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Preliminary ban list for the Diamond Cup (presented by Tecnophi)

First, Tecnophi made a quick tutorial on rules and processes for the diamond cup tournament.


The Ban List

  • Grave Nibbler—If buffed while underground, the Grave Nibbler can no longer be buffed or debuffed.
  • Rune Ear Burrower—this card continues to gain +1/+1 from troops in some situations.
Exploitive Behavior

There are a few cards that players can exploit on purpose. If a player does so with any of these cards and their opponent provides evidence of it, the offending player will lose the match and forfeit the tournament.

  • Flak Scrapper—The artifact sacrifice stage happens during resolution, allowing players to target an artifact for resolution, then sacrifice the artifact for a second effect while still allowing Flak Scrapper to resolve. Example, A player may use Flak Scrapper, target an Immortal Tears, sacrifice the Tears to get a shard, then still have the Scrapper do two damage.  This exploitation is prohibited. If you use an artifact for Flak Scrapper, you cannot choose to sacrifice it for anything else.
  • Shoggoth—Shoggoth can counter cards while in play and also remain in play. Shoggoth’s ability is meant to only be used in your hand. Using Shoggoth’s ability while it is in play will result in removal from the tournament. Additionally, Shoggoth cannot counter troops when it is in your hand, so play it at your own risk.


Conditional Ban
  • Robots and Giles—If you use Giles on a variety of robots, it also gives dwarves or other races/classes the +1 attack. As such, robots are legal in all non-Giles decks. If you play Giles, you cannot play robots.
  • Fissuresmith—Fissuresmith “comes into play” for each attacking troop. This creates a problem that, if there are inspiring troops on the board, then Fissuresmith will be inspired for every creature that attacks. Given this, and the prevalence of card cost reducing effects in Set 2, Fissuresmith has a conditional ban:
    • Fissuresmith cannot be played in the same deck as any card that has inspire effects or Jovial Pippet.
Cards with Known Issues

Cards in this category are bugged in a way that undermines how CZE intends for them to interact. We determined their bugged effect to either penalize the player using them or minimal enough to warrant a warning, but not an outright ban. A bug with these cards will not result in replaying a game or match:


  • All cards with triggers—Some of these trigger cards can cause you to skip your next main phase.  This includes Briarpatch, Keeper of the Wounded Petal, The Killipede, and others.
  • Augmentation Bot—Buffs are removed when it leaves play.
  • Azurefate Sorceress—Created troops may immediately die when inspired by her. Details
  • Briarpatch—The card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Callous Awakener—Does not trigger inspire on the troop it takes and loses charges when its owner disconnects.
  • Construction Plans: Tower Hulk—In some interactions you cannot use it to exhaust troops in response. Additionally, when changing zones, it can lose its buffs.
  • Eternal Drifter—Inconsistent on threshold requirements; also, attempting to use the power on this troop can fail and immediately skip the phase you are in (Main or Second).
  • Feral Domination—Certain troops, such as Rune Ear Commander and Dangerous Beast, do not appear to trigger it. This may be intended as these troops enter play with less than 5 attack/defense.
  • Guardian Angel—The card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Fissuresmith—Your opponent could feasibly steal an inspire card from you (i.e. Highlands Magus or a troop with reduced cost), then play a Fissuresmith hoping to trigger the multiple “enters play” bug on the inspire. You can avoid this by not attacking into a Fissuresmith.
  • Jovial Pippet—This can create set 1 cards which is fine and legal. If you examine a card, you can see the original card it transformed from to verify if your opponent has a legal or illegal set 1 card.
  • Keeper of the wounded Petal—This card’s effect can cause you to skip your first main phase.
  • Kismet’s Reverie—Playing this card while your opponent has a fissuresmith in their deck can allow them to create multiple inspire triggers.
  • Mentors—Replicated mentors will transform into non-usable abilities.
  • Parallel Evolution—It can make PVE troops, many are not quite programmed to work fully yet.
  • Sight of the Sun—In some cases, you cannot exhaust Sight in response to an item on the chain.
  • SPAM Bot—loses self buffs when it leaves play/is transformed.
  • Tectonic Megahulk—Sometimes, when its tunneling number is reduced and it has the proper number of counters, it will not surface until the next turn.
  • Tetzot, Son of Omoc—The rock elemental immediately dies if inspired by an Azurefate Sorceress.
  • The Killipede—The Killipede dealing damage to an opponent can cause you to skip your second main phase.



Michael Allen is a competitive HexTCG player, co-host of the 2 Turns Ahead podcast, and founder and moderator of the Hex Subreddit.

11 Comments on Preliminary ban list for the Diamond Cup (presented by Tecnophi)

  1. No nibbler ban? hes pretty bugged right now.


  2. Twisted Fate is bugged. When in play, it can cause you to skip your Main Phase on your turn. Reported on the Beta Bug forum.

      • Of course, some set 2 cards have the same bug – Guardian Angel, Briarpatch, Petal, etc. The worst culprit is Agent of MOLE, since it gives your opponent the bug – when they draw one of his Booby Traps, there’s a high chance they’ll be forced to skip their first main phase.

        In short, should Agent of MOLE be banned, since it has a good chance of forcing the opponent to skip their first main phase when they draw a Booby Trap, or is that acceptable (since they will still get a second main phase)?

        • If we had learned about the Agent of MOLE issue earlier, we would probably verify it and ban it. As of now, we are not going to ban it despite it having a severe playability issue; it does not lock the player out of the turn and it would be a very last minute ban.

  3. Lol, oops. Yeah. Mea culpa.

  4. So we can’t even use fissuresmith, even if he would never get inspired? 🙁

  5. So does that mean we can’t use, say, Fissuresmith and Jags in the same deck, even though Fissuresmith is too cheap to be inspired by him, and even if he were being inspired by Jags more than once doesn’t change anything?

    • There are sources of cost reduction in set 2 that can make jags cheaper and you can also make Fissuresmith more expensive. Additionally, the effect from Jags certainly does stack. So yes, you cannot use them both in the same deck.

  6. Are Mentor cards banned?

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