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Introducing: What The Hex

Time for something a little different today. I mentioned that I was working on this a few weeks back on the General’s Tent but wanted to wait until I could make an official post here and describe exactly what we’re gonna be doing. I say we because this is going to involve you just as much as it will anyone else. Before I start getting into the details though I’d like to just say one thing. To some extent this will be an experiment. We’ll be testing the waters to see if this is something which the community is interested in.

What the Hex will be a community discussion which will take place on twitter. [special nod to as that is where I took most of my inspiration from].

When: Twice a month on the 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month. It will begin at 3pm Pacific (UTC-8) and will last roughly one hour.

What: Over the course of that hour I will ask a series of questions which all are loosely tied into one broader topic. Ex: the main topic for this week will be The Past, Present & Future of Hex, which ought to be a fun place to start. Within each broad topic I will try to include questions/prompts which apply to a variety of players.


Okay, so that is the simple part, let’s move on to where it gets a little trickier. To make this a little easier to understand (and maybe tease you a little bit), I’ll throw you a bone and give you question number 4* from this week’s session.

Q4: Currently, what is your favorite card within the game? #WhatTheHex

To which you might reply, “. A4: I’ve been enjoying Volley. Combining it with lethal or ‘on damage’ effects to really crush the Frost Ring.

With which you actually come in just shy of 140 characters, but what if you have more to say and 140 is just not enough? In that case your answer(s) might look something like: “. A4 1/2: Kindling Skarn is a complete powerhouse in constructed, combine it with cards like arcane focus #WhatTheHex”“. A4 2/2: Skarn also pairs really well with Quash Ridge Tusker / Crushing Blow, I rekt Funktion with that yesterday #WhatTheHex”

A few tips for using twitter :
-If you’re new to twitter don’t be intimidated by the 140 character limit. You’ll get used to it quickly and realize which words you can cut out to make it all fit.
-Go follow @fiveshards here: otherwise you’re going to have a hard time participating.
-If you are starting your tweet off by tagging the user you are replying to, it will not be as visible. To solve this insert a “.” as the very first character of your reply, just like I did up above in the examples.
-Try to remember to use the hashtag #WhatTheHex at the end of your responses.
-Feel free to reply to other users as well, that is when things start getting interesting with discussions like this.
-Don’t feel like you need to reply to every question. If it doesn’t interest you don’t worry, maybe wait for the next question or you can browse through the responses of others.

Why not tease a little bit more. The 2nd session for this month will likely revolve around organized play/competition. On that note, feel free to contact me if you have any suggestions for topics or questions. I might use them, I might not. I might be waiting to include them in a future session or might just feel like they don’t fit well currently.

Lastly, I started off by mentioning this is somewhat of an experiment. It is one that I want to succeed, so for each session this month I will give out 2 sets of 3 Armies of Myth boosters to 2 random participants (12 packs total this month). It might not be much, but it is something for participating. I hope this is something that we can make happen together and keep going for a good period of time.

Funktion became active in the Hex community very early on as one of the first people producing Youtube content. Funktion made top 8 of the July HexTCG Pro Series, and can be caught in draft queues at all hours of the night. You can find him on Twitter Twitch & Youtube

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