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Shard Series Season 2: Blood Cup Deck List Data Breakdown


In the record turnout for a FiveShards’ tournament, Blood Cup Season 2 had 193 particpants. Coming out of the Cup of Fate, Sapphire decks featuring Reese the Crustcrawler were the expected archetype to beat. The tournament featured ~34% Reese, and ~67% Sapphire Shard in decks. On the flip side, unsurprisingly Wild had another poor showing being in only ~15% of the decks.


Top Deck Type:Deck Count:Deck %:
1Ruby, Sapphire7136.79%
4Blood, Sapphire178.81%
5Blood, Diamond168.29%
6Sapphire, Wild115.70%
7Blood, Wild84.15%
8Diamond, Ruby84.15%
9Diamond, Sapphire84.15%
11Blood, Ruby52.59%
13Ruby, Wild31.55%
14Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire21.04%
15Ruby, Sapphire, Wild21.04%

Those that have keep an close eye on previous deck list data breakdowns, not too many surprises in the cards at the top. Burn and Murder showed up higher than usual at 6th and 8th respectively. Shard of Innovation in the 5th position matches the popularity of Ruby/Sapphire, as well as the dwarf/robot decks featured cards occupying the 14th to 19th spots.

Top 10 Cards:Deck Count:Deck %:
1Crackling Bolt7840.41%
2Time Ripple7036.27%
3Reese the Crustcrawler6634.20%
5Shard of Innovation6232.12%
9Cerulean Mirror Knight5528.50%
11Verdict of the Ancient Kings5327.46%
12Vampire King5025.91%
13Eldritch Dreamer4724.35%
14Mastery of Time4221.76%
17Construction Plans: Hornet Bot3518.13%
18Charge Bot3518.13%
20Crackling Vortex3417.62%

Bertram Cragraven is by far the most popular champion, more than tripling the next champion in line. Dimmid and Zared Venomscorn holding up in 2nd and 3rd place shows the rise of Blood and Diamond. In a slight surprise, Tetzot, Son of Omoc is up in the top ten.

Top 10 Champions:Deck Count:Deck %:
1Bertram Cragraven6835.23%
3Zared Venomscorn199.84%
4Poca, The Conflagrater168.29%
5Wyatt the Sapper168.29%
6Tetzot, Son of Omoc147.25%
7Bunoshi the Ruthless115.70%
8Running Deer115.70%
10Sir Giles Rowan31.55%
11Warmaster Fuzzuko31.55%
13Lionel Flynn21.04%
15Rutherford Banks21.04%
18Feather Drifting10.52%
19Lady Elizabeth10.52%
20Nin the Shadow10.52%
21One Eye Open10.52%
22Palamedes, The Righteous10.52%
23Daughter of Stars00.00%

With FiveShards’ Cup Series Season 2 Blood Cup over, this may have been the final major Set 1 and 2 constructed tournament. With the known spoiled cards from Set 3, Armies of Myth, it is not looking like the popular dwarf/robot decks will be a feature in the meta as they were here. We are all looking forward to the next tournament, and where the meta develops from here.

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