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Shard Series Season 2: Ruby Cup Deck List Data Breakdown

The last Hex Chapter 1 Constructed Tournament Ruby Cup Season 2 is now over. And with the release of set 3 Armies of Myth, it really was the final one. But for possible future reference, here’s the deck list break down.

With 158 players taking part, the field was diverse with Blood decks more popular than in previous tournaments. Staple Blood cards of Extinction, Murder, and Vampire King occupy high slots in the top 10 cards

A variety of Sapphire decks made a strong showing, continuing the trend of protect the Reese, Dwarf/Robot Aggro, and Cloud-Fest decks. It will be interesting to see if these types of decks can continue to feature in the meta with a new set on the scene.


Top 10 Cards:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
5Reese the Crustcrawler5733.93%
6Vampire King5432.14%
7Time Ripple5331.55%
8Crackling Bolt4526.79%
9Verdict of the Ancient Kings4023.81%
10Cerulean Mirror Knight4023.81%


Top 10 Champions:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
1Bertram Cragraven4727.98%
3Poca, The Conflagrater2313.69%
4Zared Venomscorn148.33%
5Wyatt the Sapper137.74%
6Running Deer105.95%
7Bunoshi the Ruthless95.36%
8Tetzot, Son of Omoc95.36%


Top Deck Type:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
1Ruby, Sapphire5029.76%
2Blood, Diamond2716.07%
5Blood, Sapphire127.14%
6Sapphire, Wild127.14%
8Diamond, Sapphire52.98%
9Ruby, Sapphire, Wild42.38%
10Blood, Wild31.79%


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