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Piecetinker’s First Place Bash Overview

I am beyond excited that I was able to take home the first ever Hex Bash. It has been a while since we have had an entry-fee based constructed tournament. It scratches the itch that most constructed players were waiting for! Enough about that, let’s go a bit into the deck I played.

Main Deck

Tork Slamstyx

4 Boltspasm
4 Baby Yeti
4 Righteous Outlaw
3 Frothfang Cackler
4 Matriarch of Flames
3 Boltwing Phoenix
4 Mama Yeti

4 Fireball
3 Cremate
4 Lazgar’s Vengeance

19 Ruby Shard
4 Ruby Ice

4 Burning Ire
3 Crackling Magma
2 Ruby’s Favor
3 Pyre Strike
3 Primordial Sabretooth

As seen above, I made some interesting deck choices. The first you may notice is the champion switch to Tork Slamstyx. The day before I asked my team either to play Urgnock or Tork Slamstyx. Teammates responded in popularity of Tork Slamstyx due to the meta being revolved around meat. At the time, Redlings was easily the most popular deck due to its strong victory in the last CCS. I was running 50/50 against Redlings while playing with Urgnock, but I did not want to rely on a coin flip. When switching to Tork Slamstyx, my win ratio was providing some dominant results. The main difference here is that Tork Slamstyx has a starting health of 24 which, I believe, is a huge benefit to the deck. With this, I was actually hoping to run into as much aggro as possible throughout the tournament. The other difference you will see here is that I was not running Escape Goat. This is just out of pure preference. Escape Goat is a strong Ruby card, but I felt I was going to get blown out easily by a Crackling Magma after hitting reserves in games two and three. The other reason is that I just absolutely could not fit Escape Goat and would not switch anything in the deck for them. So let’s see what my matchups were like in the Bash!


Round 1:

My first match was against Sugarcain. When I first saw that his champion was Yarna of the Lost Voices, I had a  double take. So really, I had no idea what shenanigans were going to be played game one. As the match went on into turn 2 and 3, his strategy became apparent as he was dropping the ever popular Vennen troops (Exarch of the Egg, Phenteo, the Brood Priest, etc.). Surprisingly, I lost round 1 as I did not have the cards available to counter his strategy and get through with my high attack troops against his high defense / lethal troops. Eventually, Phenteo put in enough Terrorantulas in my deck, that I was not able to grab a win. During the sideboard, I knew I had this game in the bag. Brought in Burning Ires and Primordial Sabretooths from the sideboard and being on the play made a quick game two. Game three was a little longer, but my hand was strong and removal was in my favor against his Phenteo.

Round 2:

Ah, all that preparation paid off. I was excited to play against Redlings! Against Ramundi in game one, they had a bit of a resource issue which I took advantage of and won the game. They ended up drawing fairly well even with a resource disparity (it is Redlings after all). Game two, was quite quick as I was able to play troops on curve with a nice Lazgar’s waiting in the background. As my opponent was racing me, Tork’s 24 health kept me in the advantage.

Round 3:

HiddenShadow was running the popular DS Control deck. In this matchup, the DS player really needs to draw their Runebinds and Into the Unknowns. Unfortunately, HiddenShadow was able to do so and our games actually ended up being quite long, which I was afraid of. His Into the Unknowns hit both my Matriarch of Flames and Mama Yeti and I was scared that I was unable to pull through. As I started to draw my transformed troops, I started to laugh as I saw a bunch of silly cards. Kindle Archer appeared as well as a Mad Pack Master. Doing the math just right I was able to still push pressure onto my opponent as he started to run out of answers eventually giving me the win.  In game two, it was a bit similar but he was forced to use removal on troops such as Baby Yeti because he was unable to deal with them. Bringing in Ruby’s Favor also helped throw extra indirect damage if he didn’t draw his Dark Heart of Nulzann for lethal.

Round 4:

Until this match I was running solid and happy with my results and matchups thus far. My next opponent Mokog, running Empress-spiders, wiped the floor with me. Game one was really close as he swung into my Boltwing Phoenix, causing a board wipe removing two of his Commander P.R.O.M.P.T.s and a Skittering Cultivator, leaving him with only one Commander left. At this point I had a Matriarch of Flames and 1 health left. All I needed was a resource to get back in so that I could Burn to the Ground his Commander. Two turns go by and I was unable to get what I needed and started whiffing with bad draws. Drew a Heroic Outlaw and a Baby Yeti. The third turn got me my shard, but by then it was too late and he was able to deal that one point of damage to me. Game two was very similar as he was able to quickly get two Empress of Ice and two Commanders out by T5. Overall, I think this matchup was not in my favor even with the rough two games. After this, I never dropped a single game until the top eight going 2-0 throughout.

