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Qualifier Champion Interview Week 2: Djinni

Hello everyone. I am back with another IQ Champion interview.

The winner of this week’s Invitational Qualifier is Djinni. I got in contact with him and asked him a few questions regarding his win.




Garuda – Congratulation on winning the IQ. You are now the second champion to win 100 packs, a rare sleeve and a trip as a qualifier for the 100k Invitational tournament; how are you feeling about this?

Djinni – I was were happy about that of course 🙂 Also I felt totally exhausted (like being targeted with Inсubation Webs), tournament finished at 5. a.m. local time. I must admit, I had a feeling I’m going to win this one even before start. It’s safe to say that right mood is a half of the success.

G – Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

D – My name is Djinni, I am 21. I live in Moscow, the capital of Russia. I am studying to be a teacher and i like TCGs, working out and hangout with my friends.

G – Can you tell me more about the Hex TCG scene in Russia ?

D – We have basically everything. Site proven to be not very popular but many Russian players are using VKontakte (social media much like Facebook). We post ideas, share screenshots and discuss anything HEX related there. I personally feel like cool website might be very good to growing muscles for RU HEX. We also got a group of veteran TCG players, that play HEX now and enjoy it. That’s my HEX-mates.

G – How did you prepare for the IQ tournament and how will you prepare for the 100k tournament?

D – I was playing tons of Sealed lately. It’s proven to be helpful to get some experience for anything you do, so that’s what you should aim for in TCGs and HEX as well. Regarding the 100k tournament, I’m not sure yet. I’m totally going for training tournaments. I will test decks when there will be 100% info about Set 4 release date. It also might involve some secret Russian train techniques (hangover for me and HEX-mates is guaranteed.)

G – During the sealed part of the IQ, can you tell me more about the cards that you opened  and what deck you ended up building ?

D – I should totally mention my bomb rares that defined my deck: Cerberus (he’s a legendary, no doubt), Periwinkle. Some nice uncommons. Basically I had ~10 5+ drops, some removals and combat tricks and resource generation. Other shards wasn’t so great so I went for solid RW deck. One of advantages it gives is about rhythm. If you catch it, learn some basic plays and counter plays it won’t be hard to maintain attention even for 9 hour tournament. You can’t say RW is simple, but it rewards you with easier piloting if you’re familiar with archetype. It’s also my favorite limited archetype.

G – During the top 8 draft, can you tell me what you drafted ?

D – Funny thing, I got Cerberus p1p1 in TOP 8 draft. From there I had two common pathways to go; RW and RD. I went for RW being loyal to it all the way. As you can see, it rewarded me at the end. There wasn’t a lot of signals in draft. Thought I had to pass Walking Calamity ~p7 (taking Lithe Lyricist). Also I had Vampire Princess in pack 3, but there was Rotroot Enchanter, one of the best Wild commons in Set 3.

G – What was the hardest match that you have faced during the IQ?

D – They all were pretty same in the terms of difficulty. Round 7, my first meeting with JadiimJedi should be the one, probably. I couldn’t maintain game tempo, since HEX was in total denial for my top decks and JJ stomped me there. That also was the only round I lost.

G – What was your biggest play during the top 8?

D – I can even show you one in attached screenshot. I had really good luck with top decks few times: Smash To The Ground for easy Cerberus fatal, Scorch vs t1 Quash Ridge Tusker. Also not drawing none of Spiderling Egg in one of the final games. That wasn’t the only thing I did for win of course, but those lucky shots were able to secure me pretty fast wins. I believe I might’ve had a hard time without them, since anyone in TOP 8 of IQ is a good player, no doubts.


G – Do you have advice for players looking to get qualified in the next constructed or sealed IQ tournament?

D – Play HEX. Play a lot and train. I’m going to play SW in next constructed IQ probably. Looks good but needs to be tested. Also punishing you hard for mistakes.

G – Can fellow Hexxers find you playing somewhere?

D – I would really like to stream games or post some cool articles or whatever goes for this awesome game and community. Sadly, my English is between zero and absolute zero. Once I’ve been almost banned for trying to communicate with my opponent in Shard Cups. I was so misleading with my English skills that it took 3 restart attempts for that match (cwl) In fact I’m doing this Q&A with help of my HEX-mates.

G – Thank you Djinni and best of luck in the 100k Tournament!

Passionate, loud and long time prolific competitive player, Garuda focuses primarily on limited. He's been working for over 11 years in the video game industry and has a passion for B rated movies. Member of Clan Blackblade.

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  1. Good to see I was even more dead that game than I thought. Cerberus is a heck of a card, but I probably would have lost regardless. Congrats Djinni.

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