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We are always looking for new content creators for Our goal is to attract the best minds in the Hex community to produce interesting analysis, strategy, or content for the website. FiveShards writers are expected to post a full-length article (or equivalent content) once every four weeks (per an assigned schedule), have access to Skype (for coordination and discussion), and also be an outstanding community member. In addition to the exposure offered by the website, we also host an authors-only store in which authors can sell their cards for real money.

To apply, send the following to

1) A full length (1,500-2,000 words), initial article that is representative of the work you are likely to produce on a monthly basis.

2) Two to three abstracts of articles you would like to write in the coming months.

3) A short description of what your general theme or direction will be and how that adds to both the website and the community.

4) A biography that tells us more about you in the Hex community and any other related pursuits that would inform us about your competitive success or authorial skills.

5) Are you bringing any other projects that you would like to be under the FiveShard fold (for examples, look at the Projects tab on our website).

6) Anything else we should know about you.


These guidelines are flexible and if you wish to produce content in another medium (such as a video series), then provide the above in its media-equivalent form.

We will review all applications. Our schedules are in constant flux, but we expect to respond to any application within two weeks of submission.

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