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Piecetinkering: Fully Charged

Another month means another article! In this and in upcoming articles I’m going to make competitive versions of the PvE decks that we see the AI using in the Frost Arena. For those of you who are new to Hex, the Frost Arena is the first of many PvE experiences where you can play against over twenty different champions. However, these champions have some interesting deck ideas that I believe can see some competitive play.

One of the first decks that I wanted to experiment with was the deck that the Seaweed Behemoth uses. The Seaweed Behemoth has a neat passive ability: when a champion gains a charge, it has a 25% chance to gain an additional charge. He also has a crazy charge power: Draw five cards. In this PvE encounter, Seaweed Behemoth tries to amass as many charges as fast as possible. With this idea, the Seaweed Behemoth then plays Bellow of Briggadon and uses his charge power to create a 10/10 Dangerous Beast on the field. So let’s take a look at my version of the deck first and I will then explain my decisions:


Fully Charged

Champion: Wyatt the Sapper

Troops (18)

4x Cerulean Mirror Knight
4x Reactor Bot 
4x Storm Cloud
2x Charge Hulk
2x Spirit Oracle
2x Eternal Drifter

Constants (12)

2x Pulse Reactor
3x Shrine of Prosperity
3x Talisman of Viate
4x Bellow of Briggadon

Resources (24)

8x Wild Shard
8x Sapphire Shard
4x Crackling Vortex
4x Shard of Instinct

Actions (22)

3x Chlorophyllia
3x Crackling Wit

Reserves (15)

3x Pheromones
3x Time Ripple
3x Verdict of the Ancient Kings
4x Nature Reigns
2x Turbulence 


What Champion Do We Use?

Despite the absence of the champion ability and passive of the Seaweed Behemoth, we can still make this work. First off, the best champion that can mimic the ability of Seaweed Behemoth is Wyatt the Sapper. Although we are only drawing one card compared to three, it’s the charge cost of the champion ability we want to focus on. This is so that we could make a decent troop out of Bellow of Briggadon. What Bellow of Briggaon does is allow us to create a Dangerous Beast whenever we use a charge power; the Beast gets +1/+1 for each charge spent. For example, if Bellow of Briggadon is in play, we can use Wyatt the Sapper’s charge power and gain a 5/5 Dangerous Beast on our side of the field. This can get crazy when there is more than one Bellow of Briggadon on our side of the field.


Generating the Charges

So how will we go about generating charges? A key constant comes to mind: Shrine of Prosperity. Every time we draw a resource, we get an additional charge (which is important for our deck). On top of that, any non-troop card that we draw gets its cost reduced by 1. If we draw a troop instead, it gains +1/+1. The downside to this is that they get to see what we draw at the start of our turn. We don’t really have any combat tricks or interrupts in this deck, so the pros outweigh the cons. Even though we can consider Shrine of Prosperity an important card for charge generation, we do need some other tools.

Seaweed Behemoth uses Inductocopter, but I do not agree with the card. It is too fragile for a three-drop, and with Storm Clouds storming the meta I do not believe it is a great idea to keep that card around. However, we can definitely keep the Chlorophyllia as it helps ramp up into Bellow of Briggadon as well as generating an extra charge. There are two other important cards that generate charges: Charge Hulk (which gives us two charges when it comes into play) and Crackling Wit (which gives us a charge and a card draw).


Cards Benefiting From Charges

We have a bunch of ways to obtain charges, but besides the Bellow of Briggadon combo, what other ways can we take advantage of it? Pulse Reactor is surprisingly a great addition to the deck. When we gain a charge, a shockwave counter gets added to it. After paying 1 resource, we can remove two shockwave counters from Pulse Reactor and exhaust a target troop. This allows us to keep our opponent’s biggest threats on lock-down. Pulse Reactor is a hard counter against Droo’s Colossal Walker—a troop that’s been popping up often in the current meta.

Reactor Bot is another card to take note of. Reactor Bot keeps your opponent on their toes when you have several ways of gaining charges. Crackling Vortex combined with a Reactor Bot will make it a 5/5 for that turn. Not only that, a resource that we get from a draw effected by Shrine of Prosperity will give us two charges as well (giving the double charge effect similar to Crackling Vortex). Crackling Wit can sometimes even be used as a combat trick that an unsuspecting opponent may fall for.

Storm Cloud is another card that can quickly get out of control due to charges. Whenever you gain a charge while Storm Cloud is in play, it gains a storm counter. You can then sacrifice the Storm Cloud and create a Stormling for each storm counter that was on it. The three possible stormlings that a Storm Cloud can create are Bittybolt, Thunderpuff, and Splashy.


The Talisman, the Oracle, and the Eternal Drifter

Although the Talisman of Vitae can generate charges, we can also benefit from its ability to gain 1 health for each charge spent. This can help keep us out of fatal range—which is especially handy against the RW deck that has been popular in the meta. Talisman of Vitae also works wonders with Reactor Bot and Storm Cloud because its five cost ability to gain three charges.

Spirit Oracle—an underplayed card in the constructed meta—works wonders with this deck. For every charge we get, we can target a troop and give it a permanent +1/+1. That means gaining a charge with a Reactor Bot and Spirit Oracle in play can make that Reactor Bot a 4/4. Another charge makes it 7/7. Another charge….yeah, you get the point!

