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Piecetinkering: Seppuku Bushido

It’s been another month and it’s time for another deck! It is now the third article of the Piecetinkering series and I have a real treat here for you: a Shin’hare-based deck! Even though the deck is populated with Shin’hare, it is not completely a tribal deck. It uses Shin’hare as the main focus, but has other utilities to make this deck work. Overall, the deck preformed quite well in both testing and the constructed eight-man queues. This deck is currently strong against slower decks such as mono-Sapphire, but can sometimes struggle against Gore Feast. Still, Seppuku Bushido is a powerful deck that I’d like to label as competitive and you will see why.

First, I want to give a small prelude and an idea of what this deck will consist of: From looking at the name of the deck we see two words that precisely describe the focus of the deck. In Japanese, a suicidal ritual named “Seppuku” is part of the samurai code called “Bushido”. “Bushido” means way of the samurai. With that information, we get a deck composed of Shin’hare ready to slay themselves for the greater good!

Now that we have our introduction out of the way, let’s move on to the deck list:


Seppuku Bushido

Champion: Bunoshi the Ruthless

 Troops (24)

2x Hop’Hiro, Samurai
4x Minion of Yazukan
4x Shin’Hare Eulogist
4x Shroomshaw
3x Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin
3x Xentoth’s Inquisitor (Major Blood Orb of Brutality)
3x Wakazashi Ambusher
1x Gront the Infinite

Actions (12)
3x Withering Touch
1x Gift of Yazukan
3x Murder
3x Extinction
2x Dishonorable Death

Resources (24)
24x Blood Shard
Reserves (15)

1x Withering Touch
3x Sorrow
4x Sapper’s Charge
1x Murder
3x Necessary Sacrifice
2x Vampire King
1x Extinction

Minon of Yazukan

Minion of Yazukan (MoY) is one of the core troops to this deck. We want to make the most use out MoY’s effect as possible (when this dies, it goes underground and gets +1/+0). Bunoshi the Ruthless’s champion power allows us to “Sacrifice” a troop and give another troop +2/+2.  Combing Bunoshi and MoY, we benefit both ways. Killing our MoY allows it to re-tunnel making it gain +1/+0 while another troop on our side of the field gets a hefty permanent buff. This synergizes quite well with the rest of the deck, especially Hop’Hiro Samurai and Shin’Hare Eulogist.


Hop’hiro, Samurai

Poor Hop’hiro hasn’t seen much use in Constructed these days and I’m here to try and change that. One of the more interesting concepts in Hex allows the ability for cards to “transform” into other cards. To transform the card from Stage 1 to Stage 2 and so on, Hop’Hiro needs to gain 3 Bushido counters (which he obtains when a troop is sacrificed on our side of the field). Hop’Hiro has three transformation stages:

Stage 1. Hop’Hiro, Samurai (1/ 1) – Pay 1. Sacrifice another troop –> Target troop gets -1/-0.

Stage 2. Hop’Hiro, Elite Samurai (2/2) – Pay 1. Sacrifice another troop –> Target troop gets -1/-1.

Stage 3. Hop’Hiro, Samurai Warlord (3/3) – Pay 1. Sacrifice another troop –> Destroy target troop.

We are running only a 2 of Hop’Hiro because of his Unique trait which means that we cannot have a second copy of Hop’Hiro on the field; we do not really want to draw into consecutive Hop’Hiro as it would be a dead draw. I first want to note, that it will be rare when you get Hop’Hiro into his third transformation—but that’s not the entire goal. However, Hop’Hiro allows us to gain control of the board while in play. Your opponent’s will think twice before attacking thanks to Hop’Hiro’s ability. He can easily sacrifice troops to lessen the troop’s attack and defense winning a trade that the opponent may have misjudged. An important thing to note is that you can block with a troop and then “sacrifice”. This will also prevent you from taking damage and cancel any on-hit effects such as lifedrain.

Another important thing to keep in mind is that Bunoshi the Ruthless’s charge power triggers a sacrifice, which means that a Hop’Hiro in play will gain a Bushido counter without needing to activate his ability. Remember this as it can quickly make Hop’Hiro a threat.


Shin’Hare Eulogist

A two-cost troop for 2/2 with a great effect (when a Shin’Hare you control dies, Eulogist gains +1/+1) synergizes with this deck quite well. I like to save Eulogist for a turn three drop and use Bunoshi’s ability. Sacrificing a MoY through Bunoshi’s ability will make Eulogist +1/+1. With Bunoshi’s  buff to Eulogist, he gains another +2/+2 making him a two-cost 5/5 by turn three. Always be aware of your opponent’s resources and the shards that they are playing; if they are not out of resources on your turn they could be fully aware that you are planning to use Bunoshi’s ability. Actions such as Burn will not affect Eulogist because it will already become a 3/3 the second you “sacrifice” using Bunoshi’s ability. However, cards such as Time Ripple and Murder can really put you in a bad spot here.



Shroomshaw is just a troop that we can use to make use of Bunoshi’s ability further. Relying on a MoY is not enough and we need more sacrifice targets.


Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin

One of the most popular troops in Set 2 is Monsuun. Not only does this troop have insane value (3/3 for 3 with Rage 2) Monsuun has an awesome effect: While Monsuun is underground, secretly add a decoy counter to troops that enter play under your control. When Monsuun enters play, put each troop with a decoy counter from your graveyard back into play and remove all decoy counters from all troops you control.

Monsuun is a key card in this deck. Remember when I said I enjoy dropping Eulogist on turn three? It’s because on turn two we can tunnel Monsuun and have a back-up plan for our Eulogist in case he gets sent to the Graveyard. A perfect hand usually consists of a MoY, Eulogist, Monsuun, and Extinction. If you have these cards available to you in your opening hand, it is very difficult for the opponent to get an opportunity to win.

Even if your opponent doesn’t kill off your troops that have a decoy counter on them, your Extinction can easily clear the board and bring back everything the turn after. Even without Extinction, we still have Hop’Hiro and our charge power to sacrifice our own troops that simply come back the following turn. Many options appear before us with this deck while Monsuun is tunneled.

Note: if you have both Monsuun and Hop’Hiro in your hand, I recommend holding Hop’Hiro until after Monsuun is tunneled.


Xentoth’s Inquisitor

In my last article I mentioned Xentoth’s Inquisitor having consistent two-for-one trades. The same concept still exists within this deck. With the Major Blood Orb of Brutality, we can nerf threatening troops such as Angel of Dawn, Wrathwood Master Moss, and Vampire King (which are some of the most effective troops in the game). In this deck, we can use cards such as Extinction or Hop’Hiro to bring Inquisitor back to your hand and replay him to reduce the attack of another troop by three.


Wakazashi Ambusher

Easily, Wakazashi Ambusher is one of the stronger uncommon cards of Set 2. Especially combined with this deck, we can see Wakazashi as a 5/4 (which has happened on many occasions) and just pick an opposing troop to destroy. Sacrifice Shin’Hare and make Wakazashi stronger; Hop’Hiro or Bunoshi’s ability can remove weak Shin’Hare troops (MoYs and Shroomshaws) and playing Extinction a turn before Monsuun then Wakizashi come out of their holes can represent an unstoppable winning push.


Gront the Infinite

We are playing a one-of Gront because he curves with the deck quite well. Gront can easily prevent troops such as Royal Falconer and other one-defense troops from ever surfacing. Late in the game, he can easily be the final answer we need to win the match. Uruunaz was a close second, but I felt Gront was more consistent with the deck, especially synergizing with everything else that the deck offered.


Gift of Yazukan

Gift of Yazukan surprisingly has saved me on numerous occasions. We do not want to rely on Gift of Yazukan, but utilize it if we do end up drawing it. There are several targets that I recommend using Gift on: Hop’Hiro (he keeps his counters even through death), Monsuun (an extra +2/+2 with Lifedrain and Rage can easily win you the game), Wakazashi Ambusher (that 5/4 is now a 7/6 that can destroy another troop), or Gront (if it is that late in the game). Remember we can use Gift of Yazukan to give Hop’Hiro Bushido counters while he is in play with other troops. We can also use it on troops with decoy counters from Monsuun before he comes into play which can come back into play the following turn.


Withering Touch

Always a great card when powerful actions such as Gore Feast are so dominant. This can also secure a victory if an opponent is holding an Extinction or Countermagic waiting for Monsuun to pop up.



Sometimes Murders and Extinctions can be a little too slow and we require something a bit faster. Sapper’s Charge will fill that gap, especially when dealing with Gore Feast decks. Sorrows are also in the reserves to counter troops such as Royal Falconer. Necessary Sacrifice is in the reserves currently due to the aggressive meta—if you end up playing against control, I recommend putting this into your main deck in exchange for Dishonorable Deaths and other cards that do not apply or help. Vampire King is just a great card in general, but currently didn’t fit in the main board. Against an aggressive deck, it would probably be wise to bring this in instead of Hop’Hiro.


If there are any suggestions for the deck, please post them below. I hope you enjoy this deck I’ve been tinkering with!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

5 Comments on Piecetinkering: Seppuku Bushido

  1. Like the deck idea a lot, gonna try that asap.
    I have only 2 Monsuun, so what would you suggest in terms of replacement for the 3rd one? Was thinking either 1x Necessary Sacrifice or the 4th Ambusher.

  2. Both are fine choices, but I would recommend the Ambusher. If we are missing a troop, let’s add another troop! =)

    Necessary Sacrifice is fine, but the current meta makes it a sideboard and becomes more useful during the control match-up.

  3. Hey just wondering, do you think this deck is competitive enough to be used in the Ruby Cup? I’ve been thinking about using it. What is the deck’s main weakness and how can I try to counter it?

    • I do think it can, but the deck struggles against Tunnel Feast. That deck has too much tempo and forces you to never attack. However cards such as Vampire King can help stabalize the board especially after an Extinction. The deck really shines in the control matchup. Ambushers destroy Xentoth’s Inquisitor and has too many threats to answer. Was going to play this deck in Oberon’s but my wedding day was more important. :p

      Just try testing the deck against different top tiered decks and see how it fairs. Plus it also allows you to learn how to play the deck over time.

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