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Scars of War Spoiler: Dauntless Rootshaper

With Scars of War’s spoiler season reaching top speed, we are now starting to see more clearly how pieces of the “set 6 puzzle” will fit in the context of the two new formats. Today’s spoiler might not be as flashy as a few of the more recent spoilers (looking at you Bride of the Damned!), it still has the potential to fill a very specific role that not many cards can fill!

Without further ado, I present you Dauntless Rootshaper!


In the context of Limited

Looking at the card from a Limited format’s perspective, it is apparent that it should be a high pick in draft and worth working for in Sealed format. The base stats for cost are not that impressive. However, having 5 attack on a 4 cost troop with crush provides a good opportunity to get extra mileage on any stat augmentation. It is a card that wants you to attack and literally crush you adversaries! In that context, its low defense of 3 would normally be a significant downside as it will unlikely be able to survive its first combat.

Things become interesting when you factor in its Deathcry ability: “If this is Valorous, revert it and put it into play.

Obviously, you will want to make sure that it becomes valorous before you start attacking. Thankfully, we’ll have access to many champion powers, along with other cards, that should provide the necessary Valor to make this a very pesky threat.

Once Valorous, there are only a few cards that will be able to deal with the troop without having it coming back from the dead! In Herofall; Polyberry Pouch, and Llamafy are your only available options in the common and uncommon slots. From the Scars of War (cards we know so far); Decree of Banishing is the only card that can remove it permanently after the first Valor is played on it! Outside of these options, a well-timed removal will be required. This doesn’t leave much space to work with though, and once “online”, Dauntless Rootshaper should make quick work of your opponents!


In the context of constructed

Looking at the card from a Constructed format’s perspective, its ratio of stats for cost becomes a lot worse. In a format dominated by all manners of Crusaders and Yetis, we would likely need more for its significant 4 cost. Its playability then has to come from its ability to push damage and the fact that it can be a recurring troop. On the topic of pushing damage, we already have many 4 and even 3 cost troops  that can present as much, or even more damage with some kind of evasion or with Crush. Its ability to come back from the dead is a power that very few cards share that might make this a playable card.

Sadly, when we look at the current “wild” Valor oriented archetypes (DW Alpha and RW Embers) it is hard to find a good place for the card. In Diamond, we have the much more efficient Elder of Lost Ages that provides the same qualities with less effort, a more consistent attacker that doesn’t even revert when it comes back! In this context, it feels like we may see Dauntless Rootshaper as a single copy to enable Ardent Crusader at best. In the Ruby based valor decks, the card will be competing with the mighty Heart of Embers in the 4 cost slot. More so, in that archetype there is no Ardent Crusader that forces you to diversify your Ardent troops. Here, it is unlikely that we see even a single copy of Dauntless Rootshaper but if we do, my guess is that we would only see it in the reserves.

Lastly, in the upcoming Immortal constructed format, the low individual power level of the card paired with its “high” cost should make it unplayable for the most part.


In conclusion

Hope you enjoyed today’s spoiler and don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the card in the comments below!

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  1. Notice that it only comes back to play once, because then it is reverted. You would need to play a new Valor on it to make it come back a second time.

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