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Mercenary Spoiler! Xarhrax

Hello everyone! Got a special treat for you PvE players! Here on FiveShards, I have been given the opportunity of showing you one of the coolest new mercenaries that will be present in Adventure Zone 2! So let’s not wait any longer and show the good stuff.


Haha a FiveShards article on a five shard deck!

Right off the bat, this shard grid is by far one of the greatest we have seen! However, every upside must have a downside. Being forced to put at least four of each shard into our deck means that we need to make use of cards that benefit from being in all five shards. Or do we?

Although the five shard theme will be relevant we also should take a look at our champion’s abilities. Assimilate, Xarhrax’s ability, will give us the chance to steal a power PvE-only card from our opponent’s hand. Part of me thinks that five charges might be too much for an ability like this, but I’m guessing they wanted to keep the “five” theme. The upgraded text, Midnight Hour, will also let us take our opponent’s cards from their deck. While keeping the five shard theme, Mutual Purpose is a strong ability that is essentially Prodigy of Volosolov’s ability…constantly. Speaking of Constants, that leads to Xarhrax’s last ability Gathered Proficiency, which can mean we can potentially build a five shard Chant deck. After some thinking, the benefits of Gathered Efficiency doesn’t seem too great for a PvE-styled chant deck and maybe be better of with some other Constants or Actions in the deck.

As you can tell, there is a multitude of ideas that we can work with for this champion. However I’m going to just represent one here, which I believe utilizes this mercenary the best.

Champion: Xarhrax
Troops (30)

3x Voice of Tombs

1x Midnight Shepard

3x Underworld Recruiter

1x Exemplar of the Awakened

4x Lixil, the Deathless Gem

1x Prodigy of Volosolov

4x Underworld Crusader (Minor Blood Orb of Frenzy)

2x Midnight Paladin

4x High Infinitrix

2x Forgotten Monarch
(Major Blood Orb of the Underworld) / (Minor Diamond of Wind)

1x Blackheart Paladin

4x Daarmak

Actions (6)

3x Shardcall

3x Conquest of Romor

Resources  (24)

5x Diamond Shard

4x Blood Shard

3x Shard of Retribution

4x Sepulchra Crypt Dust

1x Well of Ancients

1x Well of Hatred

1x Well of Innovation

1x Well of Life

1x Well of Purpose

1x Ruby Shard

1x Sapphire Shard

1x Wild Shard


Head: Hideous Hood

Trinket: Shardcaller’s Necklace

Chest: Chestguard of Murmurs

Gloves: Gloves of Conquest

Feet: Tomb Waders


Getting Around the Deck Building Restriction

The deckbuilding restriction can be succeeded by simply putting a 4-of Daarmak into the deck. Since Daarmak requires a threshold of one of each shard, it is satisfying the rule to include four cards of each shard. By doing this, it opens us up for any deck you’ve ever wanted. In the list above, we are sticking to the Necrotic theme since they benefit the most out of getting five shards.

I Hear Voices…


Voice of Tombs was one of the cards that was spoiled for Adventure Zone 2. This card is one of the strongest 1-drops I have seen across both PvP and PvE. First, it fits with our current Necrotic theme as well as being able to buff our Necrotic troops in play if Voice is in the crypt. The Chestguard of Murmurs equipment helps prevent an aggressive deck from getting out of hand by forcing the Lethal keyword. Tomb Waders helps us turn a late game dead draw into a card that we really needed at that . Welcome back High Infinitrix!

High Infinitrix is a card that could possibly win games on its own. However, since this deck uses many Necrotic troops, we will most likely seeing Shifts going around constantly between your troops. Overall, these troops are going to get big and fast. Meaning both the ATK and DEF of the cards in play will be quite high around the mid-game. Voice of Tombs and High Infinitrix aren’t the only cards that will buffing our troops.

Buffing Buffing Buffing

Other troops that have the potential to buff our cards are Exemplar of the Awakened, Prodigy of Volosolov, and Forgotten Monarch. Exemplar of the Awakened can help increase the ATK and DEF of each troop if a Necrotic in play would be destroyed. This allows you to constantly keep aggression and any trades will end up in your favor. Prodigy of Volosolov will give each of your Necrotic troops +2/+2 by easily being able to get all the shards necessary in your deck. Finally, Forgotten Monarch will be able to buff the troops when it attack with the Major Blood Orb of the Underworld.

The buffing doesn’t stop with just the troops. Don’t forget about Xarhrax’s Mutual Purpose ability! There is also Conquest of Romor, which will end up being a 3 cost due to Xarhrax’s Gathered Proficiency and the equipment. This allows you to give all your troops +2/+2 and give your opponent’s troops -2/-2 for 3, which is very powerful and can easily switch the tide of the game.

Reducing the Numbers

As we mentioned above, Conquest of Romor will be a 3 cost for a powerful ability. What other cards have a lowered cost? Well, almost all of them! Each of your Necrotic troops will be lowered thanks to Underworld Recruiter’s ability. This means the only card that doesn’t get a cost reduction in any form would be Daarmak. This means that all your troops (besides Daarmak) are generally a lot lower and can all be out by turn 4.


Hope everyone has many Thanksgiving leftovers, because there are still some cards left here that we haven’t spoken about! Midnight Shepard, Lixil, Underworld Crusader, Midnight Paladin, and Blackheart Paladin are all generally strong cards. Lixil combines really well with High Infinitrix as well as providing a great source of threshold fixing for the rest of our deck. Midnight Shepard can be a late game threat that keeps taking troops from either your crypt or theirs. Midnight Paladin dealing 5 and healing for 5 can sometimes save or win you the game. Midnight Paladin combos especially well with Midnight Shepard as a recurring threat or finisher. Blackheart Paladin is a 1-of that is a bulky troop that once again can provide extra damage to your opponent as well as protecting you.


I’m glad I was able to spoil this mercenary and really excited to see creative decks involving mercenaries in Adventure Zone 2. Xarhrax is one of the more interesting mercenaries I have seen yet with endless potential thanks to her full shard grid. As seen above, the deck building restrictions can be worked around with multi-threshold troops.

Once again, thanks as always for reading my articles and can’t wait to see the new encounters that await us in Adventure Zone 2!

Piecetinker is new to the competitive scene of TCGs. Despite this, he placed Top 8 in both the HexTCGPro July and Invitational tournaments. Primarily focusing in Constructed play, Piecetinker will continue to learn and improve his skills. You can find his Twitter here.

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