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Qualifier Champion Interview Week 5: Cyriius

We are back with another IQ champion interview.

The winner of last week’s IQ is Cyriius. I had the chance to ask him a few questions on his performance


Garuda – Congratulation on winning the IQ. You are now the fifth champion to win 100 packs, a rare sleeve and a trip as a qualifier for the 100k Invitational tournament, how are you feeling about this?

Cyriius – I’m feeling super happy about it! Was a long day especially after that bloody Friday/Saturday night but finally after some failure in other games, the frustration is gone. At the end of the tournament, I ended up jumping, dancing around like a freak, happy about this achievement!

G – Can you tell me about yourself and were you are from?

C – I’m Cyril (Cyriius) Pitalot, 27, went back to University in order to get a Master Degree in Multilingual Communication. I’m from France, passionate about video games (TCG especially) and about North America since I did my semester in the US during my Bachelor degree.

I was a decent MTG player and Duel of Champions player at a time and decided recently to focus on HEX rather than keep on playing multiple games.

G – Can you tell me more about the Hex TCG scene in France ?

C -There are a few french player around such as Henip and Ropette that are well involved with a community website called regrouping different TCG and showing to the community those hidden treasures! So do not hesitate and check it out!

I mainly play test with them and Tinhead.

G – During the sealed part of the IQ, can you tell me more about the cards that you open and what deck you ended up building ?

C – When I opened my sealed I was quite happy even if I had no real bomb, the synergies were in fact strong. I was sure about playing Diamond and had the choice to either go Ruby for strong removals + Army of Myth or go Anana with Necrophet and Noxious Glory.

Since I’m a super fan of Anana in limited I will go in detail in the draft. So about my pool I had ended up with a strong 21 cards with 2 sub-optimal main deck cards but that are okay. Diamond was trully the strongest with 2 Spiritbound Spy, 1 Ethereal Caller, 1 Spirit Eagle, 1 Pride’s Fall ,1 Deathless Guardian, 1 Chimera Guard Fallen.

I had a great curve and with a good number of removal, Pride’s fall, Parriphagy, Noxious Glory and Merciless Culler combined with Warlock of Aettir + Sudden Awakening/Abominate and I had the choice to go for Ruby instead of Blood with Army of Myth, Pyresoul Summoner, double Skewer (for the most important cards in ruby). That was a tough call but Anana seems to be more rewarding when playing great and tend to make opponent play poorly due to loads of interactions.
The 2 cards that I felt sub-optimal were Stinging Ambush but since one of the toughest match up of Anana is spiders, it could have been good and Sun Seer which was just filling the curve.
G – During the top 8 draft, can you tell me what you drafted ?
C – I usually force Anana quite heavily during draft since in my opinion it’s by far the best archetype regarding common. My first pick was Spirit Eagle and went only with Diamond picks until pick 6/7 if I remember well where I picked a Deathmask Assailant and then picked a Warlock of Aettir. The next one I was still open to diamond Ruby as well as Anana.
Pack 3 was decisive since I first picked Angel of Judgement and second pick Angel of Judgment which rewarded the Anana choice that I forced despite the low amount of Blood in pack one.

G – What are your thoughts on the current meta of the game and the different archetypes ?

C -Regarding constructed, I still think the format is healthy despite a huge amount of Ruby Wild (I’m talking about the meta pre damage socket/Sunsoul Phoenix bug). But I’m quite frustrated by the high amount of RNG sometimes with Eye of Creation, Phenteo the Brood Priest, the two Vampires and Reese the Crustcrawler which can completely change the shape of a match but on the long term you’ll see which players are on the top consistently with a better RNG management.

In limited, Diamond is in my opinion by far the best color regarding the whole pool of cards in Set 3. But you know sometimes if you pick up many bombs in other colors there are nothing forcing you not to go for those colors.

G – There has been a lot of discussion regarding the stream sniping incident that occurred during your run. Can you explain your point of view on this subject?
C – As I already stated in the forum, I did snipe during game 2 during a tough call which cost me the game actually. I think the debate is clearly big around that. There are arguments on both sides : live streaming, fair play, sniping itself.
As Ne0 also said in the threads regarding that issue it’s surely not the best move I could have done but it didn’t change the result after all.
I got submerged by emotion in order to win as much as possible (high stakes and within a kinda chaotic context in my country the previous evening). I apologized to Ne0 after that.
G – Do you have advice for players looking to get qualified in the next constructed or sealed IQ tournament?
C – For constructed be prepared against the meta decks mainly rather than only knowing your deck and especially prepare the mirror if you play meta deck yourself. In Sealed don’t focus too much on the bombs but mainly on commons and try to find the best combination to have a really consistent deck able to punish your opponent mistakes and/or bad draws or borderline keeper [hands].
G – Can fellow Hexxers find you playing somewhere? (e.g. if you have a twitch, if you post often on forums or something)
C – At the moment, my computer isn’t performing enough to stream back as I was doing on twitch and for my previous Esports team Millenium. But maybe in some times you’ll be able to see me again. At the moment, I’d recommend you to watch Momcards even if it’s a French community you can interact with them in English there will be no problem. I also recommend watching other player such as Ne0, Havoc, Alucard and you’ll surely learn a lot with them as well. Quick message for my French fellows keep it up ! We’ll overcome that 🙂
Merci Cyriius et je te souhaite la meilleure chance au tournoi en Californie!

Passionate, loud and long time prolific competitive player, Garuda focuses primarily on limited. He's been working for over 11 years in the video game industry and has a passion for B rated movies. Member of Clan Blackblade.

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