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Qualifier Champion Interview Week 9: Jadiimjedi

Today we are having the ninth IQ winner with us: Jadiimjedi! Let’s find out his thoughts on his recent win.


Garuda – Congratulations on winning the IQ! You are now the ninth champion to win 100 packs, a rare sleeve and a trip as a qualifier for the 100k Invitational tournament, how are you feeling about this?

Jadiimjedi – It was awesome to win it all. The community has been super supportive and it feels good every time someone sends their congrats to me. I’m really happy to win after getting so close before (2nd in IQ #2, and 9th in one of the Constructed IQ’s).

G – Can you tell me about yourself and were you are from?

JJ – My name is Jason Barnett and I am from the Dayton Ohio USA area. I am the leader of the Dragonborn guild and have played trading card games since 1996.

G – Can you tell me more about the Hex TCG scene in the USA ?

JJ – I only playtest with my other guild members. We are spread all over the globe. Most of us are in the US or Europe, but we do have a few people in Australia/New Zealand as well.

G – During the sealed part of the IQ, can you tell me more about the cards that you opened and what deck you ended up building ?

JJ – I opened a pretty insane RD pool. I had aggression, removal, evasion, card advantage, and bombs. When I opened the pool I was confident in my ability to make top 8 with it. Here’s the list:

G – During the top 8 draft, can you tell me what you drafted ?

JJ – I drafted RW Elf Ramp. My deck was insanely open and I was paid off in packs 2 and 3. I think I made a deck building mistake and should have played the Stargazer instead of the Snarlbrute. At the time I thought I needed more top end for my ramp, but I forgot I switched from Cressida to Mightsinger Alyndra style RW mid draft.


G – What are your thoughts on the current meta of the game and the different archetypes ?

JJ – Limited: RD, RW, BD are the top tier archetypes. Each of these pairings can actually be good with several different champions it just depends on your pool. It is possible to win with other pairings if your cards dictate it, but I strongly prefer one of those 3 in sealed.
Constructed: Mono Blood, WS Winter Moon control, RS Tetzot, and RW Cressida are the main players in roughly that order. There are a few other decks that show up from time to time as well in top 8’s.

G – What was the hardest match that you have faced during the IQ?

JJ – Hardest match was round 8 of the swiss. Yasi had an insane RD deck, even better than mine because he had Houndmaster of Ardevaas along with a lot of other goodies. I lost to him in that final round, but because he was undefeated, my tiebreakers were really good and I made top 8 anyway. I then also faced Yasi in the draft finals and I got my revenge on him there.

G – Do you have advice for players looking to get qualified in the next constructed or sealed IQ tournament?

JJ – This Sealed format is pretty fast. Plan to play first, play aggressively unless your pool is unusual with a LOT of cheap removal at 1-2 cost and some 2 for 1 troops like Boomsmith etc. Cards like Taint and Scorch should usually be main deck

G – Can fellow Hexers find you playing somewhere?

JJ – I am a frequent contributor to the 2 Turns Ahead podcast. I am a Shoutcaster for the Fiveshards cup tournament series. I also write for this site from time to time. Other than that I hang out in Twitch a good amount because I like watching our many awesome Hex streamers.


Thank you Jason and congrats on your win once again!

Passionate, loud and long time prolific competitive player, Garuda focuses primarily on limited. He's been working for over 11 years in the video game industry and has a passion for B rated movies. Member of Clan Blackblade.

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