold. As it stands, it’s a Blood threshold card that wants to be in a Ruby Rush deck”

Wurtil – “His name sounds hokey. His best equipment saves you two resources, which is basically a jokey. Unless random lands on Quash Ridge, all his troops will do is give a little pokey. The only reason to play this card is because you must be brokey. Requiem to Moqui.”

Pentachills – “My first impression seeing this spoiler was a taste of disgust in the back of my mouth. I’m not going to lie, it didn’t sit well with me immediately… This card just doesn’t seem to do much that makes me think it’s a must-include. It’s prismatic, requiring both a Blood and a Ruby threshhold to come into play, it costs five, its base stats are pretty timid for what a five-drop really needs to stick to the board, and it’s Unique… Even both pieces of its equipment left me feeling a bit blah… But, BUT! The more I got to thinking about the card the more I realized that it’s the little things that are going to make this card shine. There are seven one-drop orcs that we know about at the moment of writing, and they almost all provide a value beyond most regular one-drops in the game. Standouts include Quash Ridge Tusker, Merciless Tormentor, and possibly Ridge Raider with his equipment. Being an orc and a warrior, the synergy with warrior talents might allow Moqui to sit next to Xocoy, High Cleric and Te’Talca, Orc Gladiator as high-cost orc utility bombs in a deck. Finally; its unique tag isn’t as big of a deal when you consider the deck building restrictions… You’re not likely to be able to put four of this guy into any deck soon (from what we’ve seen on the recent Cory Jones interview on PCGamer) and if you’re fighting to put 2-3 copies of cards into your deck to fill a curve, Moqui might rise! That all said, I don’t think either of his pieces of equipment will ever sit next to my champion—better pieces exist for lower more aggressive cards, and they don’t offer much utility other than speeding up your board state.

JadiimJedi – “Any time you get a troop that produces multiple bodies for a reasonable cost you have to consider how you can use it. At five resources, this card will need to go into some kind of slower deck and in the Blood/Ruby shard pairing it puts us squarely into midrange-value territory. As random 1-cost orcs we are probably hoping to hit Quash Ridge Tusker or Unmerciful Tormentor, but if you are already playing Ridge Raider he has a good equipment that provides evasion and can be a good hit.
Both of the new equipment give a small efficiency boost to Moqui. The Bloodletter effectively provides +2/+2 stats and the Medallion provides 2 resources. In the right situations both of these are fairly good boosts.
One of the interesting ways that we can take advantage of Moqui is by replaying him with crypt recursion cards such as MonsuunCall the Grave, and Rise Again. Perhaps a deck with these recursion cards, Extinction, and Moqui would be able to recur him as a low-cost finisher that provides value. This same deck would likely also play other value troops such as the Darkspires or Corpse Fly-type of troops.”

Infam0usNeo – “This card in a vacuum is quite powerful when you look at it fully equipped; an orc that creates two 1-cost orcs with +1/+1 and puts them into play is something that seems right at home in the orc PvE deck that already exists.
The problems start with the fact that this card requires two different threshold and the deck it wants to be in is Ruby, and a Ruby deck that really tries to take advantage of the fact it’s mono-shard by taking risks with it’s resource base. It is also a 5-cost card that fits into a deck with low cost cards making it potentially difficult to play in that way too. Further problems arise when you take into account that the equipment has slot clashes with Brutal Commander and Xocoy, meaning that running this card will make your other key cards less powerful. Ultimately a strong card, but one that has a hard time fitting in due to just having better options already.”

Tecnophi – “In terms of fitting in the orc theme, it is very orc-y. However, I find Moqui a tough sell at 5 cost. With so many good orcs in the 3- and 4-resource space, I think he will have a hard time making the cut. With the equipment, bringing in three troops for 5 resources is great for certain strategies. To maximize its effectiveness, the following up with a game-tipping action the next turn like Gore Feast is needed.”

Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

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