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Hexonomics: Learning to EV

Welcome to Hexers! Today we are looking at Effort Value with Hexonomics! What is it, and how do you calculate it? Watch to learn more!

Hexonomics is a series where we will break down the various parts of the Hex economy so new player and veterans alike can gain new insights on how to better manage their gold, platinum and most valuable cards. Auction house strategies and long term card investments are all on the table. Hexonomics has you covered from login to profit!
Be sure to check out Hexonomics live Wednesday 7 PM CST on the HexTCG channel were we will have giveaways and a Q&A after each show!

Mokog can often be found streaming limited and constructed play on Twitch. Known for his Hexonomics videos Mokog helps new and experienced players make the most of their Hex investments. Find him on twitter as @HexHunterMokog, on Twitch at, or on YouTube

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