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Something Old & Something New

Gore Feast / Mirror Knight based decks are here to stay. If the Hextechs open wasn’t enough to show us that then this past weekend’s VIP definitely was; I faced Poca the Conflagrator in 6 out of the 8 VIP games which I played in. Now, I’m not particularly a fan of playing mirror matches—especially with aggro decks. With that being said why don’t we take a look at two decks which I have been thoroughly enjoying recently that might bring a little more variety to your matchups?

Blood/Diamond Midrange

Champion: Zared Venomscorn

Troops (22)

4x Angel of Dawn
4x Living Totem
4x Vampire King
4x Wakizashi Ambusher
3x Monsuun, Shogun of the Winda’jin
3x Xentoth’s Inquisitor

Constants (2)

2x Soul Marble

Actions (11)

4x Murder
3x Crackling Rot
2x Meek
2x Repel

Resources (25)

12x Blood Shard
9x Diamond Shard
4x Shard of Retribution

Reserves (15)

3x Blinding Light – one of the strongest cards out there vs Gore Feast, possibly even maindeckable
2x Solitary Exile – mainly for opposing Soul Marbles
3x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar – Wrenlock, Cerebral Fulmination, and surprisingly good against the second deck I’ll be talking about
2x Extinction*
2x Frost Wizard – having another turn 2 dude vs aggro is pretty good even if all he does is trade, sometimes he’ll get some extra value
3x Withering Touch – swaps out for whatever you feel like is a weak card in the matchup

*Extinction… oh how the mighty have fallen. With Shattered Destiny bringing Monsuun & Tunneling into the mix extinction has become dramatically worse. The format is faster and you need to be able to respond to your opponent’s plays on their turn rather than your own. It is still strong against some of the more tempo-based aggro builds out there as well as otherwise unexpected decks. Overall though it just isn’t a card which mid-range wants to be playing as much right now.

This deck has a strong game against the various aggro / feast variants that are going around. Vampire King puts in quite a bit of work; if he wasn’t in there I feel like this deck would not be possible. Somewhat surprisingly another card which continues to put in an enormous amount of work for me is Meek. It allows you to answer a turn-two mirror knight—something the other three targeted removal actions are often incapable of doing. For that matter I’d actually like to squeeze a third copy of meek into either the main deck or reserves. Also, don’t forget that you can leverage either Zared or Inquisitor alongside meek to hit a larger target in a pinch.

On the flip side there have been a few cards which have been under-performing for me. In general Soul Marble has been either too slow or completely unnecessary in a majority of the games which I’ve had it. Additionally, Inquisitor isn’t nearly as good as he used to be for many of the same reasons that Extinction is not. I wouldn’t feel too bad about just swapping Inquisitor with Blinding Light so that the socketed Vennen overlord was just in the reserves for the mirror mainly.

Finally, Angel is in the deck for two reasons: (a) Topdecking an Angel late and being able to also play a Vamp King / Ambusher the same turn can get you out of a losing situation pretty quickly; and more importantly, (b) She gives you free wins! What’s not to love about free wins right? Learn from my mistakes* and don’t throw away Kismet’s blessing—think twice before playing a blood threshold when you could play a diamond on turn one. I will break this down a little further for emphasis—here are the typical situations where you are considering going for a blood threshold on turn 1:

  1. You have a turn 1 withering touch if you play a blood shard. This one usually gets me but it isn’t what you want to be doing. More often than not you are just as safe playing Touch on turn 2 and keeping the Angel dream alive. Your Living Totem can wait for you to hit their bolt first anyhow.
  2. Your hand consists of Diamond Shards & Shards of Retribution. Alright, in this case sometimes it is the right call here to just play the dual shard on your first turn so that you don’t lose any tempo. Often times though that little bit of tempo you lose on turn two won’t really effect things. Double-check the rest of your hand and plan your first few turns before you snap-play the dual shard for blood on turn 1.

*Disclaimer: this might just be me being overly cautious. I’ve missed more turn two Angels over the past two weeks than I have topdecked during any other turns combined.


