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Player Spotlight: Dameneon

Andrew “Dameneon” K is no newcomer to the TCG scene. Having Played various other card games since 2004, this 11-year TCG veteran is already making his mark on Hex. With previous top 4 finishes in the FiveShards Blood Cup and and HTO Oberon event it was only a matter of time before he would take that number 1 spot.

Today I talk to Dameneon and get his thoughts on his victory in the Sapphire Cup and future plans for Hex.


First and foremost, congratulations on the win. How confident going into the tournament were you?

Dameneon: Top 8 was my primary target, top 4 was important to me. Securing 1st place was a dream.


Explain the choices that went into making your deck; do you feel it was lacking in anything at any point? Any changes you’d potentially like to make?

Dameneon: I looked for the most stable deck in format, and I think I found it. Maybe I want to add one more shard in my deck. After this finals I will think how to win in mirrors, or create a new deck which will beat monoS.


How important are these constructed events to you? Do you go in just wanting a good time—and then find yourself having won it—or are you putting in a lot of work beforehand practicing and going for the gold from the get go?

Dameneon: These events are really important for me and for the community, because daily events have not yet started—so these events and 8-man queue are the only way you can show your skill in constructed. I couldn’t prepare as hard as I wanted for this tournament, because of real life factors, but I work as hard as I could in the team practice.


Walk us through a couple of matches you found particularly difficult.

Dameneon: There were 2 very difficult games I remember. The first was against a monoS mirror. We were into the real late game, turn 12 easily. I have a good board control with a lethal attack, I go attack into my opponent who is on 2 health when he casts a Yesterday, my stomach dropped. I pass and he begins his comeback. Luckily I manage to get an Eldritch Dreamer out. I have one attack before It will have to stay and start blocking, I attack and manage to top deck a mastery of time giving me the win.

The second was against a R/S Dwarf/Robots. He has all his little beaters out and suddenly 2 Tectonic Megahulks are tunneled. I manage to Time Ripple the first and Countermagic the second. All this time I am just beating with a Buccaneer desperately trying to finish him before the first Megahulk comes back. He plays it when I have him to 4 life. I top deck a Menacing Gralk and manage to get the win.


What are your thoughts on the announcement of Official Cryptozic $100k tournament? Is this something you’ll actively look to take part in?

Dameneon: it’s going to be Legen… wait for it… dary! LEGENDARY! Of course we should wait for more details, but I want to take a part in this event even if it is on the other side of planet.


What kind of practice and training did you put in before this tournament? Did you brew the deck yourself or come to the conclusion of it with teammates/friends?

Dameneon: At first I wanted to play W/R Eye deck. After testing with my team we found that the match up against monoS is 20/80, so we start thinking, and make the decision that monoS is the best choice. After lots of in house testing our primary goal came down to working out what went into the sideboard.


Do you have experience in any other TCGs, and if so do you feel this gives you an edge in Hex as it’s a relatively newer game?

Dameneon: I have played Magic the Gathering since Kamigawa block. Managed to secure a top spot in the National cup. In GP Warsaw I placed 72nd in a field of 1200 players. This sort of experience helps a lot in HEX because main idea is the same.


How excited are you for the future of Hex. Is it something you can see yourself still playing years down the line? Is there anything you’re most looking forward to being implemented?

Dameneon: I hope that HEX will become the most popular online TCG. I hope that they implement custom tournaments—it will be very useful.


MVP card of the tournament for you, and why?

Dameneon: I think not one card, but the card combo of Cerulean Mirror Knight + Storm Cloud + Crackling Vortex giving me huge card advantage, this won me several games.


Any advice or tips for people aspiring to take down tournaments themselves?

Dameneon: Try more tournaments and improve your skill. Don’t be afraid to enter one you only improve with practical experience.


Thank you for taking the time for the community by doing this interview and congratulations once again. If there’s any shout outs you would like to make or lasting words you want to finish with, the space is yours.

Dameneon: Thanks to my team for the idea of Sapper’s Charges in sideboard, this won me several games. Thanks to all readers of this article and FiveShards. Play HEX, be cool.

Daniel "Slice" Singleton is an accomplished TCG player having competed in multiple GPs and Pro tours in MTG. Being Ex military he strives for perfection in everything he does. Also striving for self improvement and personal development Slice ensures that he learns something every day. Having found a home in FiveShards he will continue to be a voice for the community and bring quality content for everyone to enjoy and share. Connect: @SlicetheGamer

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