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Piecetinkering: PvE – Spearcliff Showdown

Hello again everyone! Now that Armies of Myth has been released, I hope Kismet has been kind to you all.

If you have been keeping up with my past articles, I usually write about PvP-oriented decks. Going to do a little switcheroo on you and go over a quite effective PvE deck that I have been having a good time with. Let’s take a look:

Spearcliff Showdown

Champion: Rutherford Banks

Troops (24)

4x Living Totem
4x Protectorate Defender (Major
Diamond of Solidarity)
4x Highlands Shinobi
4x Spearcliff Cloud Knight
4x Angel of Dawn
4x Spearcliff Cavalier

Actions  (5)

4x Inner Conflict
1x Radiant Salvation

Artifacts/Constants (6)

3x Induction Coil
3x Secret Laboratory

Resources (25)

22x Diamond Shard
3x Crackling Vortex

Equipment (Full-Geared)

Head: Horned Helm (Radiant Salvation)
Chest: Bulwark of the Impenetrable (Protectorate Defender)
Feet: Battleborn Boots (Living Totem)
Trinket: Pegasus Feather (Spearcliff Cavalier
Gloves: Gauntlets of Vitality (Radiant Salvation)
Weapon: Scepter of Nightmares (Inner Conflict)

Banking on Banks

Banks can bring back a troop that was once dead and we can use his ability to give us a huge advantage. Now we do not have to solely rely on this combo, but Secret Laboratory can be quite handy when using this champ; If Secret Lab is on the field, we can discard a Spearcliff Cavalier and use Rutherford Bank’s ability to bring him straight into play from the grave. Banks also comes in handy when playing against heavy removal such as Xarlox (who already puts Cavalier in the graveyard for you).

Hint: Use Secret Laboratory when the AI attacks or at the end of the AI’s turn in hopes for getting an Angel of Dawn.

So how can we gain charges to get Cavalier to come out from the Secret Lab more quickly? Two words: Induction Coil. Induction Coil allows us to rapidly gain charges in order to resurrect any troop we wish to from the graveyard with Banks. This especially becomes handy the longer a match is. What else are Induction Coils good for? Ninjas… duh…

Ninjitsu: Bōryaku

Although Induction Coils are primarily used for ramping up your charges, we can also benefit from it with Highlands Shinobi. The best possible use for this is at the end of your opponent’s phase. Most likely you will have a resource to exhaust an enemy during your attack phase, so there’s usually no need to rush that charge out unless you’re trying to push through an attack for a specific reason. One of those reasons is to allow Protectorate Defender through; having a turn-two Protectorate followed by a turn three Highlands Shinobi is one of your best possible starts.

Hint: Remember to play Highlands Shinobi before playing a resource to exhaust an opponent’s card.

Things get really crazy when you have multiple Highlands Shinobi or Induction Coils. Let’s just say… the AI will be “exhausted” (sadly, the AI is not a human and therefore does not have emotions). Even more crazy when you are against Seaweed Behemoth!

The Best Offense is a Good Defense

Speaking of Protectorate Defender, Bulwark of the Impenetrable is one of the more powerful pieces of gear in the game—it gives grants the power of its socketed gem to another troop when Defender dies. Usually, later in a match you have issues getting through with Protectorate Defender to benefit from the Solidarity gem. Bulwark allows us to easily swing in or block with Protectorate Defender to pass the baton to Spearcliff Cavalier, Spearcliff Cloud Knight, or even Angel of Dawn.

The Cloud Riders

No, not this guy, I’m talking about Spearcliff Cloud Knight! The troop alone is quite powerful and is nice on curve. Sadly, the equipment for Spearcliff Cloud Knight is quite poor, but that doesn’t really matter as he fits perfectly in this mono-Diamond deck anyway.

The same goes with Angel of Dawn. It is always satisfying to draw an Angel of Dawn on your second turn. Since we do not have basic-speed card draw, we can make sure that every Angel we draw after earning one Diamond threshold goes straight to battle.

Living Totem’s excellent Battleborn Boots allow you to buff all other troops. Especially with Protectorate Defender and Highlands Shinobi, you can sometimes win on turn turn four or five—earlier if you manage a lucky Angel of Dawn!

Radiant Salvation and Inner Conflict

In this deck Radiant Salvation serves as a trump card; last resort. During my runs Radiant Salvation has come in just in time to either steal one of my opponent’s devastating troops (I’m looking at you Terrorantula) or bring back one of my own powerful troops from the Graveyard.

Inner Conflict with the Scepter of Nightmares is devastating for the AI. I originally tried playing the deck with Solitary Exile and the Lonely Axe equip, but it didn’t work out well. With Scepter, Inner Conflict can sometimes be a two-for-one trade or even more. Can’t go wrong using this combination.


Since the mono-Ruby decks got nerfed, it might be time to switch it up a and try something new—and have fun! Don’t forget, the Hex Convocation starts on July 30th and it is definitely possible to get these packs from the Frost Arena. Please leave comments if you have any more questions on the deck and I will be glad to answer them.

I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with. Thanks again!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

11 Comments on Piecetinkering: PvE – Spearcliff Showdown

  1. Shinobi babyface still creeps me out

  2. Nice – looking forward to try it. Been wanting to play around with Cavalier at some point.

    (IGN: Fensale)

  3. Cool deck! I was pretty excited to get this going during convocation, but then quickly realized it has 4 AOD’s in it and I only have one at this point… Bummer! Maybe I need to go look for a couple more on the AH.

    How exactly do you get a Terrorantula in play with Radiant Salvation? It reads *your* graveyard, so what am I missing here?

    • The helm equipment lets you target anyone’s graveyard.

    • Ah! Good questions, I should have put that in the article! The Helmet equipment for Radiant Salvation (Horned Helm), allows you to take a troop out of any Graveyard.

      As for Angel of Dawns, a decent substitute could be Hopeheart Unicorns or Tiaanost. If you want to use Tiaanost instead, you could also get the new Equipment for her, Shard of Tiaanost, and replace it with Spearcliff Cavalier. You could also do the same Rutherford Banks trick with Tiaanost as well. 😉

  4. I’ve personally found the boots for Spearcliff Cloud Knight to be quite amazing. You get a free troop if they leave play, whether from death or getting bounced.

    Once I get a few more Mistlords I’ll probably build a deck based around shifting his power to the Cloud Knight and making lots of Pegasi

  5. Thanks for the interesting deck suggestion — it makes a pleasant change from the standard ruby orc decks.

  6. Nice deck! I’m unfortunately missing a few two many cards to really give this a try, but I’m glad to see some uses for induction coil after Cory teased it to be a huge deal in set 2. I made sure to have a playset pre-set 2, but don’t think I ever got it to work with anything effectively.

  7. Nice deck. I will need to change few things due to lack of some cards, but should work pretty similar. Thanks.

  8. Having fun with this deck. What is it with Angel of Dawn always showing up in your opening hand. Like 9 times in 10.

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