Last, but definitely not least is the Eternal Drifter. Oh wow, the power of this card in this deck. A 6/6 for 6 is great value on its own, but its ability with this deck is phenomenal. When Eternal Drifter enters play, it gets a random PvP champion’s charge power then gains a charge for each charge you’ve already earned. Combined with Bellow of Briggadon, Drifter is madness! Notice how Bellow of Briggadon states that whenever you use a charge power, create a Dangerous Beast. Eternal Drifter’s ability does indeed count as a charge power, so that adds more fuel to the Beast factory.


Cerulean Mirror Knight

So with all the focus on charges, why add Cerulean Mirror Knight? That’s simple: Cerulean Mirror Knight works wonders combined with our Storm Cloud. A turn two CMK followed by a Storm Cloud and resource on turn three means that when we sacrifice the Storm Cloud, we can draw a card and gain a 1/1 troop with the ability to draw another card when it dies. Escalating this with the amount of charge generation we can get out can easily put us in the driver’s seat to zoom to victory.



I believe this deck is serviceable against mono-Sapphire, although the match might not be completely favorable. Game one can be quite rough, but it can win if we can get some early Reactor Bots charged up and ready to go! For reserves, I believe Pheromones can help out as the opponent is forced to block with Mirror Knight or other troops that they do not want to lose. This alone can put you ahead of the game.

Against Ruby/Wild, we might have a harder time: The health gain from Talisman of Vitae can keep us out of fatal damage from an Arborean Rootfather, but in game two and three we’ll want to put in some Verdict of the Ancient Kings and prevent them from playing Eye of Creation. Pulse Reactors and Storm Clouds can keep other heavy threats (Wrathwood Master Moss) on lock-down until we are able to get our own threats out. Nature Reigns in reserves also allows us to get rid of Eternal Guardians if they were to pop up on the field.

We should have a favorable match-up against momo-Blood because it has a hard time removing Artifacts and Constants (which this deck consists mostly of). Extinction is their only hope, and with Cerulean Mirror Knights they will probably not want to play Extinction unless they really have to.


Offer Some Suggestions and a Giveaway!

If you enjoy my articles or want something different, please let me know in the comments below. I will also be giving away two Shattered Destiny packs to whoever can suggest a more optimal build than the list above (please also explain your reasoning as to why you made these changes). Keep in mind that the deck should retain Talisman of Vitae, Bellow of Briggadon, and its focus on charge generation. Also don’t forget your in-game name!

I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with! Thanks again!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

10 Comments on Piecetinkering: Fully Charged

  1. i already tried your deck,it was really cool i mean it,i win constructed queue using this deck.
    the only tinkering needed is to change that 4 shard of instinct into wild shard and sapphire shard,the chance to get mana screwed on this deck are really low with 50% things are artifact and the other 50% are using 1treshhold i could said its more like nonexsistent that you could get mana screwed on this deck,the only problem is bellow of briggadon which use 2wild treshhold but u can cast it on turn 4 reliably.

    the problem i see when i use shard of instinct here are when ure inevitably need to cast spirit oracle/charge hulk on turn 4/5 to regain the tempo after extinction and the shard u get is that shard of instinct,man i remember losing just because i draw that shard and losing the tempo race again vk.

    yeah i know the chance is low,but in my experience playing this hex the small optimization like this that would help deck becoming more consistent.

    may i know your response?


    ps:love your deck

    • i have to disagree, both bellow and our charge power are double threshold and pretty damn important for our deck! so getting those thresholds is really important especially considering we have 4 vortex in deck! 🙂

  2. I am glad you are enjoying the deck! =)

    Hmm, I will definitely try it without Shard of Instinct, but I remembered getting screwed quite often without it. The reasoning behind that is because of Crackling Vortex not being related to any shard. Overall you may be right because the Chlorophyllia definitely can help the only double threshold on Bellow of Briggadon.

    Also glad that it won you a constructed queue! =D

    I’m curious of your results without the Shard of Instinct.

  3. I’m a little curious, why no Inducterocopter Bots?

    • did you read the article? 😛
      “Seaweed Behemoth uses Inductocopter, but I do not agree with the card. It is too fragile for a three-drop, and with Storm Clouds storming the meta I do not believe it is a great idea to keep that card around.”

  4. built this deck played around with it and what i think it needs is two feral dominations. so you can smash all their creatures

  5. What would you remove for Feral Dominations? Pulse Reactors fill that gap, as we can easily just force a creature to be Exhausted. We could try removing Feral Dominations for Pulse Reactors, but then we have more 4 drops which will be unnecessary for the curve. You would have to drop down a Feral Domination, followed by a Bellow of Briggadon, and finally use your charge power. However, at the current state we can just play Talisman turn 4 and a Bellow by turn 5 to get the health back and play a 5/5 troop.

    If the enemy is playing a deck that forces many troops on the board we can bring in Pheromones from our reserves. You can easily force a Pheromones on a single troop such as a Stormling and get through with all other troops.

    Oberon’s Eulogy is a good suggestion as well and can get out of hand. However, once again there is the difficulty of finding what to remove.

  6. I would remove 1 Mirror Knight, 1 Reactor Bot and 1 Storm Cloud and replace them with 3 Crackling Sprouts. I find that the reactor bots are great but are even better when you can give them crush, and the additional charge will further help with that.

  7. The rewards have been delivered. Next time, please post your IGNs so I don’t DQ ya! xD

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