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Ruby Cup, Season 2, Top 8 – Sponsored by Tecnophi

top 8 ruby cupRevolution

Tetzot, Son of Omoc


12x Sapphire Shard
9x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Innovation

4x Time Ripple
3x Crackling Bolt
2x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
4x Buccaneer
3x Cerulean Mentalist
4x Countermagic
4x Eldritch Dreamer – draw
4x Azurefate Sorceress – Speed/damage
3x Reese the Crustcrawler
2x Subterranean Spy
2x Zeedu


3x Total Meltdown
4x Heatwave
1x Chaos Key
1x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
3x Fissuresmith
3x Burn


Bertram Cragraven

1x Shard of innovation
9x Ruby Shard
9x Sapphire Shard
4x charge bot
2x construction plans war hulk
4x pterobot
1x gorefeast
4x war machinist
4x gearsmith
4x hornet bot
4x electrode
2x hex geode
2x mimeobot
2x tectonic megahulk
4x construction foreman
1x reese the crustcrawler
2x Time Ripple
1x Contruction Plan : Ingenuity engine


1x Total Mealtdown
2x Boulder Toss
4x Verdict of the ancient King
1x Te’Talca orc gladiator
3x Burn
1x Vulcannon
1x Plan C
2x Contruction Plan: Crank Rocket



Bertram Cragraven

20x sapphire shard
4x crackling vortex

4x cerulean mirror knight
4x storm cloud
3x peek
3x verdict
4x countermagic
4x buccaneer
4x eldritch dreamer (major sapphire of mind)
4x reese
4x mastery of time
2x menacing gralk


4x sappers charge
4x time ripple
2x argus
2x chaos key
2x ancestor’s chosen
1x verdict


Poca, The Conflagrater

10 sapphire shard
10 ruby shard
4 shard of inovation
4 cerulean mirror knight
2 time ripple
4 crackling bolt
4 storm cloud
4 buccaneer
3 lord alexander
4 cerulean mentalist
2 countermagic
2 gorefeast of kog’tepetl
3 royal falconer
2 reese the crustcrawler
2 heroic outlaw ( Speed, damage equal to power on entry)


4 burn
2 verdict of ancient kings
1 countermagic
4 agent of M.O.L.E
1 gorefeast of kog’tepetl
3 menacing gralk



10x Diamond Shard
10x Blood Shard
4x Shard of Retribution
1x Shards of Fate

4x Living Totem
4x Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Brutality)
4x Vampire King
4x Angel of Dawn
1x Uruunaz

2x Repel
4x Murder
3x Solitary Exile
4x Extinction
3x Soul Marble
2x Pact of Pain


2x Life Siphon
2x Repel
1x Soul Marble
3x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar
4x Meek
3x Cerebral Domination


Bertram Cragraven

19 Sapphire Shards
4 Crackling Vortex

4 Storm Cloud
4 Cerulean Mirror Knight
4 Peek
4 Eldritch Dreamer (card draw)
4 Countermagic
4 Mastery of Time
2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
3 Menacing Gralk
4 Buccaneer
4 Reese, the Crustcrawler


2 Sapper’s Charge
3 Thunderbird
1 Menacing Gralk
2 Splinter of Azathoth
4 The Ancestors’ Chosen
2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
1 Zodiac Divination



4x Living Totem
2x Hopeheart Unicorn
4x Angel of Dawn
3x Xentoth’s Inquisitor
4x Vampire King
1x Uruunaz
2x Meek
2x Repel
2x Solitary Exile
4x Soul Marble
4x Murder
4x Extinction

4x Shards of Fate
4x Shard of Retribution
8x Diamond Shard
8x Blood Shard


2x Hopeheart Unicorn
2x Meek
2x Repel
2x Solitary Exile
4x Cerebral Domination
3x Drowned Shrine of Ulthar


One Eye Open

x 7 Sapphire Shard
x 6 Diamond Shard
x 5 Wild Shard
x 2 Shard of Life
x 2 Shard of Instinct
x 2 Shard of Purpose

x 3 Cerulean Mirror Knight
x 4 Lord Benjamin the Wise
x 4 Queen Grace
x 4 Buccaneer
x 4 Sight of the Sun
x 3 Town Crier
x 4 Azurefate Sorceress [x 4 Minor conservation /x 4 Major Subterfuge]
x 4 Hero of Adamanth
x 2 King Gabriel
x 2 Time Ripple
x 2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings


x 3 Princess Victoria
x 1 Cerulean Mirror Knight
x 2 Verdict of the Ancient Kings
x 3 Solitary Exile
x 3 Hopeheart Unicorn
x 3 Frost Wizard

Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

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