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Piecetinkering PvE: Ain’t No Party Like a Sporzin Party


So it’s been a few weeks since Gen Con and I hope all of you got your grind on and collected some sweet shrooms. If you have a full collection of the cards from Gen Con and you are just itching to play with them, here’s my take on the Convocation deck this year!

This deck is by no means a fast deck, but it is fairly consistent (even though things can get crazy with Shroom Party). There are many interactions going on and the deck is also not easy to pilot. If you are wanting to have fun and witness the unique digital aspects of HexTCG, then this is definitely the deck for you. Let’s take a look at the deck:

Ain’t No Party Like a Sporzin Party

Champion: Uzzu the Bonewalker

Troops (28)

2x Hop’Hiro Samurai
4x Professor Sporzin
4x Bloatcap
2x Shroomshaw
4x Freaky Fungus
4x Death Cap
3x Monsuun, Shogun Of Winda’jin
3x Shiitake Chef
2x Greenpaw Emancipator

Actions (4)

4x Arcane Focus

Artifacts / Constants (4)

2x Shroom Party
2x Adaptable Infusion Device

Resources  (24)

7x Blood Shard
5x Sapphire Shard
5x Wild Shard
3x Shard of the Ancients
2x Shard of Cunning
2x Shard of Instinct


Head: Mushroom Cap
Hookah of Enlightenment
Professor’s Sash
 Porcini Paws
Psilocybin Slippers
Shiitake Shiv


Setting the Party

To have a great party you’re going to need some planning (or in this case threshold fixing). To get Professor Sporzin out consistently, cards such as the double-shard resources, Adaptable Infusion Device, and even Arcane Focus can help us get the thresholds that we need. Uzzu the Bonewalker is another good way to satisfy that last threshold you were missing. A lot of time I’m meeting my requirements by turn three, but there are other purposes for Uzzu which will be explained in the rest of this article.

It’s Party Time! 

This deck has all sorts of craziness going on—especially with a couple of sacrifice interactions. Both Hop’Hiro, Samurai and Professor Sporzin can win you the game by sacrificing many of the Shroomkin that are being generated. Hop’Hiro can be one of your win conditions by getting him to his final form and then easily sacrificing troops to completely control the match. Professor Sporzin can also sacrifice troops to transform Hop’Hiro (if he is also in play). Not only that, you can sacrifice a Shroomkin to get a random quick action in your hand related to the Shroomkin’s shard (via the Hookah of Enlightenment equipment). With this ability you can use the Hookah of Enlightment to change the shard of the Shroompin and even use Uzzu the Bonewalker to make sure that you will be able to play said Quick Action. Pofessor Sporzin can be another win condition by being a Shroomkin generator.  Speaking of generating Shroomkins, what are all the possible cards we can get?

Professor Sporzin
Freaky Fungus
Death Cap
Shiitake Chef
The Mushwocky
Fungal Monstrosity
Lumbering Sparklespore
Devouring Doomspore

As you can see, there is quite a variety of Shroomkin that we can get. One thing of note: after you get your thresholds for your other cards in your deck, you want to prioritize Wild so that you can benefit the most you can with Honeycap. The cards you want to see most often are Devouring Doomspore, Fungal Monstrosity, or Freaky Fungus.

A Sacrificial Shroom Party

While on the topic of sacrificing troops, there is usually one card that stands out the most. That is of course, Monsuun, Shogun of Winda’jin. By being able to bring back all the troops you sacrificed, you can then sacrifice those same cards again (via Professor Sporzin or Hop’Hiro) or you can use the resurrecting troops to swarm in and attack. Of course, all this is situational and depends on the current status of the board. Cards like Shroomshaw and Bloatcap are great for sacrificing since you can get more troops or make your opponent discard a card, respectively.

Another card that is great for sacrificing is Freaky Fungus, which is a powerhouse with the two equipment. The Shiitake Shiv allows our Fungus to get lethal and puts a new Shroompin in play when it dies. This synergizes with its “When this dies, draw a card” effect. When Freaky Fungus dies, there is a chance that the Shroompin that gets put into play also makes Freaky Fungus come back. This recurring threat easily makes this card the best out of the Gen Con 2016 rewards.

One of more crazier cards I’ve seen in Hex is the Shroom Party. To my surprise, this card worked out the best when I was flooded with resources. Instead of playing your resources, you can hold on to them and wait for Shroom Party to have five party counters. With the Porcini Paws equipment, this will allow you to turn all your extra shards into Legendary cards of the same shards. To accelerate this you can use the Psilocybin Slippers to sacrifice Shroompin to gain party counters.

An Influx of Shroompin

As you may have noticed, there are lots of Shroomkin in this deck. To make use out of this, we have a 2-of Greenpaw Emancipators so that the deck can win by going wide with a full swing in of Shroomkin. Or—with its ability to create two more Shroompin—you have a good chance of bringing back previous Freaky Fungus or even have some extra sacrifices.

The last couple of cards that weren’t mentioned yet are Death Cap and Shiitake Chef. The reason these two are included is that they help fit the Shroomkin theme. Right now these are probably the best of the available Shroomkin that you may want to add to the deck; however, if Herofall or Adventure Zone 2 bring any new Shroomkin, you may want to replace these.

Thanks for reading and hope you have fun with this little concoction. Time to… PARTY!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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