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Player Spotlight: We Play Games

Each of LakosPolan, Zebuli, and SaDOlution—who make up the team “We Play Games”—have officially made their mark in the competitive scene in Hex; these three dominated the Wild Cup, making it their largest achievement in Hex: Shards of Fate to date.

LakosPolan has over nine years of TCG experience. After the competitive scene died for other TCGs, LakosPolan began searching for another TCG in hopes of pursuing competitive play. That is, until he found Hex.

SaDOlution has been playing TCGs for about twelve years. His major accomplishment before the Wild Cup was placing 2nd place in the Rock League (Season 3).

Zebuli, with only a few years of TCG experience prior to Hex, has joined every Shard Cup up to date. All that work has finally paid off by taking the Wild Cup by storm!


First of all, I would like to congratulate you all on winning the first ever [open] team related tournament in Hex TCG. What were some thoughts you had going into the tournament?

LakosPolan: I wanted to make it into the invitational! To be honest, I thought that Zebuli would be the only one winning games because he has the most experience out of us.

SaDOlution: Losing every match terribly. Actually, I wanted to get more experience [in Hex] and help the team out. Also, wanted to have some fun!

LakosPolan: We weren’t planning on getting to top 4.


How did your team come about?

LakosPolan: During Cirouss’s stream I asked [in the Twitch chat] if people wanted to play with me [for the Wild Cup]. Zebuli responded first and while moving to another streamer I followed I found SaDOlution.

Zebuli:  Thinking back on it, we should have named our team “Twitch Plays Hex”, as we’re always on Twitch.


Who came up with the team name and why?

LakosPolan: It was the morning of the tournament and I was dead tired trying to think of what connects all three of us. Since we are all gamers, and so we came up with the team name “We Play Games”. I was in a hurry and just made something up.


That’s really an interesting way to form a team. What’s it like being on a team with people you don’t really know?

SaDOlution:  It was a surprise on its own.

LakosPolan: Zebuli gave us cards and that’s how our trust blossomed. We just wanted to participate in the Wild Cup. Twitch connects people together. So, we weren’t totally unknown to each other.


Now that you have succeeded as a team, have you thought about making this a permanent group or were you already a group before?

LakosPolan: I need to borrow more cards from Zebuli.

SaDOlution: Haha. I’m personally looking for a test group. We have not really talked about it, but definitely thought about it. I’d say it is something that is possible.

Zebuli: We could make it a testing group.

LakosPolan: I see this as a just a group of friends testing our decks. Playing from time to time. If I need someone for play testing I would most likely contact them first. We need no artificial ties that keep us together. That’s how I see it.


Was there any debate of placing each of the members of the team in a certain spot. For example, Zebuli was Player B. What rationale did you use when putting players in the A, B, or C spots? Did you just “wing it”?

LakosPolan: Well I just put us in those spots. We haven’t really discussed that. Pretty much we just winged it.

SadOLution: You don’t know what decks the others play and where they were going to place it. So thinking about it too much felt like wasted time. In the end we just randomly made a decision.


Now for Wild Cup, you weren’t able to use more than one playset (4) of a card between all your teammates’ decks, how did you organize this and determine the decks you each would play?

SaDOlution: Funny thing. Zebuli said he was going Blood /Diamond. He was the first to pick which shards to play.

LakosPolan: I felt confident about him playing Blood / Diamond as it was a strong deck.

Zebuli: Well, I suggested B/D, mono S and R/W from the start.

LakosPolan: I wanted to play a mono Ruby deck in the first place, but I felt my mono Ruby deck was too random.  I researched the Sapphire Cup’s top 8 list and decided to play R/W. SaDOlution felt more confident with Sapphire.

SaDOlution: Yeah, since I prefer control, I decided to choose mono Sapphire in the end. Still I didn’t feel comfortable about it since I was lacking testing. Constructed tournaments didn’t fire at all and Lakos was quite busy at the time. However,  Zebuli and I managed to get testing in, but not much.


During the tournament, what team did you struggle the most against and how did you overcome it? Was there a difficult match that stood out in particular?

SaDOlution: I lost two matches. Both of them were really close. Especially against Nicosharp in round 5. However, I got my revenge in the finals!

LakosPolan: It is actually really funny that we played against the same team twice. Once in the finals of the swiss pairings, and again in the top four.  Mostly I struggled against mono sapphire.

Zebuli:  In the [last round] of the swiss I punted against Kayas. I was more prepared the second time around.


Now that all three of you have managed to make it into the FiveShards Invitational: The Cup of Fate, what are you anticipating and how will you practice for it? Are you glad that none of you are in the same pod?

SaDOlution: I’m glad that I’m not against anyone I know. I’m currently looking for a mono Sapphire counter, but also something that’s good against that counter deck. I think I’m close, but it will be difficult to pull off.

Zebuli: I’m anticipating lots of mono Sapphire and maybe a hard Sapphire counter. I’m also glad we’re in different pods.

LakosPolan: My friend once told me you should never make a deck around a card, but around an idea. Never really liked him. So I decided to make a deck around [Army of the Arcane] Cinders.


Do you not care if people know what you are playing?

LakosPolan: Maybe it is just a part of a bigger plan.


Are you excited for the future of Hex? Is there anything in particular that you are looking forward to?

Zebuli: I’m looking forward to ranked tournaments. For PvE, I am interested in dungeons and raids.

LakosPolan: Support for competitive limited tournaments. Also chest opening!

SaDOlution: I’m really hyped about Set 3 actually. There is nothing I like more than building decks, and Set 3 just opens more options.


Now that Hex is getting a larger volume of player interest in competitive tournaments, do you have any advice or tips for people wanting to get into that scene?

LakosPolan:  Noobs can win too. You just have to try!

SaDOlution: I think the best tip I can give is just watching other experienced people play. Then, go to constructed and practice the decks themselves. After that, it’s just a matter of pushing themselves. I played in the Rock League first because it was easier to get into. After lots of drafting to get a collection of cards, I stepped into constructed in the Wild Cup.


Are there any shout outs or final comments you would like to make?

LakosPolan: I don’t even know what to say! It’s just that the win was so unexpected. FiveShards is always awesome!

Zebuli: I would like to thank all the streamers, since I’ve learned a lot from them when I first started.

SaDOlution: Thanks to Havoc and Fridged for making a great deck! Thanks to the organizers and anyone who made the cups possible. I had lots of fun! Also, thanks for the interview, it was my first one ever!


Thank you for your time and congratulations on your successful win!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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  1. Gratz guys 🙂 and good luck in the Fate cup.

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