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Piecetinkering: Wild Uzzucannon

A couple of months back, Enyma took down the Cup of Fate with a deck that utilizes Azurefate Sorceress and Uzzu the Bonewalker’s charge power. In Set 2, we saw a triple-shard deck (Ruby, Sapphire, and Wild) pop up a couple of times using the same combo (Azurefate Sorceress + Wrathwood Master Moss); however, the deck wasn’t as consistent. At the time, there wasn’t enough shard fixing without wasting another slot for fixers such as Infusion Devices. With Uzzu, the deck doesn’t have much trouble getting the thresholds it needs to pull off some crazy Azurefate Sorceress shenanigans.

I have made a couple of changes to Enyma’s deck list, which can be found here. This is what my version of the deck looks like:

Wild Uzzucannon

Champion: Uzzu the Bonewalker

Troops (27)

4x Howling Brave
3x Artisanal Cheesesmythe
4x Azurefate Sorceress (Conservation/Destruction)
4x Wrathwood Master Moss
1x Jadiim
4x Eternal Sage
4x Crocosaur
3x Balthasar

Actions  (10)

2x Wellspring
4x Chlorophyllia
2x Eye of Creation
1x Mass Polymorph: Dingler
1x Twin Eternities

Resources (23)

9x Wild Shard
4x Sapphire Shard
4x Shard of Instinct
2x Shard of Savagery
4x Shard Prism

Reserves (15)

1x Pheromones
3x Carnasaurus
2x Lullaby
3x Gale Force
2x Justicar of Aryndel
2x Return To The Soil
2x Heart of the Wrathwood

Assurefate Sorceress

Azurefate Sorceress has held powerful potential since its introduction in Shattered Destiny. The flexibility of this troop earned her a spot in Human Bury, Phenteo Bury, RS Azurecannon, SW Moonshine (which took the Invitational), and again with Wild Uzzucannon.

This time paired with the damage and spellshield gems, Azurefate has some major utility in this deck full of powerful troops. A key synergy here is with Wrathwood Master Moss; if the Master Moss happens to die while inspired with the aforementioned gems, it can become re-inspired (if Azurefate is still on the field) and end up doing 7 damage as the first packet of damage transforms the Mossling back to a Master Moss, effectively re-generating it instantly. If Azurefate is not on the field, then it will just deal 2 and then transform back to the 5/5. Regardless, you are in a great position if you can play this pair.

One of the major differences that you can see above is that I added a Twin Eternities. This deck has multiple ways to obtain resources and Twin Eternities ends up being a crazy finisher combined with Azurefate Sorceress. When Twin Eternities hits the board, you not only deal 12 damage, but you also gain double your health and draw double the number of cards currently in hand. Finally, you get two powerful 6/6 troops if you still need any help pushing the win.

The Spring of Eternity

There are other neat combinations in this deck such as Eternal Sage and Wellspring. For each XX you spend, you gain an additional threshold that allows you to gain a +3/+3 from Eternal Sage. This combo is especially successful with Jadiim—ended up winning a game by swinging in with a 34/34 Jadiim thanks to this one.

Wellspring can be treated as a Chlorophyllia early on if you are in dire need of another resource, but if you can hold onto it until later then it makes Eye of Creation more effective in the following turns.

Uzzu the… Sage

I’ve always wanted to try to make a deck that could leverage all of Eternal Sage’s five abilities. After I saw Enyma playing this deck I got really excited due to the strategic potential with Eternal Sage and Uzzu. For example, Eternal Sage with Ruby can help clear a board of X/1s or X/2s if you have both a Ruby Shard and four charges. Sapphire can keep a troop locked down for a couple of turns by exhausting them. Blood can bury four to get rid of pesky prophesied cards from the popular RS McBombus deck. Finally, the health gain from Diamond can be quite useful in some situations. Shard Prism supports this flexibility along with Uzzu’s innate power.

The RS McBombus Matchup

Definitely bring in Gale Force and Carnasaurus. Remove the much slower cards such as Twin Eternities and Mass Polymorph. Depending on the type of RS McBombus deck, you may want to bring in Lullaby especially if you see many Skarns. Also if you are playing against the prophecy version of the deck, remember you can always use Eternal Sage with Uzzu to bury some of those prophesied cards.

Beating SW / DW Heirophant

Bring in Lullaby for these matchups especially since these decks are heavily reliant on getting Heirophant through. On the ground, you have lots of potential blockers to stall Heirophants; however, in the air you are quite vulnerable. Lullaby helps deal with this by putting Heirophant back on the ground where he belongs.

General Reserve Plan

You may bring in Justicar if you feel your opponent is playing many interrupts such as Countermagic.

Heart of the Wrathwood can be brought in against removal-heavy decks. To further prevent Closed Coffins from ruining your day, you can bring in the two Return to the Soil.

Lastly, Phermones can be used to help get through a wall of blockers when playing against a defensive deck. Place your Pheromones on a Howling Brave and swing in for the kill! Alternatively, Pheromones could help against other spellshield-wielding decks to remove otherwise untargetable threats using Cheesesmythe’s lethal or a large attacker.


I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with. Thanks for reading!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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