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Rise of the Dead Prince Presents: The FiveShards Ruby Cup!

We are pleased to be able to share with you the details of the Ruby Cup as presented by the new book by Brian A. Hurd: Rise of the Dead Prince

On February 14th-15th, many shard-masters will compete for a chance to take home the coveted Ruby Cup as presented by Rise of the Dead Prince; this is the third cup in the first season of the FiveShards Shard Cup Series. After the huge turn out for the last two cups (each the largest community-run tournament yet), we are looking to make the Ruby Cup just as awesome.

The Ruby Cup is standard constructed—that is, both current sets are legal.

Register here at the Challonge page. Confirmation begins at 8:00am PST (You must pre-register) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PST. To confim, you must log in to Challonge, go to the tournament, and push the confirmation button. If you do not confirm your registration prior to the tournament beginning, the tournament will drop you and we cannot re-add you to the tournament.

The top 8 will begin promptly at 10:00am PST on Sunday, February 15th.



1st: 44 Set 2 Packs, 22 Set 1 Packs, Signed Paperback copy of Rise of the Dead Prince
2nd: 32 Set 2 Packs, 16 Set 1 Packs, Signed Paperback copy of Rise of the Dead Prince
3rd-4th: 22 Set 2 Packs, 8 Set 1 Packs
5th-8th: 12 Set 2 Packs, 4 Set 1 Packs
9th: 8 Set 2 Packs, 4 Set 1 Packs, Ragefire
10th-16th: 6 Set 2 Packs, 4 set 1 Packs
17th-32nd: 2 Set 2 Packs, 3 Set 1 Packs


Door Prizes after Round 2:

Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Booster Pack x5
Set 2 Booster Pack x5

Door Prizes after Round 4:

Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Primal Pack
Set 2 Booster Pack x5
Set 2 Booster Pack x5
Set 2 Booster Pack x5

Door Prizes after Round 6:

Xentoth’s Inquisitor AA
The Killipede
Eye of Creation
Set 2 Booster Pack x5


We will be giving the door prizes at the conclusion of the above mentioned rounds. Players must have played all the rounds up until that point to be eligible to earn door prizes. We will draw a random number for each of the prizes listed above.


Specific Rules

1. We will stream the tournament from We will cast all pairings, coverage, and rulings on this channel. Players should have it open/accessible to hear updated news. If you are casting the game, we highly recommend you use a card blocker and/or broadcast delay to enable us to do feature match coverage.

2. Reserves and Decklists: We allow a 15-card reserve. Consequently, we require decklists of all participants. Decklists must include the Champion, 60+ card main deck, 0 or 15 card reserve (must be exactly zero or fifteen), and any gems used in the initial deck configuration. All participants must submit their decklists to us using this form by 8:00am PST (WorldClock) on the morning of the tournament, February 14th. Do not post screenshots. Submissions must be entered in text. We will post the full set of decklists after the final round completes and also highlight the top 8 decklists. You may change gems during reserves/sideboarding, but not in-between matches.

Template for Decklist

4x Card1
4x Card2
4x Card3
2x Card4 (Prime Ruby of Destruction)
So forth

4x More cards
4x More cards

3. Confirmation: Confirmation begins at 8:00am PST (WorldClock) and the tournament starts at 9:00am PST (WorldClock). To confirm your participation, just log into Challonge at any point within an hour prior to the start of the tournament (8:00-9:00am PST) and click the “Confirm” Button. If you do not confirm your registration prior to the tournament beginning, the tournament will automatically drop you; we cannot add dropped players once the tournament starts.

4. Matches: Each match will be determined by the player that wins two games out of three. The match ends when one player wins two games. The client will decide the turn order in the first game using a coin flip. The loser of the previous game will determine if they play or draw in game.

5. Reserves: Players get 2 minutes to side in and out their cards.

6. End-of-time Procedure: Since we cannot realistically run best-of-three matches through the client presently, it is possible that—after 60 minutes—some matches will not be completed. When time is over, the current turn will finish and the players will play five more turns (combined, not each.) If neither player has won two games at this point and neither player has more wins, then the match is a draw. If, after 5 turns, the match is 1-0, then the player with one win wins the match.

7. Slow Play: Since we are not watching all the games in person, it is difficult for us to determine slow play. However, if you are streaming and your opponent seems to be intentionally playing slow, call a judge over to your stream and we will observe the match. The escalation of penalties for slow play is: warning, time reduction for the offending player’s clock, game loss, match loss.

8. Bugged Game Policy: Unfortunately, there are times when the game may substantially bug out or make it impossible to preserve the state of the game. If the players can preserve the state of the game, they should make efforts to do so. If the game bugs in a way that the players cannot agree to play through, neither player has fatal damage on the board/hands (if streaming or through provided screenshots), neither player is willing to concede the match, and the bug prevents the match from proceeding, then players are to restart the game. Players do not get extra time for bugged games.

