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Piecetinkering: Dwarves Gone Wild


The Wild Cup is coming up! Hope everyone is enjoying the tribal format and are coming up with some sweet ideas. I have been coming up with a bit myself, but I would like to share something that I have been working on and have been having success with. Mostly, you would think Dwarves to be quite ineffective without being able to pair them with some Robots to help. Let me throw another puzzle at you. How would you even begin to make a mono-Ruby Dwarf deck? Glad you asked, but first let’s take a look at the list below:

Dwarves Gone Wild

Champion: Sir Giles Rowan

Troops (20)

4x War Machinist

1x Yancy, Tinkerer of Terror

3x Samson, Lead Ballistics Engineer

4x Scrap Welder

4x Master Theorycrafter (Major Ruby
of Destruction)

4x Mesmeric Hypnoscientist

Actions  (4)

4x Crackling Bolt

Artifacts/Constants (12)

4x Sapper’s Charge

4x Ebony Pawn

4x Rootforged Regalia

Resources (24)

20x Ruby Shard
4x Crackling Vortex

Reserves (15)

4x Burn

2x Burn to the Ground

4x Bombsmith

3x Fissuresmith

2x Soul of Battle

Remember you must have a minimum of 20 troops in the deck, or I’d add a couple of more Artifacts to the group. Also have at least 5 troops in the reserves.

Giles, Master of the Tribal

Giles is definitely one of the more favored champions in this format. Since your decks will be troop heavy and your troops will always share the same trait, Giles seems like the best possible choice. Since this is a Burn deck, we want to have as much aggression and defeat our opponent as fast as we can. Giles allows us to constantly make our Dwarves stronger as the game goes on.

There are some other champions that can possibly be beneficial for the mono-Ruby Dwarf.

Benvolio can allow you to draw a card to get that extra edge you need.

Poca can supply you with an extra 3/1, which can be just what you need at times to get through. However, I don’t believe you would be getting through quite as often as you’d like with that many troops in this format.

Urgnock can allow for great aggression as well, but the deck does not benefit as well with the +1. For example, Master Theorycrafter deals direct damage when he enters play, we can’t really apply the +1 ATK before the damage goes through.

The War Machine

War Machinist is a powerful troop in this deck. Dealing 1 damage per artifact you play is outstanding. Now we don’t necessarily have a ton of artifacts in our deck, but we can still utilize War Machinist to start dishing out some nice damage early in the game. Multiple War Machinists early in the game with Artifacts waiting to get played is quite devastating for your opponent. The Artifacts that will help the War Machinist include Sapper’s Charge, Ebony Pawn, and Rootforged Regalia. However, there is another special troop that will maximize War Machine’s potential – Samson, Lead Ballistics Engineer.

Instead of 1 damage per artifact you play, it deals 2! Nearing the end of the game , you’ll notice how effective Samson allows us to push that little damage we need for a victory.Not only does Samson synergize with War Machinist, we also have some powerful Artifacts that can become quite lethal.

How Artificial?

Sapper’s Charge can be treated like a more expensive Burn, but serves a greater purpose in the deck. The reason why I chose Sapper’s Charge instead of Burn is because of the synergy it brings with the rest of the deck. You get an extra damage dealt to your opponent when it is played, if War Machinist is on the field. Samson also upgrades the Sapper’s Charge to deal 3 damage instead of 2.

A 3 damage quick action (not really, but you know what I mean)!? Yes, please!

Ebony Pawn seems like a silly and useless card, but every point of damage counts. You will quickly notice the effectiveness of Ebony Pawn while you have it in your deck. Especially when Samson is in play…. Dealing 2 damage per Ebony Pawn is quite powerful.

Rootforged Regalia is actually one of my newest additions to the deck. It allows you to have some resources to spend if you are getting quite heavy on resources. This will allow you to keep the aggression with the troops.

The Master Theorycrafter

So we know that War Machinists and a couple of Artifacts allow Samson to push quite the number of damage though. Is there anything else? Ah yes, of course!

Using the Major Ruby of Destruction.

Master Theorycrafter is also given the bonus damage when it enters play.Not only that, it works quite well with Giles (as mentioned at the beginning of this article). There are some neat tricks with Master Theorycrafter. For example, you can Exhaust him on your opponent’s End Phase and that War Bot will stay on the field for the following turn. This leaves your opponents afraid to attack and can allow you to stall nicely into a win. If necessary, you could also Exhaust Master Theorycrafter to have a blocking troop and still deal 3 damage (or more) when it comes into play.

Welding to Achieve the Highest Heights

Scrap Welder is super scary and unexpected. It can potentially deal 5 damage (or more, with Giles) when it comes into play. With such a rarely played card, this is one your opponent would least expect and could easily give you a surprise win. The reason why we have up to 12 Artifacts in the deck is to safely increase our odds of getting an improved Scrap Welder out. Also, there aren’t that many troops that have Flight and can be successfully played in the Tribal format, so you can get some nice opened opportunities for Scrap Welder.

I’m So Yancy, You Already Know

As you may have noticed, I only have a singleton Yancy. I’m not a huge fan of playing many Uniques. An exception is if the Unique is very synergistic with the rest of the deck (for example Samson). Regardless, Yancy is still a surprise and works quite well with Mesmeric Hypnoscientist in the deck.

Crackling Finish

The Crackling Bolts are a way to finish of your opponent. Extra 3 damage to the face while giving you a charge to power up to activate Giles faster is always a plus. In most of my matches, I rarely decided to use Crackling Bolt on my opponent’s troops. Unless the troop was something that I needed to answer as soon as possible, I usually tend to ignore it. Remember, the goal of the deck is to kill as soon as possible. Bolt to victory!


-Burn is used if your opponent is playing powerful two drops that you need to remove as soon as possible, such as Cerulean Mirror Knight. Sapper’s Charge is not fast enough to take care of it, so you might want to remove Sapper’s Charge for Burns if you are playing against a Gore Feast deck.

Burn to the Ground is for the control matchup. The longer the game goes, the stronger Burn to the Ground gets. Bait out counters if necessary and then cast Burn to the Ground for the win.

Bombsmith allows us to remove X/1 or X/2 (thanks Samson!) threats. Usually brought in against aggro oriented decks.

Fissuresmith is great troop in general for this deck. He allows us to keep our opponent’s guessing with Hypnoscientist as well destroying a troop. Recommended if you are having trouble against powerful troops (either bring in against aggro or ramp decks).

Soul of Battle works great when you are having issues getting damage through against another deck. Soul of Battle is ideal to bring in against troop heavy decks.

I hope you enjoy this deck that I’ve been tinkering with and good luck in the Wild Cup! Thanks again!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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  1. For my Tribal Deck I’m hoping to play Humans is this allowed, it has some of the cards named above?

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