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Mercenary Spoiler! Mother Dawnbreeze

Howdy Hexers!

I have the pleasure of unveiling a new mercenary for the upcoming Adventure Zone 2 content and we have the wonderful Mother Dawnbreeze to share!


Likely you have noticed this mercenary is focused around health gain. Four charges will net you ten health and at 40 health this champion triggers lifedrain on all its troops. The upgraded text puts the last nails into the opponent’s coffin and the party passive can help mitigate a slow game on the draw. Mother Dawnbreeze feels solid as a champion but when we look at the shard grid we see a great affinity for diamond and wild cards. The deckbuilding limitation of no lethal troop inclusion feels non-restrictive since she cannot play blood cards at all. This cements in my mind the style of deck for this mercenary, the forever’s child health gain deck.

My first exposure to this deck style was from Pentachills during the early stages of constructed ladder. Before set five’s release the troop generation and removal suite available to diamond/wild made the deck formidable. PvE released amazing equipment and troops to power up the health gain concept and in that spirit, we have adapted the concept into the following list!


Forever Dawnbreeze

Mercenary: Mother Dawnbreeze

Troops (30)

4x Adamanthian Scrivener
4x Ethereal Healer
4x Mesa Totemist
4x Rune Ear Hierophant (Major Wild Orb of Conjuration, Minor Diamond of Wind)
4x Ghost Howler
4x Forever’s Child
2x Prophet of the Sun
2x Sight of the Sun
2x Wakuna Starmender

Actions  (4)

2x Bring to Justice
2x Clash of Steel

Artifacts/Constants (2)

2x Solitary Exile

Resources (24)

10x Diamond Shard
10x Wild Shard
2x Shard of Life
2x Well of Life


Starmender’s War Bonnet
Amulet of the Sun
Ink-Stained Gloves
Ethereal Coated Boots
Totem Crush Maul


What does this deck do?

We gain life by playing troops and build up an army to take advantage of the lifedrain buff and +5/+5 Crush text. Our removal suite is light as our troops can chump incoming damage while surviving. The removal is also void focused to handle immortal troops and can target multiple card types. The shard fixing for this deck is simple and light to cover the few double thresholds for the removal and secure Forever’s Child on turn 5.

Tricks and synergies:

Mother Dawnbreeze and Forever’s Child have a simple and fun interaction. Every 4 charges Revitalizing Winds will trigger Forever’s Child to create a 10/10 Orchin. This beater will turn the tide of most games quickly on its own. Wakuna Starmender will also assist in creating ogre sized Orchin with her equipment and a soothing breeze.

Ethereal Healer and Adamanthian Scrivener have some of the most satisfying interactions because of the Ethereal Coated Boots. This equipment gives each healer a chance to bring itself into play from either the deck, hand or crypt. Each deploy effect triggers the scrivener and another round of health gain and another chance at free playing the healers. This helps create board presence as well as push Dawnbreeze closer to her Ozawa’s Favor and Blessing of the Ancestors.

Our remaining troops lend synergy to the health gain style and are powerful on their own. With thirty troops we will have plenty of fodder to pump up the Rune Ear Hierophants and use the Minor Diamond of Wind to fly over any pesky ground troops to finish games. We also favor coyotle troops to take advantage of the Amulet of the Sun for positive tempo. This style is about big troops turning sideways gaining health and buffing from it.



Heavy removal on key troops, like Scrivener and Forever’s Child, can stunt the deck’s explosive potential. When this happens, your remaining troops will pick up the slack with judicial use of revitalizing winds. Immortal troops may also present an issue for this deck but you can counter this by building a wider board state or going over with flight. Tempo fights may also cause hiccups for this deck but safe play and resolving your key troops should carry you to victory


Easy Customization:

This style of deck can morph in multiple ways. If you feel your personal play style needs more removal, cut the Mesa Totemists and put in removal of your choice. Be sure to shift your weapon slot to one of the other available choices. I recommend you switch to the Forever Blade if you cut the totemists. Forever’s Child is also a potential cut for the price minded player. Troops like His Majesty, King Gabriel, Ozawa Cosmic Elder, or Spearcliff Cloud Knight also make good substitutions.

Mother Dawnbreeze should put out some seriously satisfying games and help several low health champions with her party passive. I look forward to showing the AI just how scary a coyotle mother can be.

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

2 Comments on Mercenary Spoiler! Mother Dawnbreeze

  1. A lifegain deck that can’t use blood? 🙁

    Lifegain has been my favorite deck from the start, but it’s always been blood diamond (also, blood diamond just sounds cool as a deck type).

  2. yep, blood diamond with paladin of the necropolis is so nice!

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