Monsuun’s Eulogy

Champion: Monika’shin

Troops (19)

3x Hop’hiro, Samurai
4x Minion of Yakuzan
4x Moon’ariu Sensei
4x Wakizashi Ambusher
3x Monsuun, Shogun of the Winda’jin
1x War Bot Dropship

Constants (9)

4x Oberon’s Eulogy
3x Wretched Brood
2x Hideous Conversion

Actions (8)

4x Necessary Sacrifice
4x Surprise Runt Gang

Resources (24)

11x Blood Shard
9x Wild Shard
4x Shard of Ancients

This deck is incredibly fun to play and its power is quite real. I haven’t had quite enough hands-on time with it (mainly have been playing against friends who were piloting it, primarily Moonknight) to really come up with a solid reserves plan, but this is my take on the main-deck at least. The Hop’hiros might want to be going more of a Ritualist of the Spring Litter route instead of the artifact dragons ships and Chlorophyllias.

The game plan is to stall long enough to land a Eulogy and then very quickly start pumping out massive bunnies. Surprise Runt Gang becomes an absolutely amazing top deck late game and your Ambushers can suddenly kill just about anything (though my list could probably use more removal). The deck does suffer from some consistency issues, much like some of the Goremaster decks out there, if you aren’t able to land a Eulogy. Luckily the card draw not only fuels your Eulogies but it also helps you find them.

That’s all for today. If you happen to try out either of these decks be sure to comment and let me know how they worked out for you and whether you made any changes to them. Even the B/D list changes from week to week for me so I’m always interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on them.

Funktion became active in the Hex community very early on as one of the first people producing Youtube content. Funktion made top 8 of the July HexTCG Pro Series, and can be caught in draft queues at all hours of the night. You can find him on Twitter Twitch & Youtube

7 Comments on Something Old & Something New

  1. Is the crackling bolt supposed to be crackling rot in the first list?

    Good article, will be interesting to see where the meta goes over the next months

  2. I tried out the bunny deck and traded out minion of yakuzan for blood bearers as they can defend and help stall for more rounds, but i have to say the deck is wayy too slow.. need some more ramp or something because if you don’t start with any good cards you end up with a turn 4 necessary sacrifice and then a turn 5 eulogy, and 2 turns of not affecting the board at all = death in a lot of cases i have played.

    • but god damn is it fun when it works 😀

      • Glad you are enjoying it. That’s the main reason I wanted to post it, the other list is pretty competitive, and while the eulogy one surprisingly can be, the main reason I put it up was that it is REALLY fun to play.

        Another card I completely overlooked was Master Moss, running 4 copies of necessary sac is definitely too many so there’s a spot to leverage some room.

  3. ok so this is what my current bunny build is looking like:

    3x Hop’hiro, Samurai
    4x blood bearer
    4x Moon’ariu Sensei
    4x Wakizashi Ambusher
    1x Monsuun, Shogun of the Winda’jin
    3x Wrathwood Master Moss

    Constants (9)

    4x Oberon’s Eulogy
    3x Wretched Brood
    3x Hideous Conversion

    Actions (8)
    3x Necessary Sacrifice
    4x Surprise Runt Gang

    Resources (24)

    10x Blood Shard
    10x Wild Shard
    4x Shard of Ancients

    So even though i love Monsuun i dont really feel like it has a place in this deck, its a great troop if you just play it, but you really dont want to burrow it untill you already have a couple of troops in the graveyard as it kinda counteracts the oberons eulogy. also Master moss just synergizes so well with the deck that i will probably play 4 of them if i can get another in draft.

    i put in an extra hideous conversion as drawing it is just great, even though drawing multiples kinda sucks, but it just has so much utility, first of its great to ramp into an early eulogy, but also its just great as a permanent sac for when eulogy is in play!

    Mastermoss is also a great card and acts as both a strong troop, you can sac it twice which is very use full in some instances, and it combos great with oberons eulogy. great card!

    i removed war bot dropship to make more room for my other troops as this card seemed too slow though it might be good now that i have added another hideous conversion, ill have to test that out.

    I think in order for this deck to be more competitive i need to be able to protect my Eulogys somehow as well as adding more removal, in general if i can keep up my eulogy for more than a couple of turns i can usually win, but flying troops kick my ass so i need to get rid of them somehow..

    • adding 2 extinctions in place of my final monsuun and a blood bearer has allowed me lots of fun!

      also sorry for spamming comments here, dont even know if anyone is finding this useful or if im just speaking to my self..

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