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Sapphire Cup Deck List Data Breakdown

Hey all, Tecnophi here with a quick look at the top shard types, champions, and cards from the Five Shards’ Sapphire Cup sponsored by Colin. A glimpse of what the current meta is like.


The top two deck shard compositions tells an interesting story of the the current thinking in the meta. Ruby/Sapphire is the most popular by far occupying ~18% of the field, followed by Mono-Sapphire which makes up ~13%. In the top 4, three of the decks were Mono-Sapphire with 1st and 2nd place being Mono-Sapphire.

Top Deck Type:Deck Count:
1Ruby, Sapphire31
3Blood, Diamond15
4Diamond, Ruby14
6Blood, Sapphire12
7Ruby, Wild11
9Diamond, Sapphire8
10Sapphire, Wild7
11Ruby, Sapphire, Wild5
13Blood, Ruby4
14Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire4
15Blood, Wild2
17Diamond, Wild1
18Blood, Diamond, Wild1
19Diamond, Sapphire, Wild1
20Blood, Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Wild1


Poca, the Conflagrater was the top champion of choice with her charge power working well with Ruby/Sapphire and Ruby decks. In a close second Bertram Cragraven whose charge power works well with the 9th most popular card of the tournament Reese the Crustcrawler, and is able to delay games against Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl decks that made up ~19% of all decks. In 3rd place, we have Dimmid being picked often in Blood/Diamond and Diamond/Ruby decks.

Top Picked Champions:Deck Count:
1Poca, The Conflagrater32
2Bertram Cragraven28
4Running Deer15
5Zared Venomscorn13
6Bunoshi the Ruthless12
7Wyatt the Sapper8
9Lionel Flynn4
10Rutherford Banks4
11Warmaster Fuzzuko4
14Feather Drifting2
15One Eye Open2
16Sir Giles Rowan2
19Tetzot, Son of Omoc1
20Daughter of Stars0
23Lady Elizabeth0
24Nin the Shadow0
25Palamedes, The Righteous0


The top 7 cards from the tournament are Ruby or Sapphire, with the Set 1 Shards of Fate common Buccaneer being in ~42% of the Sapphire Cup decks. The top popular cards shows the low representation that Wild had in the Sapphire Cup, with the first Wild card—Wrathwood Master Moss—showing up on the list at 27th.

Top Main Deck Cards:Deck Count:
2Crackling Bolt55
3Cerulean Mirror Knight55
5Storm Cloud45
6Verdict of the Ancient Kings41
9Reese the Crustcrawler37
10Crackling Vortex36
11Living Totem36
12Time Ripple35
13Angel of Dawn32
14Gore Feast of Kog’Tepetl32
16Soul Marble32
17Shard of Innovation30
18Eldritch Dreamer30
19Solitary Exile30
20Mastery of Time28
21Royal Falconer28
23Vampire King25
24Menacing Gralk24
25Hopeheart Unicorn22
26Heat Wave22
27Wrathwood Master Moss19
28Scraptech Brawler18
29Shard of Conquest17
30Xentoth’s Inquisitor17


Next week the HexTechs Open: Nulzann will be taking place, and the week after will be VIP constructed. Decks from the Sapphire Cup will be shaping the play field for those tournaments. With the upcoming Wild Cup on April 11th, the meta will look quite a bit different due to the format of unified team constructed, where the maximum of four copies of a card can be played across a team’s three decks. With that limitation, it’s quite possible some of the decks will be forced closely follow one of the prominent deck types that did well in the Sapphire Cup. Conversely, we should see some less-played shards such as Wild more represented as teams avoid shard conflict between decks.

Thanks for reading about the ever changing Hex meta, and looking forward to the next time.

Tecnophi contributes in many different areas of FiveShards including the Twitch channel, 2 Turns Ahead guest appearances, occasional articles, and media content. Active in behind the scenes work related to the site. Can be contacted on Twitter: @Tecnophi.

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