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Season 2 Diamond Cup Videos and Data Breakdown

FiveShards Shard Series Season 2 Diamond Cup was the first major tournament since the release of Set 3: Armies of Myth. With the tournament restricting the 162 players to cards of the new set only, many of the featured matches highlighted some of the meta-defining cards. Most of the featured matches can be found here on FiveShards’ YouTube channel.

Ruby/Wild ramp made up 31% of the field showing the popularity of the deck type, and the might of Titania’s Majesty and Cressida occupied 5 of the top 8 spots. The deck types show a vastly different meta than what the community has been used to in the past. It remains to be seen how the standard constructed meta will shape up outside of the Diamond Cup.

Top Deck Type:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
1Ruby, Wild5330.99%
2Diamond, Ruby2414.04%
3Blood, Diamond2212.87%
4Blood, Sapphire169.36%
5Sapphire, Wild105.85%
6Diamond, Sapphire, Wild105.85%
10Diamond, Sapphire42.34%
11Ruby, Sapphire42.34%
13Diamond, Wild10.58%
14Blood, Diamond, Sapphire10.58%
15Ruby, Sapphire, Wild10.58%

Not too many surprises in the champions list with Cressida sitting comfortably at the top. The Ruby orc champion Urgnock in 2nd played well with the Quash Ridge Tusker, but not well enough to make it to day 2. Interestingly the sole Concubunny Yuka deck made it into the top 8.

Top Champions:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
3Madame Anana2112.28%
4Winter Moon1810.53%
5Knightsbane Ovo179.94%
6Zorzym of Korru116.43%
7Patriarch Ozin84.68%
8Bryson Maplewood42.34%
9Prairie Meadow42.34%
10Mightsinger Alyndra31.75%
13Boris Blastforge10.58%
14Concubunny Yuka10.58%

Top cards showed Ruby/Wild ramp’s popularity with 8 of the top 10 supporting that archetype. The other two cards—Martyr and Spiritbound Spy—supported Diamond as the perceived answer to Ruby/Wild. The first Blood cards to make the list were Exarch of the Egg and Vampire Princess all the way down at 23rd and 24th.

Top Cards:Deck Count:Deck Percentage:
2Titania’s Majesty5632.75%
5Lithe Lyricist4928.65%
6Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad4626.90%
7Walking Calamity4626.90%
8Feralroot Acorn4325.15%
9Ageless Troubadour3922.81%
10Spiritbound Spy3822.22%
12Eternal Sage3520.47%
13Ashwood Soloist2916.96%
14Deathmask Assailant2916.96%
15Flamehand Invoker2715.79%
16Arcane Focus2715.79%
17Quash Ridge Tusker2615.20%
19Shard Ward2514.62%
20Golden Avenger2414.04%
21Fiery Indignation2313.45%
22Soul of Battle2313.45%
23Exarch of the Egg2212.87%
24Vampire Princess2212.87%
25Chimera Guard Fallen2212.87%

The competitive landscape is vastly different from before the release of Armies of Myth. I’m looking forward to the next official VIP tournament and FiveShards’ Sapphire Cup after that to see how the meta will develop with all available sets. Thanks for reading and viewing.

Tecnophi contributes in many different areas of FiveShards including the Twitch channel, 2 Turns Ahead guest appearances, occasional articles, and media content. Active in behind the scenes work related to the site. Can be contacted on Twitter: @Tecnophi.

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