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Season 2 Wild Cup Decklist Data Breakdown

This FiveShards Shards Cup Season 2 Wild Cup sponsored by Matt “DeckOfManyThings” Miller, featured the tribal format. The deckbuilding requirements were to include 20 troops that shared a single trait. 126 players participated in this last open tournament before the Season 2 Cup of Fate.


The “undead” trait was seemingly the most popular with Minion of Yazukan, Vampire King, Vampire Princess, and Bone Warrior in the top 15 cards of the tournament. Despite its popularity, none of the many undead decks made it past the swiss rounds. 3 of the 6 human decks that made it into the Top 8 did so with the ever popular Sapphire troop Buccaneer at 7th place.


#Top Cards:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
3Crackling Bolt3025.42%
4Arcane Focus2823.73%
5Minion of Yazukan2622.03%
8Shard of Innovation2319.49%
11Rot Cast2117.80%
12Vampire King2117.80%
13Vampire Princess2117.80%
14Bone Warrior2016.95%
15Terrible Transfer2016.95%
16Time Ripple1916.10%
17Cerulean Mirror Knight1815.25%
18Pact of Pain1714.41%
20Cerulean Mentalist1613.56%
21Royal Falconer1613.56%
22Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl1512.71%
24Shard of Conquest1411.86%
25Verdict of the Ancient Kings1411.86%


Top Champions picked showed the popularity of Blood with Bunoshi the Ruthless making up more than a quarter of the field. Again, the most popular choice failed to break into the Top 8. This is likely one of the most diverse champion selection we have seen so far with 28 out of the available 45 champions picked.


#Top Champions:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
1Bunoshi the Ruthless3126.27%
2Poca, The Conflagrater1411.86%
3Sir Giles Rowan108.47%
4Zorzym of Korru75.93%
5Rutherford Banks65.08%
6Winter Moon65.08%
7Zared Venomscorn65.08%
8Bertram Cragraven43.39%
12Patriarch Ozin32.54%
13Tetzot, Son of Omoc32.54%
15Running Deer21.69%
17Bryson Maplewood10.85%
19Knightsbane Ovo10.85%
21Lionel Flynn10.85%
22Madame Anana10.85%
24One Eye Open10.85%
25Prairie Meadow10.85%
27Warmaster Fuzzuko10.85%
28Wyatt the Sapper10.85%


Consistent with data, Blood decks were heavily featured with mono-Blood just over 25%. In a slight surprise the 5-shard decks were the 4th most popular. Tri-shard decks also make a showing with options in D/R/S humans and D/S/W coyotles.


#Top Deck Type:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
2Ruby, Sapphire1916.10%
3Blood, Sapphire1311.02%
4Blood, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Wild119.32%
5Blood, Diamond65.08%
6Diamond, Ruby65.08%
7Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire65.08%
8Blood, Ruby43.39%
9Ruby, Wild43.39%
10Diamond, Sapphire, Wild43.39%
12Blood, Wild32.54%
16Diamond, Sapphire10.85%
17Diamond, Wild10.85%
18Sapphire, Wild10.85%
19Ruby, Sapphire, Wild10.85%

Be sure to check out the standings page for the top 64 players that made it to the Cup of Fate tournament. Details for the tournament will be released soon.

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