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Season 2 Sapphire Cup Videos and Data Breakdown

FiveShards Shard Cup Series Season 2 Sapphire Cup happened just three days after the official ban of Titania’s Majesty. The resulting decklists were a mix of short notice decktech and players falling back onto reliable archetypes. Top 8 had a good mix: 2 mono-Blood, 2 Ruby/Wild, 2 Blood/Diamond, 1 mono-Ruby, and 1 Ruby/Sapphire. Check out the Sapphire Cup Top 8 post for the full decklists. (



Blood was heavily featured between mono-Blood(14.72%), Blood/Diamond(14.21%), and Blood/Sapphire(10.15%). Two Ruby/Wild ramp decks made it to the top 8, but only 17 players out of 184 picked Cressida R/W.


#Top Deck Type:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
2Blood, Diamond2814.21%
3Sapphire, Wild2713.71%
4Blood, Sapphire2010.15%
5Ruby, Sapphire199.64%
6Ruby, Wild178.63%
8Diamond, Sapphire, Wild115.58%
9Diamond, Sapphire105.08%
10Blood, Ruby52.54%
10Blood, Wild52.54%
12Diamond, Wild42.03%
14Ruby, Sapphire, Wild21.02%
14Blood, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Wild21.02%



The most popular champion by far is the set 3 Winter Moon making up 17.26% of the field. Only 1 deck with Reese advanced to day 2, but Bertram Cragraven that supports that strategy was in 2nd place. A mild surprise is Kranok and Bunoshi in 3rd and 4th, it will be interesting to see if these Blood threshold champion retain their popularity in the long run.


#Top Champions:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
1Winter Moon3417.26%
2Bertram Cragraven2211.17%
4Bunoshi the Ruthless178.63%
6Zared Venomscorn168.12%
9Prairie Meadow84.06%
9Wyatt the Sapper84.06%
11Poca, The Conflagrater63.05%
12Tetzot, Son of Omoc42.03%
13One Eye Open31.52%
13Rutherford Banks31.52%
15Running Deer21.02%
15Sir Giles Rowan21.02%
15Zorzym of Korru21.02%
18Carrac The Scavenger10.51%
18Concubunny Yuka10.51%
18Lionel Flynn10.51%
18Madame Anana10.51%
18Nin the Shadow10.51%
18Patriarch Ozin10.51%
18Warmaster Fuzzuko10.51%



Supporting the strong Blood presence in the Sapphire Cup: Murder, Vampire King, Vampire Princess, and Extinction are in the top 5. The second popular shard Sapphire were supported by Countermagic, Arcane Focus, Time Ripple, and Verdict of the Ancient Kings in the top 10. Even though a mono-Ruby ultimately won the tournament, the first Ruby card on the list is Burn at 13th place.


#Top Cards:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
2Vampire King7136.04%
4Vampire Princess6432.49%
5Arcane Focus6331.98%
7Time Ripple5025.38%
8Verdict of the Ancient Kings4824.37%
10Angel of Dawn3718.78%
11Shard of Instinct3517.77%
12Soul Marble3417.26%
13Howling Brave3216.24%
15Crackling Bolt3015.23%
19Solitary Exile2914.72%
21Reese the Crustcrawler2613.20%
22Living Totem2512.69%
23Arborean Rootfather2412.18%
23Pact of Pain2412.18%

Congrats to all the winners, and thank you to all who took part in an another successful tournament. Thanks for reading, and check out more FiveShards Cup Tournament videos (

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