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PvE Guide: Human Warrior 101

Hope everyone is enjoying PvE so far—I know that I certainly am! Between picking a class/race combo, figuring out what cards you will add to your deck, and deciding where to spend your talents; there can be some intimidating decisions for newer players. Today we’ll be seeing if we can help get you pointed in the right direction with the human warrior.

Standard warrior charge power: 5 charges: Deal 2 damage to target opposing champion OR troop. If it is a troop, it deals damage equal to its attack to you.

Human Warrior Pros & Cons:

+25 starting health
+Initial access to three different shards
+Access to 3 rare slots at higher levels
+5% XP bonus (or 3% gold bonus at max level)
+Inspiring Strike is bonkers
+Ends games early
Ultimately there are two things that make the human warrior powerful. Access to an extra rare is pretty snazzy and can definitely help your deck pack some extra punch. However, the bread and butter of the human warrior lies with Inspiring Strike which makes it so when you battle the opposing champion you will also give all of your troops +1 / +1 for the turn. This really allows you to put in quite the beating!
-Innate starting hand size of 6
-Access to only 2 uncommon slots
-Not very Action-oriented
The warrior does exactly what you expect it to: it beats face! While this is pretty great, it does mean that if you don’t care a whole lot about having a bunch of troops on the board then this might not be the ideal option for you. Additionally if there are bosses or encounters that are exceptional at keeping your troops off the table then you could be in trouble. Luckily, you can tailor your deck to overcome those obstacles when they occur.

Deckbuilding & Starting Talents:

(since you can’t alter your deck prior to level 2 that is where we will start)

Human Affiliation

Level 2 Talents:
-Fury (free): -7 starting health, you begin the game with two charges
-Affinity: Warriors (1pt): When you play a warrior, gain a charge. This talent is amazing and will allow you to crank out a ridiculous amount of damage very quickly!

Human Warrior (Diamond/Ruby Aggro)
Troops (30)

3x Arena Regular
3x Brightmoon Brave
2x Chimera Guard Fallen
2x Chimera Guard Outrider
1x Deathless Guardian
3x Gem-Crazed Berserker (Minor Ruby of Flames)
1x Highlands Shinobi
1x His Majesty, King Gabriel
2x Lightning Elemental
1x Protectorate Defender (Major Diamond of Solidarity)
1x Quash Ridge Tusker
3x Ruby Pyromancer
3x Shield Trainer
1x Spearcliff Cloud Knight
3x Vanguard of Gawaine

Actions (6)

3x Burn
3x Crackling Bolt

Resources (24)

11x Diamond Shard
9x Ruby Shard
4x Shard of Conquest


Head: Gladiator Helm
Trinket: None
Chest: None
Gloves: None
Boots: Brightmoon Boots
Weapon: Electric Flail

Arena Regular: We will be gaining charges rapidly from our Affinity: Warriors, and Arena Regular will be translating that directly into damage being dealt to the opponent. Additionally, we will be using the Gladiator Helm equipment which will deal an extra two damage to the opponent any time we activate our charge power. Whether we target a troop or champion with our charge power they are garunteed to be taking damage.

Talent progression:

Lvl 2:
-Affinity: Warriors

Lvl 3:
-Affinity: Warriors
-Warlord: Agility

Lvl 4:
-Affinity: Warriors

Lvl 5:
-Affinity: Warriors
-Warlord: Agility

PvE cards to seek out:

2x Ardent Recruiter: Once you have this in your deck you can probably safely cut a shard and lean more on overwhelming the enemy early on.
2x Form Ranks: Although not overwhelmingly powerful it does fit well with our overall gameplan, particularly since it costs only 1 resource and is also a quick action!

Finally I’d like to make a couple points. The goal of this deck is to get you through the initial content fairly quickly; at some point I expect the difficulty to ramp up and this deck will definitely hit a brick wall. Going tri-shard is probably highly recommended, as Royal Herald, Queensguard and War Prodigy are all warriors. At this point we would likely be cutting cards like Ruby Pyromancer and Brightmoon Brave. I could go on for a bit longer about the tri-shard deck but why don’t you all experiment and explore for the time being and wait for what I have in store for the next week or two!

Funktion became active in the Hex community very early on as one of the first people producing Youtube content. Funktion made top 8 of the July HexTCG Pro Series, and can be caught in draft queues at all hours of the night. You can find him on Twitter Twitch & Youtube

4 Comments on PvE Guide: Human Warrior 101

  1. Playing with the same Race/Class I also started D/R. I then moved into playing a mono ruby build with Sly Huntress + gloves equipment. That card and your charge power is usually GG; with any sort of decent inspire its definitely.

    Toward higher level’s I shifted into a mono-diamond build once I could get two rares in the deck. Deathless Guardian’s equipment is completely insane and trivializes almost all of Devonshire Keep up to Wiktor. I’m still having trouble with Wiktor himself, but that may get easier once I level to 8 and get the third rare.

  2. I will echo Angmar’s words on Deathless Guardian. My strat in many higher level fights depended on getting that out as quickly as possible. The other MVP for me was Protectorate Defender with the +1/+1 gem. Love seeing seeing these cards that are not largely played in pvp shining in pve.

  3. Lvl 8 ended up being night and day different than lvl 7. I’m now facerolling Devonshire with the following.

    24x Diamond Shard
    3x Brightmoon Brave
    2x Adaptatron
    3x Living Totem (Boots Equipment – All your troops get the effect this turn)
    3x Repel
    3x Pride’s Fall (Head Equipment – Can target a 3 defense troop)
    2x Soul Marble
    3x Highland Shinobi
    3x Deathless Guardian (Chest Equipment – Lol you are an unkillable god)
    3x Spearcliff Cloud Knight
    2x Chimera Guard Fallen
    3x Mystic Spiritwalker
    2x Slaughtergear’s Reaver (Weapon Equipment – +2/+2 for each slaughtergear)
    2x Angel of Dawn (Trinket Equipment – Meh, I had nothing else for this slot)
    2x Slaughtergear’s Guardian (Gloves Equipment – +1/+1 for each slaughtergear)

    Affinity Warrior – Gain a charge when you play a warrior
    Warlord: Agility – Battle costs 1 less
    Warlord: Parrying – You take no damage when battling
    Warlord: Strength – Battle deals +1 damage (important for killing Wiktor’s snake pet)
    Warlord: Concussive Strikes – When you battle a champion they discard a card (when I get to lvl 9 I plan to change this to Reinforcements)
    Training: Combat – 25% of your troops get trained

  4. I wish I could afford that deck the reavers alone are going for 3000 plat a piece. What would you sub for the Slaughtergears that might be more budget friendly?

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