Round 5:

Awrien was running mB in which we were both racing damage. He was initially winning the race with his Vampire Prince until I was able to draw into Matriarch of Flames and Mama Yeti with no answers on his side. I made a horrible mistake this game by Fateweaving a shard so that the Vampire Princes could keep up with the race. Once again, Tork proving his dominance with that extra health even with that mistake won me that first game. Game two I was able to bring in 4x Burning Ires and was able to quickly end the match.


Round 6:

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit nervous at this point when I saw HORDORHORDOR (the last CCS’ champion, running redlings) pop up in my pairings. However, I knew that I had the advantage this match simply due to my preparation against the Redlings matchup. HORDOR had a rough draw game one and I was able to quickly grab the match. Game two, we played the racing game, and I was able to survive long enough to push lethal on his end and take the win. Once again, Tork making his mark.


Round 7:

Oh man, the rematch of the month! Both me and Etruia played in the last round in the CCS where I was able to sneak in the win. Once again we faced in the last round, but this time in the Bash! I was really pumped and excited to play against Etruia as I remember his deck being really explosive. However, this time I was a bit more prepared as my deck went heavily under construction and changed lots of cards from before. Not only that, I had Tork! Game one was super scary. I was on the draw and he had an overwhelming damaging lead. He swung in with all cards leaving me a 1 health while he had a Dark Heart with Double Damage on the field. Then, the best thing happened, I drew a Cremate! Was able to swing in with a Matriarch of Flames and got Burn to the Ground. With this I had cast Cremate first with Scrounge and then Burn to the Ground for exact lethal. Game two, after sideboarding out some cards, and bring in Primordial Sabertooths and Ruby’s Favor, I was able to once again just barely sneak in the win. Super close games, and once again Tork was the MVP with the 24 life starting total. In about 4-5 of my matches, my health made an impact and playing Tork strictly as a meta call was the right decision. With this I was able to secure my place in top 8 with 6-1 record. Ended up placing in fourth.


Quarter Finals:

Now we were playing with the big folks. Round 1 was against Cyriius piloting mR. I was on the draw game one, but as I looked up, I saw he was playing Urgnock. I smiled and knew that I could quickly win the race. Game one ended fairly quickly with me taking the win. Game two, was unable to really react to the board and overall lost to the overwhelming power of Matriarch of Flames. Game three, I was able to win the race once more and getting to play two Mama Yeti, which Urgnock was unable to deal with at all.



Smiling at the differences in health, my opponent Ravinica this time was running Angus the Arsonist. Once again, Tork’s health total was able to come out on top. The most interesting game was our game three. Where we were both trading Boltwing attacks and blocks. With Ravinica’s high resource pool he was able to sneak in Boltwing each turn. Calculating a few turns ahead all I needed was one resource so that I could play use Tork’s power to swing in with both my 4/1 Boltspasm and my 4/4 Boltwing. After getting the damage threw, was able to Lazgar’s the following turn and break the stalemate to victory.



Me and Androod (redlings) played some mean aggressive matches. Game one, we both joked to each other about who had the best curve. Unfortunately for me, he had the most perfect curve as he was able to play Emperor’s Lackey into Underworld Crusader, into Lazgar’s ending with me quickly losing a game one. I was so excited to have two Heroic Outlaws and two Frothing Cacklers, but was unable to pull that combo off quick enough as I lost by turn three. Game two was a bit more in my favor as his curve wasn’t as kind to him as in game one. Racing him down let me take the victory. Now Game three, I was so afraid and cautious of every play I made that I almost threw the entire set. Androod was quickly able to get his Lazgar’s cost down with a Dread Apprentice. With a Matriarch of Flames in play, I used Tork’s hero power to deal one extra damage that turn and play a Lazgar’s to wipe his board. Which made him unable to play his Lazgar’s as the Gladiator 1 shifted to my defense making him unable to take advantage of the situation. From here on out I was not playing optimally here as I thought he was holding a Reginald’s making me afraid to play a Burn to the Ground for a lethal swing. Instead, I played passively attacking in with Matriarch and trying to dwindle down his army of troops. Which was my plan at this point. Then came the moment of truth as I saw him play troops out and finally playing his hero power leaving me at 1 Health left! This couldn’t end in a more perfect way. I then swung in for lethal and took the title.


Ending Thoughts:

I still believe Urgnock is the better of the champions, since Ruby does want to quickly defeat your opponents. However, in this tournament in particular I figured many people were going to run Redlings which in turn gave me an optimal advantage making me go 6-1 against Redlings in this tournament. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tork continued to see play in mR, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it died out. For now, aggro is definitely at it’s prime and we shall see what happens in the next Bash. Overall, I had a great time and can’t wait till I have the opportunity to play in the next Bash.

P.S. I may not playing mR in future tournaments. 😉


Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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