A. Unfortunately, there are several interactions that we heard exist, but cannot confirm the precise steps to replicate those bugs. In interactive cases, we will have to treat several bugs “as is”. That is, play will proceed as if the bug were intended. Unfortunately, the number of existing bugs that we were unable to catch suggests that the number of restarts would be higher than necessary for the tournament.

B. If a bug fundamentally breaks the state of the game, we will have the players restart the game. The threshold for this categorization is higher and may include instances where a player’s self interactions trigger the bug.

C. If you find an interactive bug in your match that we have not listed, do report it to us. We will try to keep a running list of “as is” bugs on the FiveShards website for quick reference. Additionally, if you find a bug that fundamentally negates your opponents cards, not only are you obligated to inform the judging team, but you should inform your future opponents. For example, if we were to discover the Nibbler bug mid-tournament, it would be the player’s obligation to tell each future opponent that their debuff effects will not work on the card.

9. The administrators of the tournament are also the judges for the event. For the Ruby Cup, the head judge is Zubrin and we will have a few judges on hand that will exist as the first point of contact. We will have a procedures and penalties document up prior to the tournament.

10. If your deck is built around exploiting a bugged card that is clearly bugged in your own testing, you will forfeit the match you are currently in and we will drop you from the tournament. Since this is early in the set, there is a possibility that people will discover bugs not yet reported. All such bugs should be reported to the tournament administrators for banning consideration (as well as CZE). We strive to ensure the integrity of the tournament.

11. Deck Checks: If a player suspects that an opponent is playing with cards that are not in their original configuration for game 1, or if they are playing with cards that are not in their decklist or reserves, the player can immediately ask for a deck check. A tournament judge will then cross-check the suspected cards with the submitted decklist. If the player is found in violation, they automatically lose the game. If a player is found to make the mistake a third time, we will escalate the penalty to a match loss. Players may request two deck checks throughout the tournament and checks resulting in penalties will not count against the player’s total number of checks.

12. Any player caught cheating or attempting to cheat will be dealt with at the discretion of tournament organizers, including but not limited to disqualification, banning from future events, and withholding prizes.

13. Feature Match Policy: If you are playing in the Ruby Cup and are streaming, we take that as consent that you are willing to allow us to use your stream as a feature match on the main channel ( If, however, you would not like us to do this, please let us know as soon as possible and we will not host your stream. If you would like, you can use our official card blocker here:


14. To drop from the tournament, you will submit a request to us via a form. You need to use your safeword (entered with deck registration) to properly drop from the tournament.

Preliminary Bans
  • Grave Nibbler—If buffed while underground, the Grave Nibbler can no longer be buffed or debuffed.
  • Rune Ear Burrower—This card continues to gain +1/+1 from troops in some situations.
  • Fissuresmith—Fissuresmith “comes into play” for each attacking troop. This creates a problem that, if there are inspiring troops on the board, then Fissuresmith will be inspired for every creature that attacks. We are banning it for this tournament.
  • Agent of M.O.L.E—Drawing his booby traps can cause you to skip your first main phase. While other cards do this as well, this one can cause your opponent to lose their main phase.
  • Tectonic Break—This card is so earth shattering that it breaks the game.
Exploitive Behavior

There are a few cards that players can exploit on purpose. If a player does so with any of these cards and their opponent provides evidence of it, the offending player will lose the match and forfeit the tournament.

  • Flak Scrapper—The artifact sacrifice stage happens during resolution, allowing players to target an artifact for resolution, then sacrifice the artifact for a second effect while still allowing Flak Scrapper to resolve. Example, A player may use Flak Scrapper, target an Immortal Tears, sacrifice the Tears to get a shard, then still have the Scrapper do two damage.  This exploitation is prohibited. If you use an artifact for Flak Scrapper, you cannot choose to sacrifice it for anything else.
  • Shoggoth—Shoggoth can counter cards while in play and also remain in play. Shoggoth’s ability is meant to only be used in your hand. Using Shoggoth’s ability while it is in play will result in removal from the tournament. Additionally, Shoggoth cannot counter troops when it is in your hand, so play it at your own risk.


