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Rock League Season 6 Primer

This Monday, today, the sixth season of the Rock League starts. Normally I write a wrap-up shortly after the end of a season, but decided it might be more useful for new people if I write an primer for each new season, going over the best decks from last season. The fifth season was the first season to include cards from Armies of Myth, which shook up the meta quite a bit.

For those who don’t know anything about the Rock League, a quick explanation: The rock format is a constructed format where players build a 60 card deck (and 15 card reserve) that may only consist of commons and a maximum of four uncommons. This restriction makes the format extremely budget-friendly and also opens up new and different strategies than the standard constructed format. The league is played over the course of four weeks in which players can play anyone (without the need for pairing or waiting for opponents) to accumulate points. If you have not signed up yet, make sure you visit

As always, I asked all players who were finishing high in the rankings to share one of their decks with any insight they wanted to give. The winner of the previous season was LordSimplet and he played one of the archetypes that stayed strong throughout the entire season; Ruby Sapphire Dwarfs / Robots. The deck performed really well, but did have some trouble with decks that heavily used flying troops, which ultimately cost him one of the games. The only addition from Armies of Myth is Rootforged Regilia. The reserves include some cards to handle Bunoshi-decks, which were very popular this season. Note that an important addition was also Vandalize in the reserves. This is a key card in the mirror-match, which you most likely will encounter when playing this deck.

LordSimplet Dwarf / Robot

Champion: Bertram Cragraven

Troops (24)

4x Construct Foreman
4x Charge Bot
4x Electroid
4x Gear Smith
4x Reactor Bot
4x Pterobot

Actions  (7)

3x Burn
4x Crackling Bolt

 Artifacts (9)

3x Construction Plans: War Hulk
4x Construction Plans: Hornet Bot
2x Rootforged Regalia

Resources (20)

10x Sapphire Shard
10x Ruby Shard

Reserves (15)

3x Bombsmith
3x Lunge
2x Time Ripple
4x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
3x Vandalize

If you are more the person who likes to smash face, Smradd’s Wild deck might be more for you though. The deck is all about ramping out the first and second turn and then putting big fatties into play. Because of the nature of the format, huge threats are often hard to deal with and can take over the game very quickly. Besides that a full playset of Wild Aura will ensure that your fatties will not be blocked by pesky rabbits or spirits.

Smradd’s Mono Wild Mightsinger

Champion: Mightsinger Alyndra

Troops (26)

4x Howling Brave
4x Lithe Lyricist
4x Vine Trap
3x Honeycap
4x Wreckasaurus
4x Grove Whisperer
3x Spirit Oracle

 Actions  (10)

4x Survival of the Fittest
4x Wild Aura
2x Predatory Prey

Resources (24)

24x Wild Shard

Reserves (15)

4x Nature Reigns
4x Glimmerglen Witch
2x Hempseed Dryad
2x Predatory Prey
3x Thorntongue Snapdragon

One of the great things about the Rock League is that you are not stuck to a single deck. It’s often fun to try out different decks during the league, just like Victory did. One of the decks he tried is below. The deck is a Blood Diamond Control deck, that is build around the Paladin of Necropolis. According to Victory the deck often stays back and just wins with its insane amount of lifedrain and leech-effects. If they manage to kill one of your Paladins, there are five actions to bring him back from the crypt.

Victory’s Gozzog Lifedrain

Champion: Gozzog

Troops (21)

4x Adamanthian Scrivener
2x Gemsoul Feeder
4x Giant Mosquito
4x Paladin of the Necropolis
4x Spearcliff Pegasus
3x Wailing Banshee

 Arifacts (1)

1x Ivory Pawn

 Actions  (14)

2x Augmented Awakening
2x Call the Grave
4x Crackling Rot
2x Inner Conflict
3x Repel
1x Sudden Awakening

Resources (23)

12x Blood Shard
12x Diamond Shard

Reserves (15)

3x Deadeye Slicer
2x Call the Grave
4x Kill
3x Giant Corpse Fly
3x Shadowblade Assasin

I hope the above decks will inspire you and give you a starting point if you are new. The changes to the health of all champions should shake up the meta a bit and I am very excited to see how it turns out. Thanks to all players who made season five of the Rock League another huge success. I would also like to thank everyone who donated prizes for the prize pool.

Good luck everyone with season six!

Kroan is known for his many projects in the community, like the Hex Promos, the Hex Price, and the popular Hex Rock League. He also tries his hand at being a competitive player when he can, making appearances in several Top 8's. His daytime job is mobile developer, which is partly the reason he tinkers on so many projects.

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