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Sapphire Cup Top 8 brought to you by the Dragonborn Guild (Season 2)!

The top 8 decklists for the Sapphire Cup sponsored by the Dragonborn Guild.


sapphire top 8

Tetzot, Son of Omoc

9 ruby shard
12 sapphire shard
4 shard of innovation

4 arcane focus
3 time ripple
3 crackling bolt
1 fissuresmith
3 buccaneer
3 cerulean mentalist
3 countermagic
3 jags, the blademaster
1 eldritch dreamer (draw)
4 azurefate sorceress (quick, damage)
1 duplicitous duke
1 mesmeric hypnoscientist
4 reese the crustcrawler
1 subterranean spy


2 burn
2 arcane zephyr
2 chaos key
4 heat wave
1 fissuresmith
1 buccaneer
2 total meltdown
1 subterranean spy

Bunoshi the Ruthless

21x Blood Shard
3x Starsphere
4x Darkspire Priestess
4x Inquisition
2x Vampire King
2x Giant Corpse Fly
1x Uruunaz
3x Darkspire Punisher
3x Minion of Yakuzan
2x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
3x Murder
4x Vampire Princess
2x Rot Cast
2x Darkspire Tyrant
x Blood Shard*

2x Sorrow
2x Withering Touch
4x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar
2x Chaos Key
2x Vampire King
3x Xentoth’s Inquisitor

Note: The 4x Blood Shard should be 4xExtinctions, but due to a decklist violation, Chimera had to swap them with blood shards.



3x Phenteo the Brood Priest
2x Vampire King
4x Vampire Princess
4x Murder
3x Doppelgadget
4x Fifth Book of D’harsis
2x Talisman of Vitae
1x Exarch of the Egg
2x Rise Again
4x Inqusition
4x Extiction
3x Curse of Oblivion
4x Crackling Vortex
20x Blood Shard


3x Chaos Key
4x Rot cast
1x Giant corpse fly
4x Relentless Corruption
3x Sorrow

Rutherford Banks


4x Angel of Dawn
4x Vampire King
4x Living Totem
4x Soul Marble
2x Monsuun
4x Giant Corpse Fly
2x Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Blood gem of brutality)
4x Extinction
4x Murder
1x Synn, Etherdrake Nomad
1x Urunaaz
4x Shard of Retribution
12x Blood Shard
10x Diamond Shard


2x Inquisition
2x Meek
2x Repel
2x Solitary Exile
2x Sorrow
2x Xentoth’s Inquisitor
3x Shard Ward

Zared Venomscorn


4x Living Totem
4x Vampire Princess
4x Vampire King
4x Angel of Dawn
2x Hopeheart Unicorn
4x Soul Marble
4x Solitary Exile
4x Martyr
3x Murder
3x Extinction
2x Starsphere
4x Shard of Retribution
9x Blood Shard
9x Diamond Shard


2x Sorrow
3x Frost Wizard
2x Withering Touch
3x Cerebral Domination
3x Exarch of the Egg
2x Phenteo



7x Ruby Shard
14x Wild Shard
4x Shard of Savagery
4x Howling Brave
4x Chlorophyllia
2x Puck, Dream Bringer
4x Eye of Creation
3x Periwinkle
2x Droo’s Colossal Walker
4x Eternal Sage
4x Crocosaur
1x Balthasar
4x Arborean Rootfather (Major Ruby of Destruction, Minor Ruby of Ferocity)
1x Syyn, Etherdrake Nomad
1x Eternal Guardian
1x Walking Calamity


4x Turbulence
2x Heat Wave
2x Nature Reigns
3x Carnasaurus
2x Succulent Cluckodon
2x Heart of the Wrathwood


4 x Unmerciful Tormentor
4 x Ridge Rider
4 x Quash Ridge Tusker
4 x Fierce Warlord
4 x Psychotic Anarchist
4 x Deadeye Ripper
2 x Sunsoul Phoenix

4 x Scorch
4 x Burn
3 x Crushing Blow
4 x Crackling Bolt

19 x Ruby Shard


4 x Heatwave
4 x Skewer
2 x Total Meltdown
3 x Mindpyre
2 x Sunsoul Phoenix



15 Wild Shard
6 Ruby Shard
4 Howling Brave
2 Puck, Dream bringer
2 Eternal Guardian
4 Eye of Creation
4 Chlorophyilla
4 Shard of Savagery
4 Arborean Rootfather ( Minor Ruby of Ferocity, Major Ruby of Destruction)
1 Feral Domination
2 Jags the blademaster
2 Balthasar
2 Walking Calamity
4 Crocosaur
2 Periwinkle
2 Carnasaurus


2 Wildroot dancer
1 Periwinkle
2 Carnasaurus
4 Starsphere
4 turbulence
1 Feral domination
1 Predatory prey


Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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  1. nice to see arena decks taking down tournaments 🙂

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