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Piecetinkering: Welcome to the Scrapyard

Hope everyone is enjoying the new Primal Dawn release and is having a great time experimenting with new and interesting decks. Today, you are in for a real treat as I show off a combo deck.

My last article brought a deck that exploded in popularity after it had seen quite a bit of success in the Gauntlet queue. However, that article was written while Armies of Myth was the newest set. Since the release of Primal Dawn, the RS deck now plays completely different. But enough about the past, let’s see what new cards we can play with!

Back in Armies of Myth, the Scrapyard cards puzzled me. I felt like they could have potential in a constructed deck if utilized appropriately. With the recent release of some new cards, I believe I finally got what was missing to make this deck succeed.

First, let’s take a quick look at the deck:


Welcome to the Scrapyard

Champion: Madame Anana

Troops (23)

1x Hop’hiro, Samurai

4x Spiritbound Spy

4x Shroomshaw

3x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin

3x Scrapyard Bruiser

3x Scrapyard Magnetron

3x Gallows Ghasts
(Minor Ruby of Ferocity /
Major Ruby of Destruction)

1x Scrap the Endless

1x Myrym, Empress of the Crypt

Actions  (10)

2x Shardcall

2x Martyr

3x Harvest of Sorrow

3x Extinction

Constants (4)

4x Hideous Conversion

Resources (23)

9x Blood Shard

8x Diamond Shard

3x Shard of Conquest

3x Shard of Hatred

Reserves (15)

2x Life Siphon

1x Martyr

3x Rot Cast

3x Vampiric Kiss

2x Closed Coffins

1x Extinction

2x Angel of Judgement

The Wombo Combo

Generally when you notice a Hideous Conversion being played in a deck, you can expect that the deck is going for some wacky combo. That is exactly what we are trying to do here! When Armies of Myth came out, we had seen this sort of deck pop up occasionally, but never in the constructed format. This is because either the meta was too quick or the deck wasn’t consistent enough. Control has recently fallen out of the meta which allows this deck to succeed more often, allowing us to safely play Hideous Conversion without much disruption.
The goal of Hideous Conversion is to convert your troops into resources. Meaning you can get a bigger threat out earlier than expected depending on what troop can be converted into resources. Cards like Spiritbound Spy, Shroomshaw, and Scrapyard Bruiser are great for fodder. For example, by turn four you can potentially get a Myrym on the field. A Spiritbound Spy with Madame Anana’s ability allows for a total of four resources. 

Sacrifice and Draw

To gain further benefit from card sacrifice, we have a single Hop’hiro Samurai as well as three copies of Harvest of Sorrow. Harvest of Sorrow is how we can get the combo going. Certain conditions have to be met to benefit from Harvest of Sorrow, however, when those pieces are in place, you have a great opportunity for a one turn kill. For example, say you have a Spirit Bound Spy with Madama Anana’s champion ability on it, a Shroomshaw, and a Hideous Conversion. You can sacrifice all cards with Hideous Conversion and play Harvest of Sorrow (make sure your opponent is not holding up resources to play a counter). You will draw a total of 7 cards and still have five resources left over. If you also have a Gallows Ghasts, that troop then becomes a 11/11 with speed and the damage gem.

Scrapyard is Junk

Although we are playing both Spiritbound Spy and Shroomshaw, you also notice there are some other fodder cards such as the Scrapyards. The reason why they are also being played is to ensure that there are many cards that can be used by Hideous Conversion or act as chump blockers. However, there is some sweet synergy with this deck especially when cards like Scrapyard Magnetron comes into play.

For example, you Hideous Conversion two Scrapyard Bruiser and the Scrapyard Dynamo that it creates. You now have four extra resources and can most likely play a Scrapyard Magnetron. From here, you get the two Scrapyard Dynamo back into your hand and can even replay them. You can then play and sacrifice those Dynamo again, right away. There are three reasons why you would do this:

  1. More card draw for Harvest of Sorrow. The more cards you remove in a single turn the more cards you draw back. At this point you may have the potential to go infinite until you can play your game winning plan (in number 2).
  2. Stacking up damage for Gallows Ghasts. Once you sacrafice enough troops you can play your 16/16 Gallows Ghasts with the Major Ruby of Destruction and Minor Ruby of Ferocity. Of course, your real goal is just to one turn kill them by just demolishing the game when playing Gallows.
  3. All the cards come back into play if Myrym survives by the time you reach your End Phase.

Imagine all three scenarios while a Monsuun is tunneled. Nasty, right?
Now we understand how this deck functions as a combo deck. However, sometimes you may not get that combo live all the time or you may be lacking a Hideous Conversion for quite a few turns.

The Necessary Removal

Extinction plays a major role in this deck. Even if all your cards get destroyed, more than likely you will still have Phantoms, Battle Hoppers, or Scrapyard cards after the board wipe. Although Extinction is a powerful tool, we still need some other forms of removal. This is where the versatility of Martyr shines. If you are playing against a control deck, Martyr is king.With Martyr, you can easily pick off their game winning strategy by removing their largest threat. However, you can also use Martyr to buff up your Scrapyard army and start swinging in for some serious damage.

Matchup Tips Against RS McBombus

The reserves has some good answers for the popular RS deck. Cards such as Rot Cast and Vampiric Kiss can be brought in for your Martyr and higher cost troops such as Myrym and Scrap the Endless. Bringing in Angel of Judgement for Gallows Ghasts can also be another suggestion. This is because the RS deck does not use many troops and Angel of Judgement is a solid body in the air.

Matchup Tips Against SW Boris Blastforge

Transmogrifade really hurts Gallows Ghasts combo. It is recommended to remove Gallows for Angel of Judgement. I’d also recommend even bringing in your fourth Extinction as well as your Closed Coffins to take care of their major win conditions (Rune Ear Hierophant). Also bringing in a Life Siphon can help you win the long game. Keep your eye on your opponent’s resources and take advantage of them overextending with an Extinction.

Matchup Tips Again Uzzucannon

Definitely bring in Closed Coffins, your fourth Extinction, and Angel of Judgement to take care of the Wrathwood Master Moss and Azurefate Sorceress combo. If you can get Closed Coffins and Angel of Judgement out, you are most likely in a good position. Chump block as much as needed to survive for the long game. Remove Azurefate Sorceress as soon as possible with an Extinction.
I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with and good luck in the future. Thanks for reading! Next article will be about the Uzzucannon deck that Enyma won with in the Season 3 Cup of Fate. Of course I added a couple of changes to deck as well!


Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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