Conditional Ban
  • Robots and Giles—If you use Giles on a variety of robots, it also gives dwarves or other races/classes the +1 attack. As such, robots are legal in all non-Giles decks. If you play Giles, you cannot play robots.
  • Monsuun and Royal Falconer—If Royal Falconer goes to zero health permanently with a decoy counter on it, Monsuun will spawn the Falconer, create two Falcons, and those Falcons will maintain the attack of the Falconer in the graveyard. Given the nature of such BR decks, the impossibility of maintaining the board state, and the exploitative possibilities, Monsuun and Royal Falconer cannot be in the same decklist.
Cards with Known Issues

Cards in this category are bugged in a way that undermines how CZE intends for them to interact. We determined their bugged effect to either penalize the player using them or minimal enough to warrant a warning, but not an outright ban. A bug with these cards will not result in replaying a game or match:

  • All cards with triggers—Some of these trigger cards can cause you to skip your next main phase.  This includes Briarpatch, Keeper of the Wounded Petal, The Killipede, and others.
  • Augmentation Bot—Buffs are removed when it leaves play.
  • Azurefate Sorceress—Created troops may immediately die when inspired by her. Details
  • Briarpatch—The card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Callous Awakener—Does not trigger inspire on the troop it takes and loses charges when its owner disconnects.
  • Construction Plans: Tower Hulk—In some interactions you cannot use it to exhaust troops in response. Additionally, when changing zones, it can lose its buffs.
  • Eternal Drifter—Inconsistent on threshold requirements; also, attempting to use the power on this troop can fail and immediately skip the phase you are in (Main or Second).
  • Feral Domination—Certain troops, such as Rune Ear Commander and Dangerous Beast, do not appear to trigger it. This may be intended as these troops enter play with less than 5 attack/defense.
  • Guardian Angel—The card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Keeper of the Wounded Petal—This card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Kismet’s Reverie—Playing this card while your opponent has a fissuresmith in their deck can allow them to create multiple inspire triggers.
  • Mentors—Replicated mentors will transform into non-usable abilities.
  • Parallel Evolution—It can make PVE troops, many are not quite programmed to work fully yet.
  • Sight of the Sun—In some cases, you cannot exhaust Sight in response to an item on the chain.
  • SPAM Bot—loses self buffs when it leaves play/is transformed.
  • Swiftstrike—There is a report that sometimes swiftstrike troops will cause a person to skip their own second main phase. This behavior is inconsistent, but beware that it may be an issue if you have swiftstrike troop.
  • Tectonic Megahulk—Sometimes, when its tunneling number is reduced and it has the proper number of counters, it will not surface until the next turn.
  • Tetzot, Son of Omoc—The rock elemental immediately dies if inspired by an Azurefate Sorceress.
  • The Killipede—The Killipede dealing damage to an opponent can cause you to skip your second main phase.

Frequently Asked Questions


Rise of the Dead Prince


Who is the sponsor for this tournament?

A friend of the author and Hex player (Starcry) has wanted to both give a gift to his friend, Brian A. Hurd, and help support the Hex community. Brian’s new book, Rise of the Dead Prince, is the official sponsor for the tournament. You can help support the author and also show the power of the Hex community in rewarding those who help grow our community by considering picking up his book here.

You can sponsor Cups? How do I get in on that action?

Season one is fully sponsored at this point, but we will announce season 2 sponsorship packages in a few months. Keep an eye on this page.

I would rather help you all run the event than play, is there any chance you are looking for a few extra hands to help run things?

Absolutely. We would like for people to play if they would prefer doing that, but we also realize that even with the four of us last time, it would be easier to run things with a couple extra hands on deck. Primarily, at this point, we are interested in getting people to help us run judging. We think there will be fewer decisions this time around, but we want to make sure those casting the matches are not also embroiled in judging decisions. We may also be willing to enlist a few additional people to help shoutcast matches, but space for that is limited at the moment. If you want to help judge or have other ways you are interested in contributing, please do email us at We will have a formal call for judges up within the next week.

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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  1. what about standings after 2nd cup? update here please

    • Hi Fabriazp,

      We publicly posted the calendar a few months ago to make it a consistent week and time for every month. WeE recognize that the date will be bad for some individuals this month, but there are five cups to play in just in case you can’t make one of them.

  2. Ruby Cup on Valentine’s Day? I wouldn’t expect this tournament to set new records… 🙁

    • Hi Asta,

      We expect turnout to be still relatively decent as while people do celebrate the holiday, they can decide if the Ruby Cup is right for them. I certainly will be negotiating with my spouse for time on the weekend.

      Of course, if turnout is lower than the past, it makes this one of the best cup tournaments to enter in terms of both prizes and points.

  3. On Valentines Day? There has to be another weekend for this or even postponed. It is either going to be a very low turnout or everyone involved will suddenly be single. Singles Cup….

  4. Greetings FMC!

    We have been aware of the date well before we publicly posted it two months ago and do not have plans to postpone the tournament. Perhaps you are right, but it would make it quite the good investment in time (in terms of prizes and points) if the turnout is low. Those in relationships can decide if the Ruby Cup is right for them; I have negotiated with my spouse for the time to host it. At least the color of the cup is appropriate for the day and perhaps you can bring home the Ruby Cup for your significant other.

  5. I assume the top 8 date is a typo?

  6. I registered but got called in by work to do a extra shift i can’t decline please drop me i ragequit

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