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Rock League Season 3

Over four weeks more than one hundred players competed in the third season of the Rock League. Because of the addition of Shattered Destiny the meta was diverse as never before and a wide variety of decks and strategies were played. Personally I think the latest season was the most fun season to play in and a true testament to the deckbuilding skills of the various players.

For those who don’t know anything about the Rock League, a quick explanation: the rock format is a constructed format where players build a 60 card deck that may only consist of commons and up to four uncommons. This restriction makes the format extremely budget friendly and also opens up new and different strategies than the standard constructed format. The league is played of a course of four weeks in which players can play anyone (without the need of pairing or waiting for opponents) to accumulate points.

Just like last time, I want to dive into some of the decks that were played by players who ended up in the Top 10 (or were close to end up there). So let’s dive right in with a deck by Cernz, who placed first in the league.

Blood Ruby Charge

Champion: Zared
Player: Cernz (1st place)

Troops (24)

4x Arena Regular
4x Charge Bot
4x Charge Hulk
4x Construct Foreman
4x Reactor Bot
4x Tormented Ritualist

Resources (24)

12x Ruby Shard
12x Blood Shard

Actions (8)

4x Crackling Bolt
4x Crackling Rot

Artifacts (4)
4x Pulse Reactor

An important focus of Shattered Destiny was the charge ability. A lot of cards revolve around this powerful mechanic, especially common and uncommon cards. This makes it not strange to see a deck focused around this perform well. Blood and Ruby have the most powerful spells of the “crackling” cycle, giving access to free charges while removing threats. Pulse Reactor may seem like an odd choice for the uncommon slot, but I can say from personal experience that this card can get out of hand very quickly in a deck that manages to generate a lot of charges. It’s still a risk, being a sub-optimal late game draw, but dropping it on turn one indicates often a very hard game for your opponent. Besides that it’s also another target for the Construct Foreman.

Wild Sapphire Charge

Champion: Warmaster Fuzzuko
Player: SirLuxor (3rd place)

Troops (24)

4x Charge Bot
4x Charge Hulk
4x Inductocopter Bot
4x Moon’ariu Sensei
4x Spirit Oracle
4x Reactor Bot

Resources (24)

10x Sapphire Shard
14x Wild Shard

Actions (12)

4x Countermagic
4x Crackling Wit
4x Oracle Song

Another take on the charge mechanic is the deck by SirLuxor. It’s less aggressive than the blood ruby build, and focuses more on the end game with a powerful “combo” between Inductocopter and Spirit Oracle. Sapphire gives us also access to Countermagic, which is very powerful in the rock format—often enough to win the game. Notice that SirLuxor does not play the Crackling Sprout, which might be worth consideration.

Ruby Sapphire Dwarves

Champion: Bertram Cragraven
Player: Shrin (7th place)

Troops (26)

4x Charge Bot
4x Construct Foreman
4x Electroid
4x Gearsmith
4x Pterobot
4x Reactor Bot
2x Scrap Welder

Resources (22)

11x Sapphire Shard
11x Ruby Shard

Actions (4)

4x Crackling Bolt

Artifacts (8)

4x Construction Plans: Hornet Bot
4x Construction Plans: War Hulk

One of the most powerful decks to come out of Season 2 was the dwarf deck; Shrin proves that this deck is still a powerful archetype to take into account. With the additions of cards like Construct Foreman and Electroid, the deck becomes a much more aggressive build than its Volcannon-based build in the previous season. The deck runs a very low amount of resources—maybe even too few—but it can practically run effectively on two or three resources.

The full list of the top 32 players is posted below. I encourage anyone who played to post their decks in the comments or on the offical forums! I received many more interesting decks by players, so make sure you share those!

1. Cernz
2. SaDolution
3. SirLuxor
4. Kaldheim
5. Khendral
5. Yoda
7. Shrin
8. Yewstance
9. pjvedder
10. Teddyclaw
11. Jasarie
12. Reim
13. Equitis
14. Fensale
15. Cephied
16. Optimus
17. Rhodry
18. excuisitor
19. LiquidFlame
20. CodexReaper
21. Jensling
21. Caruso
23. GaiusMarcus
24. Awrien
24. Kyir
26. Valnir
27. Exgo
28. Pennslyvania
29. Piecetinker
31. Galandriel
31. taveren

Season 4 will start most likely in the first week of April, depending partially on the release of the Frost Arena (announced to be in March). I don’t want the rock season to be too close to the arena, so there will be at least a week between the release of the arena and the start of the season. The arena will bring new uncommon cards (there are no common cards yet in PvE) and I would like to have them be included in the Rock League, but that all depends on the ability to play them in the sparring queue and/or proving grounds.

In closing I would like to thank everyone who donated prizes to this event. Having prizes to give out makes this an incredible event for new players to get in the game, so I’m very grateful for the donations!

Thanks everyone for playing and see you next season!

Kroan is known for his many projects in the community, like the Hex Promos, the Hex Price, and the popular Hex Rock League. He also tries his hand at being a competitive player when he can, making appearances in several Top 8's. His daytime job is mobile developer, which is partly the reason he tinkers on so many projects.

4 Comments on Rock League Season 3

  1. pulse reactor won me lots of games <3

  2. Thank you for your job Kroan!

  3. Well, I played a different deck each week, but these were my most effective (went 2-1):
    Champion: Fuzzuko

    Shards (20):
    8x Blood Shard
    12x Wild Shard

    Troops (36):
    2x Bucktooth Commander
    4x Cottontail Ronin
    4x Moon’ariu Sensei
    4x Grave Nibbler
    4x Killblade of the Milky Eye
    4x Tormented Ritualist
    4x Wretched Wrangler
    4x Blossoming Concubunny
    2x Bucktooth Bannerbunny
    2x Keeper of the Wounded Petal
    2x Rune Ear Burrower

    Actions (4):
    2x Evolve
    2x Feeding the Young Ones

    “2Pally Rocks”
    Champion: Gozzog

    Shards (22):
    12x Diamond Shard
    10x Blood Shard

    Troops (26):
    2x Paladin of the Necropolis
    2x Righteous Paladin
    2x Neophyte of Xarlox
    4x Blood Bearer
    4x Adamantian Scrivener
    4x Spearcliff Pegasus
    4x Prophet of Wren
    4x Chimera Guard Officer

    Artifacts (4):
    4x Ivory Pawn

    Actions (8):
    4x Crackling Rot
    2x Terrible Transfer
    2x Blood Aura

  4. I also played many different decks throughout the month. The most successful was my human flight deck that went 4-1.


    24 resources
    14x diamond
    10x sapphire

    26 troops
    4x phoenix guard messenger
    4x kraken guard seapriest
    4x buccaneer
    4x vanguard of cereulia
    4x phoenix guard enforcer
    2x noble citizenry
    2x royal diplomat (swiftstrike flight)
    2x bastion of adamanth

    1 constant
    1x air superiority

    9 actions
    2x preservation
    2x inner conflict
    2x repel
    2x time ripple
    1x exalted victory

    Thank you for hosting Kroan, looking forward to next season!

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