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Piecetinkering: Wild Ascension

Welcome back everyone to another article. When Armies of Myth was first released, there was a card that caught my eye. Holy Ascension is a unique card that almost guarantees victory if it goes off. There were many ideas in my head, but I struggled getting this card to work. One of the ideas I thought of was to create a fog deck similar to Eternal Light, which surfaced in Shards of Fate. However, while experimenting, it was quickly realized that it became counter-intuitive to pay health using Pact of Pain only to heal it back up with Eternal Youth. Instead of focusing on full control, it became apparent that Holy Ascension belonged in a midrange deck.

Now as you may or may not know, the idea of Holy Ascension in a Diamond / Wild deck has actually existed since early November. According to, Future went 5-X while having a Holy Ascension in his deck. Now with the recent health changes to champions, we noticed this card appeared once again in a Diamond / Wild midrange deck ran by Veetorp during the Season 3 Blood Cup.

So why does a champion starting at lower health make this card more viable? Holy Ascension reads “…if your health is at least double your starting health, void this.” So if we take Zared Venomscorn (who starts at 16 health), we need to hit 32 health for this card to be activated. However, when all champions were at 20 health we needed to at least hit 40 health. The main point is  that gaining 16 health is a bit easier than gaining 20 health.

So now that a bit of history is out of the way, let’s take a look at the deck:


Wild Ascension

Champion: Dimmid

Troops (28)

3x Howling Brave
4x Living Totem
2x Puck, Dream Bringer
3x Sight of the Sun
2x Angel of Dawn
4x Crocosaur
3x Eternal Sage
2x Balthasar
4x Arborean Rootfather [Major Diamond of Endurance]
[Minor Wild Orb of Conservation]
1x Ozawa, Cosmic Elder

Actions  (3)

3x Chlorophyllia

Artifacts/Constants (4)

3x Soul Marble
1x Holy Ascension

Resources (25)

8x Diamond Shard
4x Shard of Life
2x Shards of Fate
11x Wild Shard

Reserves (15)

4x Carnasaurus
2x Martyr
3x Turbulence
3x Scorn of Oberon
3x Succulent Cluckodon

Must Be Brave

First thing you may note is that this deck does not include a full playset Angel of Dawn. Piecetinker, what are you even thinking!? There are actually a couple of factors that deterred me away from including Angel of Dawn in this deck. The first is that Howling Brave conflicts with Angel of Dawn for a turn one play. Usually if you have Angel of Dawn in your deck, you always want to drop a Diamond shard first if possible. However, if you have a Howling Brave in hand and want to ramp up as soon as possible then a free Angel of Dawn doesn’t seem that feasible anymore. The next issue is that Sight of the Sun does not benefit from a free Angel of Dawn. Finally, the thresholds are in too much favor of Wild where a turn one Diamond does not seem like the best play (also consider the sideboard with Carnasaurus). All of these reasons are why I did not include more Angel of Dawn.

Living the Dream

Haha Piecetinker, your titles are so clever. Get it!? Living Totem and Puck, the Dream Bringer!? Sorry.

These two cards pack a punch. Living Totem synergizes quite well with ramp. Especially with Sight of the Sun. Spending resources to buff Living Totem and exhausting your Sight of the Sun is quite the combo. Sight of the Sun will not only refill your resources effectively, but also allow you to gain some extra points of life. Then you can buff your Living Totem once again! Sight of the Sun also synergizes quite well with Soul Marble. The goal here is to start throwing counters onto Soul Marble and quickly refilling your resources to put more points into it (quite similar to Living Totem). As you can see, you are putting heavy pressure on your opponent while gaining a good amount of health.

Puck, the Dream Bringer is an early threat that can quickly put a high-cost troop into play. As seen in Ruby / Wild, not having an answer to Puck is a quick path to defeat. The same could be said here. There are 16 targets for Puck in our deck, so you have a good chance of being able to play a fatty quite early in the game.

Light Removal

The deck does not have much removal besides some sideboard options and Crocasaur. This is because the deck tries to consistently keep threats on the board. In the main deck, Crocasaur is your primary source of removal. However, there are some sideboard options such as Carnasaurus and Succulent Cluckadon. If your opponent is playing many troops with Flight, than it may be advisable to add in some Turbulence from the sideboard. This is true in B/X matchups. Since most of the time a B/X player will have a Vampire Princess, Vampire King, or both. Martyr is mostly in the deck to prevent cards such as Arborean Rootfather with the damage gem. Martyr can also be used on troops that are difficult to destroy otherwise.

Gaining Health

Other than Sight of the Sun, we can gain health through Aborean Rootfather’s Solidarity gem, Eternal Sage, and Balthasar. When Aborean Rootfather hits the board, you instantly gain 8 health. This will help put us out of death range from an opposing Aborean Rootfather with the damage gem. Eternal Sage can give us 4 health every time we play a Diamond shard. Not only that, but we can still benefit from his Wild ability. Balthasar not only gives us health, but gives us card draw. With the high attack and defense troops we can benefit from this greatly. Last, but not least we also have Dimmid. Dimmid is most effective on bigger troops such as Aborean Rootfather, but can still be effective on Eternal Sage and Angel of Dawn.

There Can Be Only One

As you can see there is only one Holy Ascension in the deck. As much as I talked about it earlier, I feel like only one is necessary. First off, it’s a situational card that can either ensure a win or can be a dead draw. The same concept exists for Ozawa, the Cosmic Elder. Ozawa, can be replaced with a third Angel of Dawn if you feel like he can be a hinderance to the deck.

I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with and good luck in future IQs or Constructed Daily Tournaments! Thanks again!


Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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  1. One thing I’ve never liked about using both ozawa and balth is that if you want to include EoC it’s a massive deathtrap.

  2. Ozawa can definitely be replaced if you wish to use EoC. Although, it is quite difficult to fit EoC in this deck. It is not as beneficial in DW as it is in RW.

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