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Striking Terror Into Your Opponents! (Dead of Winter Spoiler!)

You've seen the Scorpinox... Have you seen what MADE the Scorpinox?

Did you know?

Hyperborean Scorpions NEVER stop growing!

That means that when they get larger, they just KEEP getting larger. Bigger. Stronger. Faster.  They practically double in size every year… And some of them? Some of them have been around for a hundred years.

Blood/Ruby prismatic cards have had a tendency to take the explosive, destructive traits of both of those shards and combine them into ferocious cards that are both powerful and effective at what they do.

Lazgar’s Bloodsworn, Lazgar Chul, Angel of Agony, Zanya Bloodfist, Gorge of the Gore God, Sting of the Scorpinox, and Scorpinox… They’re all prismatic cards that encourage or reward being aggressive, clearing your opponent out of the way and thrusting yourself into the heat of things…

And the king of all Scorpinox isn’t any different.


Emperor Nox is here to prove that sometimes the best strategies are simple. That sometimes the easiest way to win a game is to swing in with everything. He’s here to make your opponent REALLY consider how much they want to remove your four and five drops, because who knows when you might slam down a big, scary, super-scorpion?

I really can’t get over the elegance and simplicity of this card. Imagine you have a board state where you have three Zombies. (2/2’s.) and your opponent is holding onto a single defender. You’re representing the ability to push through Four damage on a full swing. If you slam down the emperor, you’ll be terrorizing your opponent with eight damage now.

Obviously you can pair this up with unblockable troops, speed troops, and all sorts of evasive nasties to make for some truly threatening combinations, but I think the thing that jumps to mind immediately as a combo is playing Nox alongside a deck that’s pushing to create Haraza’s banner already. Sure, those decks can win fast and quick already, but if you pair it all together with Nox? You get an extra point of damage to double, you give the Emperor speed himself, so he can swing in for -12- points of damage, and your opponent is going to be left wondering where all their health went fast.

The downsides to including Nox in a deck are obvious, he’s expensive. He’s unique. He sorta needs to be played in your first main phase or he’ll lose his effect for the turn, which makes it hard to hold up removal and the like.

It’s early into spoiler season, so keep your eyes out for cards that make Nox easier to play, or the kind of cards that you’re looking to slip into a slower deck with him as the finisher. (Thought Collector, anyone?)

I cannot WAIT to see the explosive turns and damage numbers that result from this card being played!
Let me know what kind of combos you can come up with in the comments below, and leave your in game name. I’ll be throwing out a few Dead of Winter packs (after release, obviously) To a few lucky posters!

Nikolas Podrasky (Pentachills) can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Not afraid to experiment with less popular cards, his stream offers both an educational and entertaining entry into Hex. Find him on twitter as @Pentachills, or on Twitch at

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