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Kroan’s F2P Journal

Below you find the journals that I have kept during my adventure with a f2p account. I wanted to experience how Hex would be if I would start out fresh, without any cards, gold, perks or platinum that I grew accustomed to on my main account. For this I cleaned out my secondary (kickstarter) account and only left in a starter deck. The journal will be kept up to date whenever I have played with the most recent entry on the top. If you have any questions or want to be actively involved in decisions, follow me on twiter (@kroannl)

Planned to finish the first tier in the Frost Ring arena. The stream was a bit laggy, so the video can be found on youtube rather than on my usual twitch stream archive. Unfortunately our dreams were crushed swiftly, since we encountered Xarlox as our tier two boss. He made quick work of us and left us with only a meager reward for our time; about 1000 gold and two equipment for cards we don’t have. Frost Arena is a very harsh entry-point for new players, especially with the randomness of certain encounters. Luckily we’ll dive into the campaign very soon. Hype! A new poll has been posted to decide on the class to start with; Cleric, Mage or Warrior.

I posted a poll to decide the faction and race of the character that we will play once PvE hits. Result: Underworld Vennen.

So we started the journey with completing all the starter trials and reaping the rewards. The trials were pretty easy to complete and took never more than one try. After that we jumped with our gold into the Auction House to buy some cards to improve the deck, like the Dreamsmoke Mystic. With a more consistent deck we jumped into the arena. The first tier we were able to complete with little to no problem. We left the remaining fights for the next stream.

Cleaned out the account and created a poll to decide on the starter deck to use. With 39% Coyotle won the poll.

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